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Sears / unforgettable experience

1 GA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:

01/01/05 - Original refrigerator purchase date. Cost: $449 + tax/fees = $535.29

06/24/05 - 1st service call to repair. Appears not to cool properly and moisture on floor. Technician instructed me on usage and was unable to detect location of leak. Stated high usage and humidity from weather as factors.

06/27/05 - 2nd service call to repair. Leaking continues. Technician found drain tube too short from factory/added drain tube.

05/29/06 - 3rd service call for repair. I noticed wood floor uneven in front of refrigerator. I pulled out the refrigerator and visably saw water damage. Called One Source who agreed to send technician to inspect leak and damage. Since out of warranty period, One Source agreed to inspect. Repair technician stated found drain line not properly repaired by last technician. One Source agreed to repair. I also called floor repair company. I asked One Source for a replacement refrigerator due to ongoing problem and offered to repair floor myself. They indicated they would only repair refrigerator and also repair the floor. Obtained an estimate.

Note: Floor Repair Company stated that damage appeared to occur from slow leak and passed through wood floor. Sub floor was saturated and then began to cause upper floor to warp and expand. This damage took 1 year and 5 months to detect.

06/01/06 I repaired sub-floor. I treated the black mold under house. I replaced the damaged insulation. Carpet Express made repair made to floor for $495 (exceeded cost of refrigerator).

Current Events:

03/01/08 1 year 8 months later. I noticed the same problem. Pulled out refrigerator and saw severe water damage. Went under house and same mold problem as before. Same wood boards in kitchen are again damaged.

03/04/08 Called One Source and spoke with Sr. Customer Advocate, Elaine. After much discussion, I offered to repair all floor damage and asked for a replacement refrigerator as this one Sears is unable to repair. Elaine stated no. Would only waive the trip fee for a technician, and would pay for repair up to $100. Also offered me a 10% product discount I would have to pay for and request reimbursement. I asked for a manager to return my call and was assured that Ms. Christ Stroup would call back in two business days.

03/04/08 Call made to Sears Holdings Corp in Hoffman Estates. Transferred to Judy, Exc. Customer Relations in North Carolina. She stated she could not help me and to wait on a return call from One Source.

03/06/08 At 8:00 PM, I called One Source to Jerry (ID 60206). He said Ms. Stroup had left early and would not be returning my call until maybe next Tuesday. He stated there was no supervisor/manager that I could speak with.

03/06/08 At 8:30 PM, I called local Sears store manager, Jerry. I explained the 'situation' and he offered to call One Source to see if he could get a return call to me earlier.

03/07/08 Received a call from Oscar at One Source. We discussed my refrigerator problem and I asked to speak with a supervisor. He stated one was not available but he indicated the next step would be to send a technician to my home to inspect the floor damage and verify a water leak. I said I was not desiring a repair and would not pay for a visit. He waived trip fee and repair. He told me to call One Source back after the visit.

Later Store Manager Jerry called to see if One Source called.

03/08/08 Sears technician Robert (ID 0617829) at home at 9:45 AM. He stated 'only check for leak/and floor damage'. He was confused why One Source wanted him here if I did not want the repair.

03/08/08 Phone call back to One Source to Charity. Then to, Rosalyn who instructed me that she had management power and would not replace the refrigerator. This is the rudest person I have spoken with. We had a lengthy discussion. She said we had talked enough and told me to call Loss Prevention at [protected] and to call Legal at [protected].

I called Loss Prevention. Got Terry, Security. He said he only handled theft and in store issues.

I called Legal at [protected]. Got Mary in the recall department. Went ahead and inquired if there was a recall on my refrigerator. None cited. I returned a call to One Source to Mike (ID 602714). Discussed situation and he said the final decision was not to replace product. He offered to repair product and that I would have to go through the Claims area to request repair of damage floor.

03/10/08 8:00 AM, Called Corporate Office in Hoffman Estates. Was told no one there could talk to me. Transferred me to a number that was closed. Called back to Corporate. Told by same person that she could not give me the number but only transfer me. Waited until 9:00 EST for the office to open at 8:00 CST. Called back to Corporate and was transferred to Highpoints, NC to Sally at ext. 12008. Explained situation. Stated there was nothing she could do. She transferred me back to One Source to Charles. He read my my case notes and stated that someone could return my call in two business days...

03/13/08 Mailed certified letters to CEO Bruce Johnson, Sears Holdings Corp.; Edward Lampert, Chairman of Board of Directors; Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs, and Better Business Bureau.

03/17/08 Letter delivered to Bruce Johnson at Sears Holdings Corp.

03/17/08 No response from One Source. Called One Source and spoke with customer advocate Ann (ID 49542). She stated no further no decision she could see regarding replacement refrigerator or repair of the floor.

