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[Resolved] Sears / customer service

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Sears, please forward this

To the blue ribbon service case managers
(Aka) phone tag central

First of all let me start by saying, that I can see that your division is very much a part of sears commitment to customer service. Because there was very little service, and any one who thinks you provide a service to your customers, should be committed.
When I received a message that blue ribbon service wanted to discuss the issue I had with my weed trimmer, I thought that maybe my letter to sears did some good. And that I didn't just waste a stamp. Boy, was I wrong. Not only did I waste a stamp, I wasted my time calling and playing phone tag with liz terrel and melanie silkworth (Sorry if I got the name wrong, some people worry about doing the right things), for almost two weeks. On friday july 17th the first call said if they did not hear back from me by the end of business that day, they would try again on saturday the 18th, so on saturday not much trying was done, because my wife and I were home all day getting ready to have people over that night. Than on monday the 20th I called and left a message with home and work numbers and the hours of where I would be. They called back on monday and their message said they would try to contact me, before the end of business on tuesday. Even with the message I left for them monday at around 2:00 pm stating that I would be at work during this time. They called my home not more than 10 minutes after I called them. And no they did not try to call my work. I tried to call them on tuesday, and their next message was that if they did not hear from me, they would try and call thursday the 23rd. I even saved the message thinking maybe I did not hear them correctly. So as of this writing (I tagged them at 6:55 pm on wednesday the 22nd and got no answer five minutes before end of business, who in their right mind is not setting at their desk with five minutes to go waiting to go home, and now i'm waiting to be tagged back) I can't wait to see what thursday brings. Will the game continue? Or will we get to speak to each other. Only time and at&t will know.
Now, for the second part, a blue ribbon in my book means the best of show. Maybe you should think of changing the services name to participation ribbon service case managers. Because I only see a lack of participation in this case. Definitely not a blue ribbon service. Unless you mean your customers blues.
Oh, by the way. My weed trimmer is still not working. Now I have more to ad to the story about sears lack of custumer service. And from what i'm hearing, i'm not the only one who is very unhappy with sears.

Unhappy customer

Ps thursday and friday came and went no call. Still no blue ribbon effort for customer service. Please do me a favor, just tell me you hate your job and you don't care what happens to the items after they leave the store. And I will stop thinking that sears may actually care about doing the right things right.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Sears Brands Customer Care's Response, Jun 30, 2010

    Dear APKennedy,

    Hello my name is Amanda with Sears Cares Escalations Team. I am sorry to hear that the service was cancelled on you multiple times for your refrigerator. This has certainly caused you and your family a huge inconvenience. Our team would like to assist you with this matter. If you could, please send an email to and provide your contact information. We will assign your case to a case manager and they will contact you directly to work with you on this issue. In the email, please include your screen name (APKennedy) so we are able to reference your email back to this web posting. We hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you,

    Amanda H.
    Senior Case Manager
    Sears Cares

  • Sears Brands Customer Care's Response, Apr 16, 2011

    Dear Roger Osborn:
    My name is Susan and I am part of the Sears Cares Team. I am very concerned about what I have read here. We would like to help. We are a single point of contact for escalated concerns which means we step into a situation and handle it start to finish with one Case Manager. At your convenience, please send an email to with your contact phone number and any other information you would like to provide to us regarding this situation. We will get that information over to a Case Manager who will contact you so that you (and others) won't have to continue to be impacted by this. Also, please provide the screen name (Roger Osborn) for reference to your issue and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

    Thank you,

    Susan R.
    Social Media Moderator
    Sears Social Media Support

  • Sears Brands Customer Care's Response, May 19, 2011

    To mcheek27103,
    My name is Laura with the Sears Cares Escalations team; I saw your comment here and I wanted to reach out and apologize on behalf of Sears for the difficulties that have occurred in getting you properly credited for your purchase. We would very much like to help and make sure that you receive any money you are due.
    The Sears Cares team is a single point of contact for escalated concerns which means we step into a situation and handle it start to finish with one Case Manager. At your convenience, please contact my office via email at so you don’t have to continue to be frustrated by this. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the item was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the screen name (mcheek27103) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.
    Thank you,
    Laura D.
    Social Media Moderator
    Sears Social Media Support

  • Sears Brands Customer Care's Response, Jun 25, 2011

    Dear bocababy:
    My name is Susan and I’m part of the Social Media Escalations team. I saw this comment and I want to reach out to you to see if we can be of assistance. I'm very sorry that you are having problems getting credited by CitiBank for your Sears Outlet purchase. My team handles Internet related complaints as well as complaints that come to the executive branch and we are interested in taking over the handling of this issue or at the very least monitoring the progress of the current resolution. We need to make sure that everything that can be done is being done on your behalf.

