Sears Kenmore Elite 106. 51183poor quality

Sears Kenmore Elite model 106.51183 Refrigerator purchased October 2012. Three repairs since purchase, all having to do with dispensing unit, whether ice making or water dispensing. Last repair has to do with electronic touchscreen display which began dispensing water erratically without the possibility of interruption. Sears vsisited and gave an estimate of $650 for two parts. I have incurred already over $500 in the other two previous repairs, which translates into over $1100. With that kind of money, I would be close to purchase a new refrigerator. T
This is the worst piece of equipment I have ever purchased. Its also the worst investment I have ever made, a refrigerator with over $1100 worth of repairs in just two years and trhee months of use. DO NOT PURCHASE ANY KENMORE REFRIGERATORS WITH DIGITAL DISPENSING EQUIPMENT. This is my advice.
Finally, this is the reason why the Sears brand has lost so much customer loyalty in the last years. Abusing your customers will result in neglect and bad publicity. Its well deserved.
Will never ever again purchase a Kenmore product.

Feb 17, 2015

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