Sears / appliances keep breaking

United States

Here's a copy of an e-mail sent to Sears customer service:

Four and half years ago, we built a new house and bought all Sears Kenmore Elite appliances - Dual Fuel Range, Side-by-side refrigerator, washer, and dryer.
We choose Kenmore products because we have always had Sears appliances and they have always lasted for many years. We were excited to purchase those appliances even though we could have purchased other brands from other stores.

However in those same four and half years, our refrigerator had 3 service calls, was final declared a lemon and replaced with a new one. In the last 6 months, the washer was repaired because it was leaking water, and the dryer was repaired because the sensor switch broke. Last night I needed to schedule a repair for the range, because it started spitting flames and it appears there is an electrical short in the light sensor on the door. Needless to say these past four years have been very frustrating for us. We have spent between $250-$500 per year for service calls and repairs. These supposedly durable goods have proven to be less so.

I explained all this to a "customer service" representative on the phone. She offered to get us on a cancellation list so we may not have to wait until next Monday to get our range fixed. This is not the customer service I was really looking for. I'm tired of spending money to have appliances that should have lasted 10 years, fixed in less than five. It has really become unacceptable.

This e-mail is my last attempt to get some consideration from Sears concerning these issues. At this rate I could have replaced two of the appliances from another retailer for the cost of fixing what should have been excellent products. I don't want any more calls to "extend our warrantee", I want the products I bought not to continue breaking in less than 5 years. And if that can't happen I would just as soon look to purchase other products than continue to sink money into the Sears repair black hole.

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