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Sears Canada / service

1 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Review updated:

Do not ever buy anything that may require parts or service from sears canada!!!

Sears parts dept edmonton sucks!!!

Need a needle seat for sears lawn mower

No longer available, parts guy says well it will be in carb repair kit.

So it is ordered and paid for told it will be in, in a week and they will call me when it comes in.

Number 1 complaint
No phone number to call to see if parts ordered
Have arrived as they were supposed to be in 2 weeks ago and they were supposed to phone when they arrived and they haven't

Link from internet gives a local phone number for sears aprts department edmonton

States here the phone # is 447- 8000 called this number 3 times no one answers
Called the 1- 800 number only to be told "well the parts should be there"
But they could not guarantee that they were at the parts dept in edmonton.
Make a trip 45 minute drive to the parts dept they can't find my parts finally after 15 minutes she finds the parts. No needle seat in the carb repair kit.
Asked the clerk do you have a phone # here no they don't

Quick to sell products

But don't expect them to stock any parts!!!

Top of the line high efficiancy furnace purchased and installed by sears!!
This is my friends and I am looking after the house as they are away on a holiday!

Furnace service call to sears

Listed in the edmonton phone book under
Sears furnace sales and service call [protected]

How can I help you well this is not the furnace dept
What number are you calling I am calling the furnace sales and service number listed in the edmonton phone book
She gets rude and ignorant with me.

I finally get a number [protected]
Which belongs to the custom draperies division of sears according to the edmonton phone book

No heat in the house tuesday @ 2pm called sears

Asked for name : robert xxxxxx
Address: 875 xxxxx ave
Postal code : t8_ - xxx
Phone number : 780- xxx-xxxx

Told furnace is under warranty till 2014
Service man will be out within 24 hours

Wed @ noon

I call sears service to find out when this service person is coming no heat in house -6 celsius outside

Asked name robert xxxxxx
Address 875 xxxxx ave
Phone number 780- xxx-xxxx

The person I am talking to will get ahold of the service person and have them call me right away

Wed @ 2pm

I am calling sears service department again 23 hours no heat in house

Asked name robert xxxxxx
Address 875 xxxxx ave
Phone # 780- xxx-xxxx

Talked to frado he tells me there is no service request made for that phone # at that address

Note : in all conversations when asked for the name of the house owner I give robert xxxxxx

After 15 minutes of holding on the phone they have found the repair request under the wifes name her name was never mentioned in any conversation!!

So now we have found the repair order and it is 2:15 23 hours and 15 minutes the house has been with out heat!!

They will prioritized the service request and get some one out as soon as they can, but no time frame is given.

Wed 2:30

I call national customer service centre for canada [protected]

I tell them the problem I am having, her reply to me is well we don't have any tech's in that area and therfore have to contract out the work
A friend who works at sears tells me they have 3 tech's on sears payroll but they are just pencil pushers

So because it is contracted out it could be 48 hours before I get a service person I am informed

Wed 2:45

I then get a call saying that the service call has to go thru calgary call centre which is slated for friday!!!

Are you people for real???

4 days with no heat in the house

Get real sears service department oh sorry I mean sears non service department

Wed 3:02
Call comes from contractor inquiring did I have a service call request in

As they had a call from sears wanting to know why the service call had not been made yet?

And would the repairs be cash or credit card what it's under warranty???

Sears neglected to inform the contractor of this minor detail!!

The contractor not having recieved a service call request from sears
Does not know that there is no heat in the house now for 24 hours!!!

Contractor said he will be there in 25 minutes and was there in 25 minutes

Furnace fixed by 4:30 pm on wed by the contractor awesome guy

My niece bought a sears washer and dryer had sears hook up everything

Find out 6 months down the road that they vented the dryer thru the furnace

Good thing the house didn't burn to the ground

She talked to management at every level of sears
And she may has well taken her head and smashed it against a cement wall
Because she never got 1 ounce of satisfaction from sears never mind an apology!!

A friend who actually happens to work for this loser company
Ordered a dishwasher part 3 months ago was supposed to be in edmonton parts dept in 1 week they are still waiting!

Washing and drying dishes for 3 months for a family of 6 sucks!!!

Boooooooooooooooo sears shame on you!!!


Never ever will I go thru all this bullsh_t again

I would not buy a pair of socks from you never mind a major appliance

Consumers of canada be very aware of buying anything from "sears"

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  • Dv
      17th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Sears Canada has a serious problem with communication between the company and customers who require service and resolution of issues.

    Upon examination of my visa statement, I noted a double charge for a part I ordered by phone and picked up at the Edmonton Parts/Service Center.

    February 16th I order an agitator brush for an upright Sears vacuum. I'm told I have to leave a credit card number before they will ship it to Edmonton. The part is supposed to arrive on February 19th. I explain the soonest I can pickup the part is on February 23rd and that I'm coming from out of town 1 hour. She says that's fine.

    I go into the Edmonton Parts/Service Center February 23rd only to be told the part is not in yet. I explained that the order was confirmed to arrive on the 19th and that I also told the order desk that I wouldn't be in until the 23rd to pick it up. He goes to the back again to see if he can find it. Still no luck. Then a co-worker over hears the problem and starts to help him and goes down some other isle only to find the part is in. He says that'll be 49.34 cents. I explain that I had already given my credit card number and believed that it had already been paid for he. I was told that it was not paid for and that before I could take the part I would be charged the amount on my card. So the clerk swipes my visa and riings through the charge.

    A few days later, I check my online banking statements and notice that not only was I charged the 49.34 on February 23rd when I picked up the part, but I was charged a second time on February 26th. I called Sear Canada only to get the royal run around and am told it's my problem and that I'll have to go back to the Edmonton Parts/Service Center to get it corrected. Like hell!

    Today, March 17 once again, I'm on the phone to see why my visa has not been credited the extra charge.

    1. Called 1-888-473-2772 National Service center tells me to call someone else.

    2. Called 1-800-214-6751 Sears Parts tells me to call someone else.

    3. Called 1-466-5151 Sears Parts Return tells me to call someone else.

    4. Called 780-447-8010 Sears Edmonton Parts/Service Center.

    The phone has been ringing for 10 minutes so far with no answer! What an effing joke! Since when is it up to customers to resolve Sears screw ups? This should have been handled promptly and immediately, instead I find myself asking Sears for a kiss, cause I'm seriously getting shafted!!

  • Ch
      26th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I used to love Sears. Bought 26 major appliances from them in the last 11 years and a lot of clothing, furniture and household goods. I guess I never realized how bad they have become because I never had to return anything until last week. I bought a soap dispenser on clearance for $14.99 at a location far away from my house. It was defective so I took it back to the Sears at Markville Mall near my home the same day. They told me to go back to the location I bought it because they didn't have it. Because I bought it on clearance, they would not exchange it and will not give me store credit. So I told the manager it costs more in gas to go there than it cost for the soap dispenser. I spend thousands of $$$ at Sears and this is how they treat a loyal customer. Why can't they put it on a gift card that I would have to use at Sears. The manager tells me "that doesn't matter". I called the customer service line, wasted 1 hour with them and was told the same thing. The asked the lady on the customer service line if my request was unreasonable. She said no but she can't help me. So I will never ever shop at Sears again, NEVER. My loyalty "doesn't matter" to Sears. So now they don't exist to me! If this is what they do over $14.99 I can't imagine what can happen if I have problems with a major purchase. I guess I was lucky in the past because I didn't have to return anything. I guess I was the perfect customer. There are a lot of stores out there with better customer service, better selection and better prices.

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