Sears - Sears Dryer / purchased defectvie free delivery being charged delivery on replacement of defective product

Staten Island, NY, United States Review updated:

Purchased New dryer from Sears - store promotion for Labor day free shipping. Dryer delivered and never worked properly had tech. in after taking whole dryer apart and made phone calls realized - needed NEW thermostat, which he ordered said would receive 10/9/10 via UPS and he scheduled appt with tech to come in on the 12th to install- BUT it never arrived and still hasn't. Through Customer Service and tech. we were told if it did not arrive call Customer Service to cancel follow up service call (tech coming in to install) and if we want request to have dryer replaced(the customer service rep on this phone call suggested it) we HAD that option as dryer was new and never worked properly- IT WAS PRESENTED TO US BY SEARS PERSONNEL, Dryer still under store warranty during all this. On phone 40 minutes (10/9/10) with First INCOMPETENT representive trying to set this up loses me while connecting me with delivery AND DOES NOT CALL BACK!!! I HAD TO CALL BACK THE 800 NUMBER AND START ALL OVER AGAIN with a new rep. because NO notes were on account about anything!?!?!? On the phone over one hour this time wasn't sure about installation as I had someone install first time and was not given time to contact to see if available. I was being charged for installation and delivery ( why should I pay delivery at all - if first one worked properly I would not need another one delivered.) Morning of delivery I have someone who can install I call 800 number at 8:00 am, - at first can not find anything on system. Then give me hard time about cancellng installation which they tell me is not even on their system but they are charging me!! $189.89 - after much heartache I break down into tears for the terrible way I have been treated as well as my 77 year old mother. She has been on the phone with this as well and waited all day at home for the repacement part which never arrived. I am calling from work, my mother is home with strangers now knocking on the door for the dryer, just to replace dryer they inform my mother they are not to install anything. I am finally told Sears will try to stop the installation fee ONLY and if the team arrives to install turn them away, no team ever arrived by the way. Meanwhile I am still to be charged the delivery fee and tax??. As of this writing (11/13/10) The dryers have been switched (11/12) but I am still waiting to be credited the installation fee and no one will even discuss the delivery fee being reversed. My mother is PHYSICAL SICK OVER THIS as I write this. which in turn upsets me even further. This is horrendous I am at my wits end as to what to do.

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      Jun 26, 2013

    Pay by credit card next time. Call the bank and have them reverse charges. Problem solved. Know your rights.

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