    At your convenience, please contact my office via email at so we can help. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the Sears Outlet item was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the screen name (bocababy) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

    Thank you,

    Susan R.
    Social Media Moderator
    Sears Social Media Support

  • Sears Brands Customer Care's Response, Aug 02, 2011

    Dear Dean Gore:
    I’m very sorry to read about these issues with getting your mower parts and getting your mower serviced. We always try to get the soonest available service to our customers. The problems that always happen at the start of lawn and garden season are that many people are encountering issues with the mowers not starting after the long storage of those mowers/tractors. This causes an overload of calls and there are simply not enough certified technicians available to handle the load. We can’t/won’t use uncertified technicians to work on our customer’s mowers so that unfortunately does cause these issues initially. We understand your frustration and do want to see how we can be of assistance to you. My name is Susan and I’m part of the Sears Cares Escalations team. At your convenience, please contact my office via email at so you don’t have to continue to be frustrated by this situation. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the mower was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the screen name (Dean Gore) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue. We do look forward to talking to you soon.

    Thank you,

    Susan R.
    Social Media Moderator
    Sears Social Media Support

  • Sears Brands Customer Care's Response, Dec 21, 2011

    Dear Jesada,

    I am very sorry that you have not received the level of customer service that you deserve. This is definitely not the type of experience our customers should encounter with us. We would like to make sure that you have been helped with your issue. If you have not been helped or have been helped but are still having difficulties with your item, we would like to help you.

    At your convenience, please contact our office via email at so you don’t have to continue to be frustrated by this. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the screen name (Jesada) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

    Thank you,

    Robert B.
    Social Media Moderator

    Sears Social Media Support

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  • Ke
      11th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Dont waste your time calling Sears customer service- I wasted hours calling customer service with no results- I only
    spent $5000.00 a yaer at sears - not enough for them to care.
    but in TEN years that is 50, 000.
    I hope that would join me in boy-cotting sear untill they fix the problem the have with customer service.
    in the meantime please check out snap-on or lowes, I have had good luck there. less customers will show them by hitting them in profitts

  • Ri
      9th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I can't believe how long it takes to stand in line to be helped at customer service. It takes forever. If I knew it was going to take over an hour I would have gone to lunch and come back. And the poor guy in front of me, York Galland, forgot his receipt and they told him he had to come back!

    Why not have customers take numbers, tell them when to come back. At least you can go get lunch, or wonder around the store for awhile... of course to buy something else that doesn't work and have to bring back... I guess that might not be a good idea.

  • Mi
      3rd of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I took my lawn mower to Sears Repair Center (Kennesaw GA location) earlier this year for my annual maintenance and noticed the customer service was lacking but did not mention anything back then. Yesterday, my mower stopped working and I tried to reach the store 10 times yesterday. At least twice I did actually get someone but they immediately put me on hold and never came back. So I located the store hours on (store location function) and noticed their hours were listed from 8:00am until 8:00pm so I loaded the mower in the car and drove all the way over there only to find the store had closed it doors at 6:00pm.

    Today, I try calling again and again no anwer, so realizing I really need my lawn mower fixed I drove all the way back over there again. This time I find no one in the store and after calling out for someone from the back a sales associate appears. I ask her if I can speak to the manager, I want to inform the manager about the website. She directs me to get my mower and she will find the manager and send him outside to speak to me. I unload the lawnmower and haul it across the parking lot only to wait for 20 mins to see the store manager.

    Finally, he appears and asked me what I am doing just standing there. I told him a was waiting to see the store manager. He told me he was the store manager and so I told him about my experience with the phones and the discrepancy between the actual store hours and sears website. This is when it became very disturbing. He told me that management did not give him enough people to run his store and that he had 90 customers the previous day and that he didn't need my business. I was really shocked as he turned around and re-entered his store. He didn't say I am sorry or anything. I have never been treated this way.

    My background: I am a certified ITIL manager. I have been in customer service for 27years. I know we all have bad days and many customers are really just unhappy people but I have never had a manager tell me he did not need my business neither have I ever had anyone in an organization bite my head off for letting them know about some informational discrepancies. In the end, I found a repair shop not more than a mile from my house but I can't help but feel like if I were the manager of that store I would get fired. This guy is getting away with treating customers this way.

