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Sears Home Improvement & Citicards / seriously affecting credit

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I am an attorney who represents a Maria Sealy who has for several months tried to clear up an Sears Home Improvement debt charge off that is apparently now carried by Citicards, in Kansas City. Despite repeated phone calls and letters both from her and from me we have gotten no response.

How can we get a HUMAN BEING to respond to clear this matter up. It is SERIOUSLY affecting her credit.

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  • Ca
      16th of Oct, 2006
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    I have an addition built onto the back of my home which I purchased two years ago. There were two support beams that were rotted and in need of replacing prior to installing the new windows. The salesman that came out told me that the repairs would need to have been done prior to measuring the opening for the windows. This process drug out for at least two months because the “job” wasn’t big enough for someone to bother with. Once I finally got a contractor out to look at the repair work the damage was more extensive then expected – carpenter ants were discovered. The entire back/first floor of my home had to be ripped out and repaired. My home has been open and exposed to the elements since last summer.

    I explained this to the salesman and told him once I got the repair work done I would be contacting him to come out to take the final measurements. Every time I called the salesman he never answered his phone nor did I receive a return call. Due to an illness with the contractor and a death in my family this process took some time to complete. Once they were done with everything they could do, work came to a standstill. They couldn’t proceed until the windows were installed. I called the salesman to have someone come out to measure the new opening. This person never came. I called to inquire as to what happened and they had no record of my appointment. Another appointment was made and I was told the individual would be at my home within a certain time frame. This didn’t happen and I had to get back to work. I called the installation once I got to work and they said they were planning on coming after the originally discussed time. But, they never bothered to call to tell me of their new plans. So, we arranged for them to come back out the following day. I left work again to meet them at my home and they had already come and gone by the time I arrived. Again not bothering to call me. REMEMBER ---I’m taking off work for this each time! WHY?

    Several weeks went by and I finally called to inquire as to where the windows were. The same gentleman Larry who came out to make the measurements told me that they would be arriving within days and they would call me to set up a time to come in and install. More time passed and I called back – I kept asking to speak to someone other than Larry because he was difficult to deal with and clearly not trustworthy. The gatekeepers at various numbers I tried kept giving me to him. I was told by Larry that they were on “the truck” ready to be unloaded in the warehouse and again they would call me when they were ready to be delivered. I called back days later and THANK GOD this Larry character was on vacation and his boss spoke with me – after leaving me on hold for a considerable amount of time, he came back telling me he couldn’t find any evidence of my order. HUM!!!!!! The windows were not on any truck and as far as he could tell they had never been ordered. I proceeded to tell this man that “Larry” needed to be fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He blatantly lied to me about everything. What did he expect to gain? Did he think I was going to disappear and never call back?

    Moving right along – the windows came in and were installed. I had to let my original contractors go due to the time it took to get the windows delivered and installed. They had nothing to do and went on to other jobs. Once I got two quotes from building contractors to have the repair work completed and the windows enclosed I was told that the frame that was installed by Sears which would be the knee wall was too wide for the windows. I didn’t even want a knee wall. I wanted floor the ceiling windows. I also asked to see what the windows would look like before they were installed. By the time they came I didn’t care. I just wanted the room enclosed due to safety and energy efficiency reasons. The wood frames were wider than the windows and they didn’t have a lip at the bottom of the frame to catch water fall off. I needed windows for vinyl siding not insert windows. The way the windows and siding are installed there isn’t any place for the water to run off except for inside my home behind the siding. This obviously isn’t acceptable. I was told that they could caulk the windows and this also isn’t acceptable – caulk doesn't last and I’d be dealing with rotted wood and insect infestation once again.

    I called the customer service center on February 27th, and a very rude Indian woman said that I signed for the windows so there wasn’t anything they could do. Yes, I did sign for these windows, but I am not a contractor or a builder. I hired a ‘so called’ expert in the industry to make the right decisions for me. A window is a window to me…. I was told that someone would call me back within three business days. I am most confident given my past experience with the local store that this matter will never get resolved much less me receiving a phone call from them. I am sending a copy of this letter and any other documentation I have to the Kentucky Attorney General’s office and I am prepared to get the local media and or an attorney involved if necessary. These windows aren’t cheap! ....Still not resolved.

  • Ca
      17th of Mar, 2007
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    I can empathize, as I am having a window problem with Sears too. Poor customer service, not delivering on promises, lies and pushy practices from the salesman, unreturned calls, missed appointments. Yeah, I'm right there with you and still not resolved either.

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