Sears-Kenmore PROkenmore pro elec. built in oven model 790.42003 melted!

C Nov 26, 2017

Our terrible and very disappointing service experience needs more than a checkbox response.
On Nov. 13 or 14, we called Sears to request service on our 3 1/2 year old Kenmore Pro ovens, which have been performing poorly. We were contacted, via Sears, by A&E Factory Service, from Santa Maria, CA.

We scheduled an appointment with A&E appliance for Nov. 20 and they followed up with two emails, confirming date and time, and finally a phone call on the morning of the appointment.

A polite and evidently very experienced serviceman showed up promptly, took one look at the buckled and melted bottoms of our ovens (one of the oven bottoms has a small burned-out hole in it), and knew that he could do nothing. He demonstrated the obvious problem by turning the top oven to 400 degrees. We waited about 5 minutes and then touched the metal at the bottom (over the lower heating element).

It was cold. He then explained how ovens work, by cycling the heat between the broiler element and the hidden element. With the lower elements shot, we're only getting heat from above.

Because he could make no repair, and had only been in our home for maybe ten minutes, and knew our only option is to buy new ovens, he wouldn't take the $99 payment, although it was offered.

When my wife called to speak to Sears the following day, she was told (by someone in India) that there was no record of the service call, that the call had been cancelled (! The man had been in our house!) no payment recorded, thus no report written by the service person, so before Sears can do anything else we will need to have another technician come to the house - almost a week and a half from now - and repeat the entire fruitless process.

It is now obvious that shoddy workmanship and or a flaw in this product is responsible for the problem, and certainly hope and expect Sears to help us. We've been good customers for decades, and nearly all the major appliances in our kitchen, now, were purchased through your company.
Having read several similar complaints about the Kenmore ovens, we have to wonder if a class law suit is in the works?

We would appreciate a response from Kenmore as it seems hearing directly from Sears could be fruitless.


Jeffrey Bloom
Los Alamos, CA
Carole Bloom

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