    I did call Sears Customer Service ( in Manilla?) and they were quite courteous but it still seems that store manager is untouchable. Sears has lost my business for good. This small job bungle has cost them all sales from me, my family and extended family.

  • Fl
      2nd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    This is a Letter Written to Sears about my issue, which explains everything:

    To whom it may concern:

    As you can see from the information below (which contains the order number and my information) I recently ordered a portable air conditioner. If you look at the history of my account you will also note that in the last year I have spent a considerable amount of money with Sears on some large ticket items and until this week I had planned on some more purchases.

    The purchase of the Air conditioner has now changed my opinion of Sears and how they treat their customers and view their customer’s time, I don’t think I will ever order anything from Sears again.

    When I placed the order for the AC unit I was given two options for delivery: 1) Pick it up at a store free of charge or 2) have it delivered for a fee of $60. When I looked at the expected dates of each of these options, having it delivered to me for the fee of $60 was fastest way to get it and I was given the option of having it delivered on the 30th between 8 and 1 or 5 and 9. If I chose to pick it up the date would be the 2nd of July and due to the humidity and the holiday I wanted it sooner than later so I chose the delivery to be on June 30th between 5 and 9. On Monday I received a phone call confirming the delivery and making sure that someone was going to home during this time and of course I agreed someone would be. On June 30th I left work early and turned down invitations for Canada Day parties so that I would be home to receive the shipment. I arrived home at 4:30 and began the wait. 9:00pm came and went with no truck or phone call as to why the delivery was late. At 10 minutes after 9 I made my first call to the delivery centre and was advised the AC unit was on the truck and that truck may be tied up but it should come eventually, but if didn’t hear anything by 9:30 call back. When 9:30 came I was angry that I wasted my night sitting at home waiting for a non-existent AC unit to arrive and I called the centre back again. At this point the agent refunded the delivery charge but stated that the truck may still arrive and if it didn’t please call back at 10:30pm my time. So at 10:30 I call once again to hear an agent tell me that we need to reschedule the delivery for either Friday between 8am and 1pm or Saturday between 8am and 5pm. I think my exact comment to her was “You have to be kidding me, my AC unit is on the delivery truck now and I have to reschedule for either Friday morning when I am at work or Sometime during the day Saturday and of course I have to sit and wait all day until it comes?” It was at this point I suggested they drop it off at my local pickup centre so that I can have it for Thursday, which the agent then informed that redirecting the unit could take 4 to 5 days for me to get it at the pickup centre. When she told me this I know I started to laugh and said to her “My ac unit is on a delivery truck now but has to be taken off the truck and rescheduled for a delivery two or three days from now, how come they can’t either drop it at a store or bring it to me Thursday late afternoon or evening since it is already on the truck?” I was then told that delivery times cannot be narrowed down any farther then they currently where and scheduled deliveries take precedence over store shipments, that the reason they could not deliver it Thursday to me was they already had a full schedule of deliveries to make and the reason it could not go to the store on Thursday was they needed a full truck load before they would send it out.

    So this morning I called the customer service line to see if there was any updates on what was going to happen and a lady named PAM informed of a couple of things:
    1) The AC unit was never on a truck for delivery Tuesday
    2) The $60 compensation I was given (yes not a refund for a service I didn’t receive but compensation) was more than fair for the situation and frustration I am dealing with.
    3) That the special deliveries team was now handling the “case” as the item was now marked missing, this was right after she told me that she could tell it was sitting at the delivery dock and the reason it didn’t get shipped was it didn’t arrive on the dock until 1:45pm on Tuesday and the drivers load their trucks early in the morning.

    My questions at this point are:

    1) Why didn’t someone call me to say the item was not going to be delivered? They called to confirm the day before, because the delivery guys time is so damn precious we wouldn’t want them to come all the way to my house and have me not be home so why is my time any less valuable?
    2) Why would a customer who was promised a delivery one Tuesday not be priority on the next Business day?
    3) Can you have your customer service agents stop calling a refund compensation? Sears has not, and by the sounds of what is now happening, will not provide this “Delivery service” to me so why should I have to pay for it?

    I honestly thought that Sears was a better company this, I guess it was due to the fact I almost always dealt with my local store when I wanted anything. Well Times have changed in Canada and guess what Sears isn’t the only store buy from. If I ever get the AC unit, it will be the last thing I buy from Sears for a very long time.

