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Sears / customer service at sears leaves something to be desired!

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Today I found a tool set on the website. Shortly after 10:00 I phoned the local store to see if they had this tool set in stock at the store so I could shop locally. My first complaint is that the automated phone system is NOT user friendly! My second complaint is that when I specified which department I wanted, it rang... and rang...and rang... (you get the idea)...NO ONE answered and it put me back to the automated system to start over again! AAAARRGG! I tried dialing a direct phone number to the department I wanted...and you guessed it, same thing, no answer, blah, blah, blah. I finally go an operator at one point who transferred me and THE SAME RESULT!! So I called another non-related department who hand carried a cordless phone to the tool department. I finally found out that, no, they didn't have the tool set I wanted in the store, but I could order it online. Shees! One simple question turned into a half hour of my time wasted. Customer service at Sears (at least in Salem, Oregon) leaves something to be desired!!

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  • Va
      27th of Nov, 2006
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    SEARS DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU AND HAS INCOMPETENT WORKERS. I bought a BOSCH dishwasher from SEARS. The dishwasher has broken after only three years. It is very obvious that the motor that pumps the water out is broken. I called SEARS service and made an appointment for the following week to have a service man come to fix it. They said that they would be there between 12 and 5. I took the afternoon off from work and waited only to get a call at 4:30pm that they were stuck in traffic and could not make the appointment. I had to call the service center back and reschedule for the following week. This time they were to come between 9 and 12 so I took the morning off. At 11 I get a call that they will not be at my house because the service truck has broken down and I needed to reschedule for the following week. AT this time I thought I was on candid camera, I was furious and told the scheduler how I felt and she said she would have customer service call me. I NEVER GOT A CALL, EVER! The following week a sears service man came as scheduled to inform me that the pump was broken a new one was to be ordered and he would come back in 10 days. I recieved the part directly and the service man arrived 10 days later which was 5 days before Thanksgiving. He opened the box with the part in it and said "oh boy, this isn't what I ordered they sent the WRONG PART" I was in shock, you can't be searious! I told him I had 20 people coming for 3 days to my house for Thanksgiving and after washing dishes for over a month I was not going to have a dishwasher. I called sears and they said they would call me back. I NEVER GOT A CALL. I emailed Sears and all I got was a form letter reply. I had to buy a new dishwasher that I don't like. I want my old one fixed ( which sears told me was 5 years old and Bosch told me was 3 years old like I thought). Unfortunately for sears I just bought 20,000 in appliances for a new vacation home and they lost out on that sale. I have since gone in to the store to let them know that I never got a call back from the appliance manager and guess what, I NEVER GOT A CALL BACK!

  • No
      23rd of Nov, 2007
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    so lets get this straight hmmmm you call a store and what ??? they are just sitting there waiting for you to call?????? u think this world revolves around you????? its because of lazy people like you that companies cut payroll dollars and try to automate everything in the first place one simple question you say yea thats right your one simple question in the good old days was get off your ### and go shopping !!!! browse the store ask all the quesation you want in person ! wow what a concept! no instead you expect the employee's to drop whatever customer they are with in the store who isnt lazy and talk to you on the phone ??? ya people like you is why the automated phone system was invented to IGNORE YOU (: HAHAHAHAHA

  • Ch
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    Wow. Instead of wasting the half-hour on the phone with an automated phone system (which, if you actually LIVE in the 21st century you'd understand NEVER works), why not drive your car over to the nearest Sears store? Mhmm?

  • Ji
      23rd of Sep, 2008
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    Whaaaa, I am a big baby! I can't wash dishes by hand. If you can afford a vacation house the why don't you get a maid... better yet have the kids do them.

  • Cr
      19th of Dec, 2008
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    I agree that sears phone system is flawed. I worked there for two years and don't bother with the automated system as it doesn't really work, no matter what department you say you always go to the operator phone. The operator is just a low level manager who can't always answer. Even with a departmental transfer, there are not always employees in a department, and many times there is only one employee there as sears is a fairly slow retailer without a ton of business. When I worked as a salesman I knew I would rarely walk away from a customer to answer a phone, as to that alienates the customer who is right there right then. I understand the pain, but it is not necessarilly the fault of the employees.

  • Wi
      6th of Jan, 2010
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  • Er
      25th of Jun, 2010
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    To Sears Customer Service Dept. I have a Sony Wega TV. I have an upto date service contract convering this tv. I called in for service and repair. Service man came out and checked the code and ordered corresponding parts. They arrived the day the tech was to be there to install. After installing the part another code showed up so part was ordered. Shown to be in stock. Day of service mans return received phone call part was not available so oldpart removed from tv to be sent in for rebuild.

    1st service was Jun 10, 2nd service date was Jun 16, third service date Jun 24. Service man stated it will probably be 2 weeks before part is returned. I received a call today Jun 25 that it will be the middle of July before serviceman is scheduled to return to fix the tv. Over a month of watching the backend of my tv waiting for parts to fix it instead of watching the front of tv. It has already cost Sears over a thousand dollars to fix a tv that still doesn't work and all I see is the backend of it.

    Serviceman has been a good worker, but his hands are tied due to parts unavailability.

    Thanks a lot sears.

    E Hutson

  • Ca
      18th of Sep, 2010
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    @RishaDeary, Risha you don't even work. you didn't take the day off twice, you had 2 willing and able children and your nieces and nephews up for thanksgiving they can be your dishwashers

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