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Sears Power Miser 12 Electric Water Heater / water heater under extended service plan

1 MA, United States

We have a power miser 12 water heater w/an extended service plan. The heater began to leak last Monday, I called the service dept for water heaters and was sent back and forth between call centers in india and texas. No one could help me. Finally I was told they could come in a week and a day, I was furious & said as I had their product and their service plan next Tues was UNACCEPTABLE.

The next day my husband called an emergency sears number & got the apt changed to this Friday. I emailed SEARS customer service and told them this was unacceptable and I would tell all my friends NEVER to use SEARS. They replied to my email with an 800 number as they wanted me to discuss "my issues" further. I called and was told by the person who answered that she did not deal with water heaters or air conditioners. I was still calm at that time and explained the issue, she told me to hold on and came right back to say a tech would be out the next day. he came and verified that the heater was indeed unfixable and as I had the service plan it would be free and I'd get a call within 4 hrs, which I did telling me about permits I would have to pay for which was fine, the heater and install would be free. She told me that someone would call me from installation in the next 2 hrs, no one did so I called and was told I was on the list for install the next day (today).

The plummer called me in the am (today)to say he had to "track down "the heater. I had to request a "re ring" meaning I'd be charged twice but after 3-5 days one charge would be removed. Sears said he would receive instructions via computer in an hour. He never got anything but was kind enough to go to the local SEARS where they attempted to give him a gas water heater, they called me, I told SEARS I had no gas in my home, I had told numerous people it was electric.

Finally after hours spent at the local SEARS the plummer who was WONDERFUL brought me the right heater, hookied it up and now (hopefully) it will be good to go.

IMO SEARS is irresponsible, the left hand doesnt know what the right hand does, they keep pushing you off to someone else and NO ONE can help. I would ask EVERYONE I know to never, ever buy SEARS products or their extended service plans. You will be extremely frustrated should you ever run into a problem where you need service or replacemant of a warrantied item.

If you live in MA and want a real nice efficient plummer please call Joseph Barbagallo in North Andover [protected].

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