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12:17 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Sears Washer Machine purchased 11/14/2021

Last year on 11/14/21, I purchased a Kenmore Top-Load High Efficiency Washer from Sears online store.

On 6/6/2022, approximately 7 months the washing machine stopped working and would not turn on.

Since the machine was still under manufacture warranty, I called the Kenmore Customer Service Care Hotline @ [protected] to arrange for repair service (Service Repair #[protected])

Approximately 2 weeks later on 6/21/22, a Repair Tech from a service company called Quality Repair Company came out to inspect the washer machine and diagnose that the computer board had burned out?

The Repair Tech informed that his company (Quality Repairs) would have to place an order for a new replacement computer board, and it would be mailed directly to my home?

After 3 weeks, I finally received the replacement control board on 7/14/22 and as of today 7/27/22, I am still waiting for the Quality Repair Company Tech to install the replacement part. I have made numerous calls to the Quality Repair Company and to Searscares to no prevail.

Desired outcome: I would like for the repair company to install the new control board...

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2:23 pm EDT

Sears Sears Appliance Warranty & Sears horrible customer service

We bought an entire kitchen worth of appliances. Kenmore Elite (Fridge, stovetop, oven/microwave combo, dishwasher. The word "Elite" is a misnomer for sure as all we've had are top notch problems.

We purchased the warranty through Sears, we have paid the $50 per month $600 per year for the right to have free service calls and parts and labor for repairs.

I won't bore you with all the Kenmore Elite complaints but let's fast forward to the last two service calls. Sears out sources the repairs ... they show up and are very nice and diagnose your problems but then schedule a future appointment while awaiting parts. The parts are shipped to the repair company hired by sears and the follow up appointment is made. SO far so good

Originally they told me the microwave needed one of two parts... either a new mother-board OR a display panel. They install the display panel, the microwave works like new for an hour, just long enough for the repair man to get to his next appointment. Bam, same error code as before and now I"m back to square one. Repair man says we can order a mother board but it's a new ticket (new order, so additional deductible) Eventually they get the motherboard and show up... install it and it still doesn't work. They repair man says they need to order an additional part, ... guess which part? The Friggin' display panel which they just replaced. So as I'm scratching my head they say they'll call me with a new date to install a new control panel

Waiting, waiting, waiting... the repair company calls back to say that they can't find the part and that I need to deal directly with Sears as they have to find and order the part themselves. So, i call Sears... every number they have ... i leave messages, i email them, I call and call... get put on hold and hung up on... then call back, get a generic message after being put on hold for 45 minutes saying our part has been ordered.

No follow up, no return call, no status report. This has been a month. Now if i call they won't pick up, if they do pick up they immediately put us on hold and that's where we stay the rest of the day.

Sears... absolutely unacceptable. Do Not do business with this company

Desired outcome: When I purchased the warranty I was told that in the rare event they couldn't repair the appliance that they'd replace it. I want a new microwave.

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12:18 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Sears Kenmore elite model 106.[protected]

My wires coming into my freezer door keep breaking due to the design. I see many other complaints of the same issue. I have now ran out of wire to splice again at the bottom of the door. Does Sears have a fix for this? I know a new door is available but the same issue would arise due to the wires still being located as they are. Sears should be held liable for this design flaw.

Desired outcome: A solution to the defect or $2500 for a new fridge.

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8:55 am EDT

Sears Kenmore refrigerator model # 795.74023.411, s/n 510kr00457 compressor failure

Kenmore Refrigerator Model # 795.74023.411, S/N 510KR00457

I have the above subject refrigerator purchased in 2013. The unit recently quit cooling and I determined it to be the running winding on the compressor being opened. I am a licensed refrigeration technician working exclusively on large commercial refrigeration units. The compressor on this unit has a 10 year warranty so the compressor is still in warranty. I contacted Sears and a technician came out and verified the compressor’s starting winding had failed. He then wanted over $700 in labor to replace the compressor. That cost is ridiculous as it takes a little over an hour to replace the compressor, pressure test the system, evacuate and charge the system. Based on that ridiculous cost, I elected not to replace the compressor. I requested the technician leave the compressor and I would install it since I was a licensed technician, but he refused.

For three days I have been attempting to resolve this issue and been passed from department to department in both Sears and LG (refrigerator is actually manufactured by LG) without any results. This process of endless transferring calls from one department to another and from one company to another is designed to discourage customers from making warranty claims. I’m transferred from one department to another speaking with service representatives whom I can barely comprehend who keep telling me the next department can resolve my issue. While I do not understand all the circumstance leading to Sears’ bankruptcy, poor customer service with endless red tape certainly had to contribute to its ultimate demise. Sears at one time had excellent customer service where you could speak with an actual person who spoke discernable English.

