Sears / non existent customer service

San Antonio, United States

Sears has no customer service. Like many before me, each time appliance needs service, it takes 7-10 days for Sears to show up late for the appointment they scheduled me! Two weeks ago I waited 7 days to have my dryer repaired (broken belt) and the service repairman was a hour late. Now, within a two week period my dryer isn't tumbling again. Repeat of same 7 day wait. I was given an 8 am to 12 pm appointment by the telephone representative, but when the email confirmation came for my appointment, it said 1pm to 5pm. I immediately called the number provided and explained the company gave me the wrong appointment time frame and needed my original time frame due to prior commitments. It's been two days of calling the 18004myhome number, customer relations at their corporate office and still no help or change in the appointment. The customer relations person was of no help other than to tell me they couldn't change or cancel someone else's appointment to correct their error! Hello, as I told the man I spoke to, that is exactly what you did to me!! Any logical, educated person could clearly see that is what they did to me! Sears has no hesitation to take consumers hard earned dollars, but cannot get their heads out of the sand to uphold its end of the contracts to repair appliances. I will be contacting Sears CEO and whom ever else I need to make a difference. They have messed with the wrong consumer on more than one occassion. Additionally, I will never buy from Sears again!

May 29, 2015

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