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Sears / Kenmore / failure to uphold warranty

1 Colorado Springs, CO, United States Review updated:

Kenmore elite
Model # [protected]

I appreciate your time and interest in helping me out with the problem that I have encountered with sears.

Back in 2003 I purchased an elite kenmore refrigerator, from the chapel hills sears in colorado springs, colorado. Two years later the interior walls started to crack and expand throughout the entire refrigerator. When the service man came out he stated that the cracks occur due to an excess amount of insulation. The only resolution would be to drill tiny holes on each side of each crack and fill each with silicone. I was not willing to have my brand new refrigerator that cost well over $2, 000.00 plus the 5 year warranty to be drilled and patched. I kindly demanded phone numbers in order to get a more realistic outcome. He offered and made the call to the one source dept. Through sears [protected].
That one phone call got the ball rolling we were given a
Ref # [protected] and case # 1085780. Within a week or so we had a brand new refrigerator of our choice delivered and set up. The original warranty was carried over to the new frig. This took place june 28, 2005.

Now two years later the second refrigerator exchanged in ’05, started doing the same thing. The interior walls are beginning to crack and some have already started to expand. I had the service man out on oct 31, 2007 and had absolutely no luck. He spent a good hour trying on my behalf to get another replacement. Once he left I made my calls to sears one source dept and got the same feed back that the service man got. Kenmore the manufacturer, created a partial panel for the side walls only to mend the problem. Keep in mind that this patch does not cover the entire wall and they do not have anything for the back wall or door. If this door would start to crack they would replace the entire door and the only way to fix the back wall would be to silicone and place a certain clear tape over each crack. Ridiculous!

I felt hopeless in my every effort to get through the customer service person, mel at the (One source dept). Not only does their repair kit sound ridiculous but it won’t stop the expansion of the cracks, they will continue even under the panel. This means that we won’t have their “energy star” product. Eventually the cold air will seep out and cause our energy bill to rise. Call me naïve, but isn’t cosmetic considered something superficial that is used to cover a deficiency or defect? In this case yes I want my frig to look nice but not to hide its defects. I purchased this product to be fully functional, structural and live up to its full performance level. This is what I paid for! It strikes me odd that this is the second time in a row that this has happened to us; the service man even stated that it’s an unusual misfortune. Mel repeatedly stated that there will not be another replacement due to the fact that the manufacture warranty is up after the first year. I brought it the mel’s attention that the original frig was replaced at two years. She just continued her broken record speech. Stating that I will not get another frig and that I can take their service for repair or live with the cracks. I tried explaining too, that this is not a
Repair it is just a bandage. This is not an isolated situation if they now have a so call, product to fix this type of problem. Why would they have invested so much time and money to come up with a product if they weren’t having other reports?

The service man stated to me that, now that sears and kmart have merged there has been a drastic decline of the good old, sears customer’s service.

Thank you for your time and effort to help me and my family…

God bless…
Shannon pfefferkorn

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  • Ku
      8th of Oct, 2008
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    Elite Refrigerator down for approximately 2 weeks before we discover--at our second home. Call local Appliance repair--already know Sears taked 2 weeks to get appt. He looks and says compressor out--under warranty so call Sears.

    After an hour or so on phone--finally get appt with repair two weeks hence. Have 2.5 hour drive to place so ask for appt time--told between 8AM and 5PM. REpair tech finally shows up and says Compressor bad--need to order--two weeks more--but plastic strip with model number not in Frig so no repair possible.

    Sall Sears--no model number no repair--suggest they sold it to me so they have what they sold me--also suggested numbers should be somewhere else on Frig. No--can not warranty without the plastic strip. Ask to buy a compressor and I will have local install and they say can't sell because no model number. Suggest that the compressor surely would have a part number to facilitate replacement and no answer. No help.

    Found what looked like model number and serial nulmber on rear of frig. Contacted Sears complaint dept. Reset appt for tech to confirm Sears model number and serial number on rear of refrig. the following week. But call before to confirm appt. Called before and given an 8AM thru 5PM time slot. BEcause fo weather left to go a day ahead so if 8AM I would be there--got to other house and recieved message cancelling appt. 2.5 hours there, 2.5 hours back and a days work lost.

    No cannot get any response. So will have repaired bvy independent contractor and sue Sears--will sue for fraud and breach of contract. Ask for punitive damages. Am so tired ot this crap of ignoring what is right.

    So it takes a year or so--they will have attorneys fees and costs to pay. I am partially retired, have a bit of time and may be able to have them see the light--doubtful but I can try.


  • Na
      28th of Jan, 2009
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    I have a sears elite with an icemaker problem. I am unable to find a serial # for this fridge as the plastic/metallic strip is off the inside wall. Does anyone out there know where to find a serial # for this fridge. I do have a model # for the icemaker as this will be the second time it has been replaced; I just replaced the one in the freezer now, in Oct 08. I am told it has a 1 year warrenty if I can find a Serial # for the refrigerator. It is a 2005 model, I think.

    Thank you,

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