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I bought a Whirlpool dishwasher from Sears 8 months ago since then it has had 8 service calls, 5 repairs and 3 where they came out with the wring parts.My dishwasher has now been broken since December 5th. At this time they have agreed to replace the dishwasher which seemed like a good thing...Not so I chose the new dishwasher on December 23rd they finally called me on January 6th and can not install the new dishwasher until January 27th. At this point I would have rather they fixed the old one at least I would have a dishwasher. I have spoken with installation, delivery, customer service, the local store and the compensation department spending hours on hold, being hung up and getting the wrong answers. It appears to me Sears is no longer a reputable company.Buyer Beware!!!

Jan 08, 2016

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