    I will update this post as I get more info.

  • Li
      12th of Aug, 2009
    -2 Votes

    I am sorry to hear that you feel you haven't received good customer service, but I have dealt with this very department when I had an issue with a purchase from Sears and I was quite impressed with the way my case was managed. It was handled quickly and professionally and I will most definitely continue to buy products from Sears because of this. They have specific protocol they have to follow, so it's not like they single anyone out or treat anyone unfairly. Some people obviously just can't be pleased. I have to say I find it incredibly tacky to include the employees' names. You should be ashamed.

    L. M.

  • Se
      13th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    IMHO, I think it is a good thing to include names when you have them. It helps others to avoid or contact them depending on if they provided good or bad service. If they cared about their names being associated with bad service, they would either not give their names or have given better customer service in the first place.

    Greg - going through his own ordeal with Sears service & the Blue Ribbon team.

  • Fr
      14th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Ever since Sears was taken over by the white trash K-Mart Corp. their customer service dept is clueless and rude. This was a store renowned for its customer service. I would have to think long and hard to ever purchase another big ticket item from them again.

  • Bs
      21st of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    October 21, 2009

    Bruce Johnson
    Sears Holding Corporation
    3333 Beverly Road
    Hoffman, Il 60179

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I purchased a Kenmore Front loader washer on 11/28/2008. It recently stopped working a couple days ago on 10/10/09. I called the service department being that the washer is still under factory warranty. I spoke to Ray on 10/10/09 to schedule a service call she scheduled it for 10/21/2009. She gave me a window of 1pm-5pm. I asked her if she would please have them call me at least 30 minutes in advance she said no problem and I gave her my contact information. I decided to take half a day of work to be here when the technician arrives. Thirty minutes to 5pm I receive a phone call from the service dispatcher that the call would have to be rescheduled. This made me very upset due to the fact that I am service technician myself and now they decide to cancel four hours into my window (again I am a service technician!!) Meaning that your service technician was not courteous to realize that he was not going to make it to my window of 1pm-5pm.

    Being that I was very upset, because of these hard economic times I took half a day off work with no pay I called to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to John and John could not help me so he transferred me to another supervisor from corporation named Sydney that also could not help me, but to make matters worse as I attempted to hang up and I did not hang up the phone, but she thought that I did I heard her speaking very rude about me to her co-worker about my problem. I find this very unethical and poor customer service.

    I am not asking for compensation, but you have lost a loyal sears customer and I will let all my friends, family members, and my customers of this unfortunate customer service nightmare.


    Bradley Stumpe
    4268 Vicliff Road
    West palm Beach, Fl 33406

  • Me
      23rd of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I called into Sears to get questions answered for my mother, who is hearing impaired. The gentlmen wouldn't talk to me in her place. If I had called impersonating her instead, I could have gotten somewhere...but that would be wrong! When I asked to speak to his supervisor he said that he was the supervisor. He was incredibly unhelpful and rude.

    Les - Operator #: 7Y9
    Supervisor: Cindy Baker was unavailable to speak to

  • Ra
      20th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I completely agree that Sears Blue Ribbon service is very poor. My case manager Anabelle Morales would not arrange a phone call between the LG service technician and the senior Sear's technician to confirm the repair strategy for my LG fridge. Instead she stated that it is policy that Sears can not reach out to the manufacture to troubleshoot an issue. Sears deemed my 3 yr. old fridge unrepairable while LG is saying as long as my fridge is cooling/freezing, it is more than likely repairable. Unfortunately, I purchased the Sears extended warranty when my fridge had another issue after Sears repaired the sealed system. Because I purchased the warranty, I am held to the $500 limit on a replacement fridge when I paid $2300. Sears sealed system repair was not done correctly so I had further issues but Sears will not even confirm nor deny fault stating it is moot becasue I purchased the warranty. Very unprofessional attitude from the case manager and not willing to go the extra step to ensure that a fridge wasn't able to be repaired with a second opinion. No sympathy in such an economic condition. As a single mother of 3, I'm always trying to figure out ways to save money and it seems worth the phone call to confirm the repair strategy especially when fridge repair is not an exact science. Annabelle certainly was well trained in not going above and beyond to resolve any issues.

