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Sears / sears customer service is horrible!

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Hello, I am new to Sears and for my first major purchase the experience was horrible. I need a new stove and had been watching the prices for weeks. I finally decided to go with sears because out of all the retailers they seemed to have the best price.

On Black Friday Morning I had my mother call sears to see if her sears card was still activated. They told her no. That being said we went to apply for one online. After we were approved I then proceeded to purchase the stove I wanted online, however when it came time to put in a credit card # I didn't have one to enter because I didn't get one after the initial approval online. I figured it was a mishap, and proceeded to go to the store to purchase my stove, and now a TV I was interested in.

When I got to the store to purchase my stove on black Friday. I was in NY and Live in MS and for some reason the sales associate had trouble placing my order and shipping it to another state. So I went home with no stove and no TV. I figured by now I would have received an email with my card information in it, however I didn't. That ends Friday.

On Saturday I tried again online and still I didn't receive an email so then I called the credit card company. They then told me that because I applied for a card online that I had to wait 7-10 business days for the card to arrive. At this point that wasn't an option because the sale price for the stove was going to expire on Saturday at midnight.

After talking to the credit division I decided to try my luck at another store. The associate advised me that since I needed the stove in a hurry my mom could do a rapid line of credit. This was a great idea, however during that process he was advised to call the sears credit division. When he called they told him my mom already had an account with them. This was very odd, since she just called Friday and was told they had no account information about her.

To make a long story short they told her she had to still wait 7-10 business days and we were not able to make the purchase. That's not the end.

Being very upset with this whole ordeal I called the presidents office to log my complaint. Upon calling I was directed to Sophia in the executive complaint department. Not only was Sophia RUDE but she basically insinuated that this was completely my fault. It was so bad that I had to hang up before I started to curse, because of her rude remarks. For example, she asked me if I understood hat she was saying I said I Hear you, I don't agree with you but I Hear you. And she responded I didn't ask if you agreed with me I asked if you understood me. I said I never said I didn't, however I don't agree with you. I was never rude to her, I tried no to take my frustrations out on her and she was just rude. Her comments were rude as well as her tone!!!!! If this is what you get at executive customer service, I feel sorry for the company as a whole.

This is my first experience with sears and this will be my last. I was going to wait for the card to arrive and then purchase the stove, but I will not in any way purchase anything from sears again. I usually buy most of my electronics from best buy and I will continue to do so. At least there I feel like a valued customer, I have never been disrespected by anyone in their store or online.

Not only am I through buying from sears, but I will be sure to post my complaint on every message board about how HORRIBLE sears customer service is!!!

Aminah McKinnie

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      26th of Dec, 2007

    Well, yeah. It WAS your fault. The first thing you did was get your mom to apply for credit to buy YOU something. The second thing you did wrong was wait till the last minute to do it. SOME pre-planning would have made it easier. And don't blame Sears because Citibank (Who owns Sears Credit) is taking too much time. You sound petty.

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