03/25/08 Called Sears Holdings Corp. at Hoffman Estates. I was never able to speak with anyone at Sears Holdings at Hoffman Estates. I asked who Frank Johnson was (signee of certified mail) and was told they could not provide me with that information. After 11 more phone attempts, I was finally transferred to the Executive Office of Letters and Correspondence in North Carolina. I provided my name and the gentleman able to tell me that my letter was logged in and a Bridgette Williams stated in the notes 'No Further Action Needed'. I have been given a new case number of 1910534. After complaining that I have not been contacted to discuss my case, I was transferred to One Source to a Marshila (ID Badge [protected]). After a lengthy discussion, she received authorization to provide me with:

1. A $100 gift card and a 10% product discount, OR

2. Waive the trip fee for a technician and repair up to $100.

I stated I would consider this and call her back on 3/28, my original 10 day deadline given to Sears Holdings in my certified letter.

Additionally, I was provided the phone number of TSRT and spoke with a Jen (ID 55440) regarding the repair of my damaged floor. After a thorough explanation about my problem, she stated Sears was not responsible for the damage due to it occurred out of warranty and I must file a claim with my home owners insurance. I informed her that Sears previously had repaired my damaged floor out of warranty as it was due to the same problem that Sears did not repair. She again stated that Sears was not responsible.

03/28/08 Reluctantly, I phoned One Source to accept, what I believe to be an inadequate resolution, offer of $100 and a 10% discount. The local Sears store was have a sale on 3/29/08 of 15% off appliances and I could use the discounts together and the gift card and come out o.k. I spoke with a Sheldon (would not give his ID number). He stated that there were no notes from Marshila on 3/25/08. I was amazed! After a 30 minute conversation, he believed my plight and the $100 and 10% discount. He transferred me to Sonya in Processing at One Source. She explained that she would send me a gift card for $100 She explained the discount. I was to purchase the refrigerator and call One Source to receive the 10% discount which would be applied to my credit card or mailed as a cashiers check if I paid cash. She explained the discount. I then lost the signal on my cell phone. O.k.

03/28/08 I called the local Sears and spoke with Bob, not a manager for in the administrative office. He stated the sale at the store. I the gift card coming to me in the mail. He said the store manager, Jason, could go to one register in the store and give me cash for the gift card, then void the card, then apply the cash to my Sears credit card. He also stated that I should come in Saturday to take advantage of the 15% off sale and then get the 10%. O.K.

03/29/08 Arrived at the local Sears store. I selected a refrigerator. I opened a Sears credit card account. I purchased the refrigerator. I received the 15% sale discount and scheduled the delivery for

4/18/08 to make sure the gift card arrived and was applied as stated. I called One Source from Sears while with the salesman. I explained that I was calling to receive the 10% credit to my card.

After being transferred to Processing, I spoke with Rose (ID 65478).

I gave her my credit card number and sales check number.

Now, she tells me that she is unable to give me the credit on my card until the refrigerator is in my house. What? She said that just purchasing the refrigerator was not enough. I must accept delivery of it. After discussing this, I indicated that I was waiting to accept delivery until I had the $100 gift card and that it was applied also to the balance on my card. I then said, what if I pick it up, can I call then. She further stated that I could not call until 24 hours after I accept delivery or pick it up. I leave the store unsatisfied. Sears has not be forthcoming. I will continue with my complaint in Bibb County Court.

I arrived home to find a letter from the Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs. That have forwarded my complaint to Sears at Hoffman Estates, Illinois to Linda Evans, Claims Consultant in the Customer Support Department.

03/31/08 After one full month of exhaustive attempts to resolve this matter, I am filing a Statement of Claim in the Bibb Magistrate Court, Bibb

County, GA.

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  • Jo
      10th of Jul, 2008
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    I made a purchase and decided to upgrade to a large tv They debited my account and then said they could not process my purchase then told me it would be 48 hours before my money was credited back to my account . I talked to 10 people then called the 1-847-286-2500 spoke to some liar by the name of larry who told me he would get to the bottom of this refund matter . he did he had the sale rep Ray call from springfield mo. another liar . Got a call from Jim henderson told me my fund were transfered into my account went to the bank when I called him back his whole story changed doesnt sears have anyone that knows how to tell the truth ? It is two days later it took them 5 seconds to take my money 7 day to return it . Did I just fall of the turnip truck . I would do no more business with sears as long as I live and anyone else with problems like this will agree sears needs closed down or they need to deal with the customers with honesty.

  • Sc
      11th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Is what you need to know is every sales person in sears accept cashiers, , , are Comission only they start you out @5.75 then with your commision it adds up to be ????so they say over $8.00 per hour if they just paid per hr sears would be a better place but it's push, push, push for the sales no matter what! !

  • Gi
      25th of Jan, 2014
    0 Votes

    that is crazy but I hope u purchased the ppa protection plan so u won't have this run around again..and no sears isnt responsible if your fridge is out warranty.

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