    Excerpt from:

    "Carey also created a Blue Ribbon customer care group -- agents who are empowered to do anything to satisfy a customer or fix a customer issue, including refunds and item replacement. "Agent ownership of the issue goes a long way, " he says. "There is pride moving through the organization and agent satisfaction increases as they realize their main purpose is to help the customer.""

    This has certainly not been my experience.

  • Si
      17th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Purchased $5000 worth of products from a Sears to be delivered to my home in Il, and its been a nightmare since.

    Day 1: First delivery was cancelled because of weather, received a personal phone that said my items would be scheduled for Monday. Okay, no problem.

    Day 4: Delivery confirmation is between 11 & 1, truck arrives at 4:30, with a few things missing, driver calls dispatch, I'm informed that my delivery was broken-up into two deliveries, of course the one thing they left off the truck was the smallest item, which was a TV. Since I was told my "items would delivered that day, I scheduled a satellite install for that day, well of course I had to rescheduled that appointment, at a $25 charge because the Sat. guy showed up when the truck got there. So the delivery guys go ahead and install the washer and dryer and tell me to leave it running. Well 30min later there is water all over the wash room floor and running into the bathroom. They forgot the drain hose, called them back to clean up the mess, 40min later they arrive clean up the water with our towels and take the rug to be dried out the was in the hall.

    Day 5: delivery is again for 11 & 1, truck arrives at 6:30, same guy, he says rug would be returned tomorrow.

    In between this time I call Sears customer service line and get plenty of "sorry" but no one can help me even get a refund on the delivery charge.

    Day 6: Still calling Sears, no call backs as promised and no rug!

    Day 7: Go to local Sears store, bring TV back myself and talk to the store manager, tries to talk me out of the return even offers $200 store credit. So fed up I refuse and want a full refund. Guess what, he can't override the restock fee and charges me $250. I tell him go ahead I'll fight it later but I want them to pick up the washer and dryer.

    Day 8: Sears is scheduled for pick-up between, wait for it, 11 & 1, (it's almost a joke now) truck arrives at 7:30, not the original truck route so the driver has no paper work on hand only hand written information.

    Day 9: Starts tomorrow, have to go back to the store and try to get something saying they picked up their crap!

  • Do
      20th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    upgrading my home i have been purchasing new large appliances. trying to select appliances with energy efficiency i have shopped around. i was ready to purchase the washer and dryer and began my search. i went to 5 other stores but found the color and price that i was comfortable with. my first visit was a few nights before my purchase and i was satisfied with customer also. when i went back the second time to purchase it was horrific. everything went down hill from there. My washer was completely broke down and i needed to get one soon. pricing was horrible, communication terrible, nothing seemed to make the sense that it did 2 nights prior. there was so much confusion because the salesman thought i couldn't affor to purchase and was wasting his time or something to that affect and there were 3 men there at the time attempting to help him. everything that i was told 2 nighs ago was different plus in the midst of the sale they didn't order the pedestal which was a main importance because of my husband's disability. i called back to get them they said they did not have them and would not get them. they offered me a different color and i refused so they did say that if i could find my color to let them know. which i did. once the delivery gets here they tell me that because they were not from sears(who didn't have them at all and told me the color was a discontinuance of their store)they could not hook them up plus sears didnot send the bolts in which to do this that should have been connected to the washer went pickp to go to warehouse. the response for calls, timing is horrible. nobody wants to answer you, nobody knows what should occur, i am at this very moment sitting in my house with almost $2500.00 to $3000.00 worth of sears ### and no one to take the ball and straighten this mess out. they even took my old washer and dryer which was not suppose to occur so you tell me how that could happen yet the same deliverymen could not hook my pedestal to this washer and dryer. i also purchase extra warranty on top of all of this. i am very angty with sear, customer support, communication skills, and the ability to connect with a responsible person to ;handle damage control. i think that this kind of money spent in your store should warrant some type decent respect. i may even call tappy phillips from the television to help meget satisfaction.

  • Bi
      25th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    In January I decided to buy my husband a new 8' work bench from Sears. The customer service problems started in the store. Bubble gum chewing cashier and "forgot" we were waiting for her assistance. Had problem tell weither the items we wanted to purchase were available in stock. We decided to purchase it all together and was told that it would be at the most two weeks before the "total workbench" would be delivered. Here it is almost March and we have received pieces of the work bench at different times but not the whole order. We receive phone calls and 1-800 messages but no firm input on when we will received our total order, which was suppose to be delivered by the 25 of January 2010. When we have asked it they can tell us where the items are at a certain point and when we can receive them they check the computers and can't tell us. We get phone calls that indicated your order has been delayed and will be shipped on a certain date. Then we get the same call again. If I could purchase the same bench for my husband somewhere else I would and take this all back to Sears. Because they don't care or have knowledge of when, where, and how things will be delivered. Then they may you pick it up because if its delivered they will charge you an additional charge. Sales check# ends in 4280.

