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Sears Repair / repair & service & rip off!

1 IL, United States

Run for the hills before you purchase a maintenance agreement with sears!!!

Contacted sears and purchased offered maintenance agreement on my maytag dryer.

Requested service 2/05/09 serviceman arrived promptly a day later with no parts for my dryer on truck. Evaluated the dryer and was told that I needed a moteor but did not have any (Or ever did) on truck. This was after I gave to model, serial number to service & told them it was already looked at & needed to orer part (Duh!) told they would order the parts and schedule return date but over a week later.

Now the technician proceeds to tell me he doesn't carry any of those parts on the truck & I would need to take off another day of work & wait the 1-2 weeks to have it repaired!!! Then of course I have to listen about his "knowing it all" about what he does, & I could call & cancel if I wnted to. That plus a whole lot more of policy, etc... Failing to tell me I still have to wait a day to cancel!!! Noiw I get on the phone to 4 different people & yes have to tell my story 4 different times (So who is really mad now!!!) & get no better service than I am an executive, call another number to file a complaint, the part takes weeks to get in (No stock on hand???) we did the best we can do!!! Our technicians can't carry all on truck??? Well, wasn't the tech told it needed a new motor, given serial & model numbers & oh yeah!!! This dryer has been worked on before, didin't they have record (Was told info was misplaced (Yeah right!) I think it is a scam!!! The original call that was made was by a service to do nothing more than sell you a service contract not not not contected to sears at all!!! The technician was ill prepared, arrogant, quasi knowledgeable & rude!!! Do not gt scammed & call your local appliance repairman, they can give you the best service of all!!! I do have 6 other appliances that was bought trough sears & repaired for 10 years (Up till now) guess who just lost a lot of business!!! No wonder they are going broke!


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