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I don't know where to begin, except to say that your customer service department for tv repair services are the most incompetent people I have ever encountered. Four (4) weeks ago I contacted sears to come in and find out what was wrong with my lg lcd flat panel tv. Your technician said it could be one of two things (Or both) — a bad power supply board or the main board. He ordered the two parts and asked for my credit card. I gave him my amex card and was charged $969.13 total for parts and labor - assuming, of course, that this would not be put on my amex until the tv was repaired.

I received two (2) boxes - assuming they contained the 2 parts needed. As instructed, I called your service department, told them I had the parts, and they sent out a technical to begin repair. Surpise! Your supplier sent two of the same part - the main board - no power supply which was needed. The technician couldn't do anything that day and advised me that the part I needed was back ordered until 2/5. This is where the nightmare begins.
The very next day (1/29 or 1/30) your customer service department called me to schedule a technician to come in to repair my tv. Of course that was not possible seeing as I didn't have the part!!! Not only did your cs dept. Call once that day, but called two more times and three times the next day to schedule an appointment. How stupid and inept is this? That's only the beginning! On the 5th of february I called to see if the back-ordered part came in. Your cs dept said they would check with the parts dept. And someone from there would call me back. Never received a return call. On the 8th (Monday) I called again and was disconnected twice! Again I was told someone from parts would call me. Did not happen!
Please bear in mind that each time someone from sears called me, I had to repeat the same information about the appt., the part, my address, phone number, problem, etc., etc.

I called again today - the 9th of february - and was told the part expected to ship on march 1st - over one month later than expected. I went on line and found the part myself and ordered it.

The worst part is my amex card was charged on 1/28 for the full amount. I disputed this charge in lieu of the fact that I did not receive the required parts, nor did I receive the service I was charged for. Please, please do something about your customer service department. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing there!

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  • Vi
      22nd of Oct, 2009
    Sears Customer Service - very poor service when buying a product
    United States

    Wonder if Sears has any customer service. With great enthusiasm I bout a riding lawn tracter 3 days ago from Sears outlet store paying the full money with 3 years warranty purchase and got schedule delivery today. I took a vacation to receive the product and sears delivery contracter cam as early as 8:00 AM and when he parked vehicle in front of my house, he asked me if I have the keys for the tracter. I said no one gave me the keys or anything. He wanted to deliver it and I refused delivery because I do not know if it works. Then a person from Sears delivery department calls and aske me to take delivery and I refused again. I had to run to outlet store after they opened after 9:00AM and after waiting for 30 minutes, there until 9:30AM (even though store opens at 9:00AM), soneome comes and no one bothers to say sorry. They kept on says that I refused delivery as if it is my fault. I had to make additional trip of 50 miles just to ask who is responsible to give keys along with product. The experience of buying a sears product was sickening and I simply asked for refund of my whole money and canceled the transaction with disgust. I know Sears may not care if a customer goes, but I can guess why they are shown in the list of next doomed business as I read a couple of weeks ago. At least I will not shop again at Sears for any thing from now on.

    Again went back to stores today to get back my money but same "excuses" from someone else. Why I am being taxed to have my money stuck with Sears when the product is not even delivered to me? What a nasty Sears service has become?

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  • Ma
      18th of Jul, 2010
    Sears Customer Service - lack of knowledge/interest
    Margaret McClure
    Saint Cloud
    United States
    Phone: 407-957-0956

    This is a complaint by a customer, not a business. I wanted to let you know about the lack of customer service I received after the purchase of a heating and airconditioning system from the Orlando Sears store. The purchase included an incentive for purchase at the time of the home visit by the sales rep of a gift card for $1000. I spent quite a bit more than anticipated but because of Sears reputation and the gift card I decided to go ahead. The installation went fine, but getting the gift card was a problem. Apparently the envelope with the gift card was lost by UPS and couldn't be found for several weeks. I understand this was not Sears fault, but noone in the office seemed to know who to contact to get a tracking number or just didn't care. I made many phone calls and finally was able to get the number and eventually got the card. However, there was supposed to be a phone number included to call and activate the card, which was not there. It took another week and numerous phone calls to get this information. I finally was able to purchase the refrigerator I had planned to use the gift card for, which was being delivered today. When I went to the Sears store at the Florida Mall I had found the item I wanted on the internet and told the salesperson what model it was and that I wanted it in black. He got quite a quick sale - it only took about 10 minutes total. After spending the day clearing out the old refrigerator in anticipation of delivery, I was extremely upset to find that the wrong refrigerator had been delivered. It was the right model, but white. I refused the delivery and the driver called the office to explain the problem. They were very apologetic, and scheduled delivery of the right unit, but not for another 3 days. I'm very disappointed with Sears at this time, and don't think I will consider purchasing anything else from the company. I don't know if anyone will care, but I wanted to voice my complaint.
    Margaret McClure

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