  • Da
      27th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    My nightmare starts the day after we bought the refrigerator, hereafter referred to as "refrig", which was Monday, April 19th. The whole customer service department knows only how to lie, be deceitful, and hang up on the public. We got a call from a Stefanie to tell us our refrig. had a mar on the side, and if we did want it? We said we would look at it and decide. If we accepted it, we were promised a $100.00 gift card for taking the flawed one, and we were told the refrig would be delivered on the 19th, in the a.m. The truck pulled up, as expected, that morning, and the delivery men came in to see where the refrig. would be placed. They had taken it out of the truck and the refrig is now sitting on the drive way. After seeing and measuring the spot, the delivery men felt it was too deep, and that we should go back to the store and get one that was "depth counter". Well, we should have measured ourself, but did take his word for it. They than proceeded to leave the refrig in the garage. We went back to Sears, and found out that the "depth counter" one was around $700.00 more. We than decided to keep the one we had, as it only stuck out 3" longer than our old one and that would be okay. Here is where this nightware begins and continues for several more days. When we arrived home I called customer service, hereafter referred to as CS, and did speak to a CS refresentative (rep.), she assured me she would contact the driver and have him return and install the refrig. (remember it is sitting in our garage). After waiting for several hours, no one contacted me to tell me what time they would be there. I again called, probably four or five more times. I either got lie to and hung up on. Finally talked with another rep. and was told she would contact the driver again, and have him come out. More lies. It is now mid-afternoon and have heard from nobody. I tried calling several more times, CS phone lines only place you on hold or hang up. Very frustrating and annoying. I than begin to call Sears store and talk with anyone who could help me. Well, that was just as frustrating as CS. I finally got to speak with a Karen, who said she was the closing manager. I felt this is good, now I am getting somewhere. Karen said CS was closing now and there was nothing she could do. I guess it didn't matter that my food is in ice chests and now must remain over night there. Karen said she would have Wylie, morning manager, called me to see what he could do. So the next day, 20th, no call from Wylie. The next morning, the 20th, I spoke with a Rob, CS, and he said he would see if he could get somebody out to move that refrig from the garage to the kitchen. No call, as usual. I had called numerous times and to only be lied to and hung up on. How could this business be so callous and uncaring? I was at the end of my rope now because I could not get anybody to help me. So we went back to the store and spoke with a John Cobb, I believe he is Appliance Manager, and Leonardo, salesman. John seemed willing to help, and after telling my story again (this is about the 15th time, since each and every time I talked with somebody by phone I had to repeat my story), John would call delivery and try and get something worked out. We went home, and waited again for a call to tell us delivery would come out and install the refrig. No call, I than called Sears store and finally got a hold of Leonardo and he said he would try and help. Leonardo said if he didn't call me I should call him back. Of course he didn't call me, so I called him. Leonardo did get a hold of CS and they would be calling me. In the meantime, I again called CS to find out if a time had been set to install our refrig. for the 21st. I spoke with Lucy, badge #24201, and she tells me we are not on the schedule and there is nothing she can do except to schedule a date for Friday, April 23rd. I told he that was not acceptable, and our food is in ice chests, and wanted someone as soon as possible. Lucy said it was out of her hands and that the schedules are made for the 21st already. I was very upset and trying to figure out how Sears can be so uncaring and deceitful? All I got was lies for three days, and they continue. As I found out Lucy told her superiors that I requested a Friday day, April 23rd, for installation. Yea, right, I wanted to wait another day. Than I received a call from Cary Brown, Operations Manager, Warehouse, and was told she knew the story (after I told everybody but Santa Clause about it), and that I was scheduled for install on the 22nd. I was hoping that this was true, as I had been lied to so much and was so tired of this entire process. Cary assured me that it would happen. So we were scheduled for the 22nd now and we would hope this nightmare was over. I would like to see it was, but NO, now in my case. The delivery men, Ray and Nelson, were great. They did their job in a professional manner and was happy to have them here, as we bought a store from Sears and they delivered that as well. So after it is installed we thanked them and they left. Now to finish my story I need to return the April 19th to finish this. We have double security entrance doors leading into the house. So my husband uses a cordless drill to loosen the screws to the stationary door to open it. We did that so the refrigerator would easily be brought in. My husband left the drill by the front door, so he could find it easier and screw down the bolts once again after the refrig was brought in. When the first team came and looked at the kitchen, said it would not fit, we all went outside. They placed the refrig in the garage, and one of them said "my clip board is in the house, I forgot it". He went in to retreve the board, came out and got in the truck and left. We didn't realize the drill was missed until the refrig. was installed on Thursday, 22nd, as he didn't have to use it until that time. I know it was placed on the stairs, but I thought nothing of it because I thought he moved it back to the garage after that. So it became missing on Monday the 19th. The first team were the only people in the house so they were the only ones we could suspect had the drill. Well, after three upsetting days, food stored in ice chests, refrig. sitting on garage floor, now our drill stolen, could anything else happen? It was beyond any one imagination that this much could happen. I called CS and spoke with a Justin and told him of the theft. Justin gave me a claim number and said he would call me back. Sure I thought, another phone call back that wouldn't happen. As I believed it wouldn't happened, it didn't and Justin didn't call and I called him back twice, as the first time he left work, and I did get a hold of him on the 24th. Justin said he contacted both delivery folks, from the 19th and 22nd. I know the second men were not responsible, and I wanted Justin to concentrate on the men from the 19th. Justin assured me none of the men saw the drill and knew nothing about it. At this time the case close. We are out $100.00 Fire Storm, Black & Decker battery powered drill, and Sears will do nothing. So you see this was a very frustrating week, with the lies, hang ups and now a stolen item from our home, I hope whoever reads this, if even Sears gets copies of this complaint, somebody will still help us out. Have their CS stop lying, don't hang up on customers, answer the phones, and don't just let it ring for five minutes. Give better customer service so customers won't be so frustrated and jaded and stop dealing with Sears again as we will be doing. Thank you for allowing me to vent, and I hope Sears realizes what poor customer service they have. It sucks.

  • Du
      27th of Apr, 2010
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    If you have this much time to sit and whine, why didn't you just hook it up yourself? Grow a ###.

  • Da
      9th of May, 2010
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    Sorry Sir. I'am 87 years old and lost a leg and a ### (Penis) during the WW2.But I would like to grow a leg back .

    Sincerely, DL WW2 Vet

  • Ap
      29th of Jun, 2010
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    I have a refrigerator that I purchased from Sears and I purchased the service contract. Three weeks ago it broke down, and I called to schedule a service appointment. I took off from work the date of the appointment and receieved a phone call at 5:00 that afternoon informing me that they would have to cancel my appointment. So I called once again to reschedule a new appointment; they told me that the first available date to come to my home and repair my fridge was 8 days later. So 8 days later I took off from work again, and once again they didn't show up and called last minute to tell me. As furious as I was, I called Sears yet again and they scheduled me for 7 days after that. Today was day 7 and I took off from work, and stayed home waiting for Sears to arrive. When 5:00 rolled around and I didn't hear from them, I called and they informed me that they had yet again cancelled my appointment. They have rescheduled me for 14 days from today, an appointment I am more than positive they will cancel last minute. I would never purchase a single solitary thing from Sears in the future, and I warn anyone that this company is incapable of dealing with customers. Oh, and by the way, the people on the phone were very rude to me and were of absolutely no help. To those who need to buy from Sears, DO NOT order the service contract because they will not come and help you and you will be roped into something that will not get you anywhere.

  • Ec
      29th of Jun, 2010
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    Yes, Sears really sucks with any kind of warranty service. I believe that they put out to auction annually to service companies to provide services like HVAC, refrigeration, appliance repair etc. The company that pays them the biggest percentage of their service sales gets the contract - or the cheapest, lowest bidder gets the contract on warranties. It is obvious to everybody except Sears, of course, that the lowest bidder will provide the lowest level of service or no real service at all. I should know, I once worked for a Sears warranty contractor (HVAC). Sears is not the company they once were - Avoid any warranty with Sears if you can as they do not service anything - it is all outsourced on the cheap.
    KitchenAid isn't any better - they have 1 service guy here that serves 1000's of square miles. I found that out when I had to wait 2 weeks for a kitchen stove repair under warranty.
    Buy your appliances from a local appliance store with an excellent rating for service and repairs in Consumer Checkbook. That's what I do.

  • Se
      1st of Oct, 2010
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    Sears has the worst repair service of any company I know. Mainly problems with their own products, and a lemon guarantee that means nothing. My Kenmore freezer quit freezing 3 days after the 1 year warranty ran out. The people I talked to at Sears say it's our problem, the machine may fail at any time. They are not interested in keeping us as a customer and apparently don't care that the product is shoddy. I think Kenmore used to be a good brand, but no more. I was told that my service call would be $70.00 plus parts if they had to replace anything. Their on-line site says that they provide next day repair service. I called on Friday and was told that the next available repairman would not be here until the following Thursday. That's a long time when you have a freezer full of thawing food. When the repairman called me Thursday afternoon, I double checked to make sure the cost would be $70.00 plus parts. He told me that Sears is always telling people that when they call. He said the actual cost for the service call is $185.00 plus parts. I will never ever buy anything from Sears again, and I will strongly recommend that everyone I know does the same.

  • Di
      23rd of Nov, 2010
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    I give up I need your help. Blue Ribbon team is absolutely no help: here is my story:

    I took my sewing machine for repair to the Vernon Hills, IL, Sears Store in early July (before my daughter’s wedding (in mid July), and I was excited at the prospect of having functioning machine when we returned. The problem with the sewing machine was simply that the top and bottom threads were not even. However, when I returned from the wedding I found to my dismay that no one knew anything about the status of my sewing machine – I had the paperwork and gave them all the information when I called 3 ½ weeks after I dropped it off. (It was to take two weeks to repair). After many hours someone from Sears called to tell me they found the sewing machine in a corner in the Vernon Hills store…no one had even shipped it to the Sears repair location! Two weeks later I got a voice message that my machine was not repairable because the motor smoked and smelled….it never did when it was in my possession. Probably this occurred when it was “bounced” around at the Sears store in Vernon Hills. I eventually got the machine back, the motor supposedly operational, but the sewing mechanism, which worked imperfectly before, now did not work at all!

    I received this sewing machine as a gift from my mother-in-law in 1963 and it came with a life time warrantee. I am still alive. Sears totally destroyed my machine. I have the instruction book, all the notes from the courses I took on Damen Ave. in Chicago and all the original attachments. The warrantee card I do not have – it was on a separate piece of paper which I no longer can find. After all that was many years ago. I am willing to take as many lie detector tests as you want – my machine was and is covered with a life time warrantee. I can tell you that several times in the last fifteen years I had taken the machine to the now closed Sears Service Center on Waukegan Road in Deerfield, IL. They honored the warrantee and never charged a penny to repair the machine. The last time I took it there several years ago it was with the same uneven thread problem as last July. But Sears has no record of that repair, even though it was only 3 years ago. And Sears has no record under my former married name or my mother-in-law’s name from 1963. Now I am the one with the problem. It is my understanding that since K-Mart bought Sears they kept a minimal history on sewing machines….my problem, not theirs..

    In mid-July my husband and I first spoke with Mike Rayburn pertaining to our Case . It seems these call centers cannot make calls out except at certain times (we can never pre-arrange a phone call as I do not sit in the house waiting for the call). Also, they do not have the authority to do anything real regarding this problem. Mike Rayburn did have me send the machine back when I said the repair must be on someone else’s machine as mine never had those problems. I did and as I mentioned it came back worse than when I brought it in. Now in addition, the wheel that is to spin to put thread on a bobbin does not work at all.

    I received a letter from Sears dated Nov 5 and called the 800.995.2139 phone number given me. When I gave my case number I was told Ann on extension 68 was my representative. She has called twice – I keep leaving her a message telling her we need to arrange a time we can talk. I give her my cell number and asked her to call me on that number rather than my home number as I can’t sit by the phone day after day to receive her phone call. I give up, I cannot reach her. Her last message was a week ago. I have called her twice a day and she does not return my phone calls. It is now obvious Sears does not care about customers!!

    I have now been without my sewing machine which I loved (and it sits in a solid walnut cabinet). I have not been able to do any repairs or make any clothes for my grandchildren because of Sears. Sears use to be such a wonderful store. What happened? Blue Ribbon Service is non-existent service and only frustrates a prior happy consumer.

    I am now in my late 60s and in two weeks we leave for a condo in Florida because of my health.

    My question is, what is Sears going to do about a customer that has a life time warrantee that is being ignored. How can I get to anyone to deal with this problem.

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