Desired outcome: Since I can install the compressor, I request the compressor be shipped directly to me at the following address:Dwight Prevost3451 Hwy 451Moreauville, LA. 71355

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11:37 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Sears New admission

I saw a coupon for sears tile cleaning on facebook. The next morning i got a call and the price was almost doubled. I told the lady to let me think about it. The technician showed up unanouced and my husband told them we werent interested especially because he was in a meeting and dint want to be interrupted. The technician got out of his car and said he would beat up my husband, that afterall since we were married he should just pay the bill. (a sentence laced with f...Ing curse words btw) called the customer service deprtment and the lady said without an apology that i should just pay the cancellation fee or they wont service us anymore. I have used this service for 7 years


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5:42 pm EDT

Sears refrigerator delivery

I purchased a gas range and refrigerator order #[protected] on 7/04/2022.It was scheduled for delivery on 07/20 /2022.I was just notified it will be rescheduled for 08/01 /2022. This creates a burden I never expected. I won't have a refrigerator for two weeks. This is very inconvenient and costly for me in these already hard times. I make cheese and the fridge is on its last leg. I have an investment in these cheese cultures which need to be kept frozen. Will you reimburse me for the spoiled cultures? please contact me for possible solutions [protected] .

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5:57 pm EDT

Sears Part order cancelled

On 7/24/22 I ordered a door handle for my Frigidaire microwave. Order number [protected]. The price was $130 or so with tax about $142.00. I was told it would be delivered 07/14/22 approximately. DIY parts, Sears part provider told me on 07/13/22 it was delayed and would I want to cancel or wait. I responded I would wait. Today I got an email saying the order was cancelled and call Sears if I had questions. Long story short, I can buy the part for $200+ today because it will be available 07/17/22. They cancelled my order after I said not to and now are trying to sell me that part at the higher price.

This is FRAUD. You are trying to cheat me. I had a contract with you for the purchase of the product for x price and you cancelled the order in order to have me purchase the exact item at a much higher price. I need answers now as I will not drop this issue and plan on pursuing the disclosure if this illegal activity to state and federal commerce officials. Look it up. I have emails on all the above.

Desired outcome: I want an answer and the part shipped to me at original contracted price.

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9:17 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Sears Replacement Refrigerator

I have been waiting to get a replacement refrigerator since March 2022. Have been getting nothing but the run around with one rescheduled after another staring in May 2022. The first order was rescheduled over 5 times. Was told to reorder another model which was also rescheduled but finally delivered in June 2022 (after many delays) it was damaged with many dents, scratches and looked used . I did as instructed and did not accept that used place of junk. After many calls and misinformation I was finally able and reordered another model. Was promised delivering on July 13th and now there is another delay. Worst customer service experience I have ever had. I'm a senior citizen and need a working refrigerator to store medical items and everyday living. I have been a loyal Sear customer and have purchased all my major appliances from Sears along with the master protection plans for over 50 years. This quality of service if totally unacceptable. There is no reason why anyone should be subjected to this type of poor customer service.

Desired outcome: I like to have my replacement refrigerator as promised according to my agreement plan immediately or give me the replacement cost allotted so I can purchase elsewhere.

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6:50 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Sears sears home warranty

I want to preface that I will never do business with Sears ever again.

On May 18, 2022, I had a service technician install a new compressor to my Kenmore Refrigeration and was billed $735.00 on the condition that I buy a SearsHomeWarranty for $49.99 a month for one year, which I did. I was told that I can have any of the appliances in my house repaired art no charge, but I'll have to pay $75 service charge. I then scheduled a service for my washer's bleacher cup that was not draining. So Sears shipped to me a replacement bleacher's cup. But when the service tech came over, he endlessly complained about how he is going to push the machine out of the laundry; that my laundry door should have been removed, and that he cannot do the job, and so he left. I then called the sear home warranty department to let them know I was not happy with their services, and that I wanted to cancel the warranty. Although I had already paid $49.99 for three months, the representative said I will have to be charged $150 plus $11.45 termination fees. I was appalled because I never received any service under the warranty, with the exception of the refrigerator, which I PAID IN FULL. I was kept on the phone for the whole day On June 23, 2022. And I was promised, instead of cancelling, a two months credit of $49.99x2, which was never reflected on my credit card. When I called on July 12, 2022 to let them know the I just received my credit card statement but NO CREDITS have been applied. The Representative kept saying that the credits were given, and I kept repeating that I DO NOT SEE IT ON MY CREDIT STATEMENT. So out of frustration I decided to cancel this horrible sears home warranty contract despite being charged $162!


Desired outcome: I do not want to pay any termination fees as it is not specified in the contract under CANCELLATION

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1:32 pm EDT

Sears Kenmore refrigerator

I bought a Kenmore refrigerator from sears it’s putting out bad smell Like a dead mouse when the fan is blowing the pan does not come out and the smell is making us really sick causing health problems! Why is this smell what is causing it? Bought it and delivered from sears at Knoxville mall! My cell [protected]

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2:34 pm EDT

Sears Washer repair

Hello.  I have cancelled my home warranty as this has been the very worst service I have ever dealt with. 

I want a full refund for the part and service call as well. You can cancel the part order that I have never received and is said to be back ordered.  I will not be doing business with Sears ever again   

Customer service is very poor.  

Also i paid in full for the service call/service assessment as well as the part, which I have yet to receive and now will be waiting entirely to long for this repair 

I now have got to go and purchase a new one as it is no longer an option for me to WAIT ON SEARS!

I was on a call with sears after five transfers and two hours later all that was resolved was a refund of my warranty purchase then I waited with customer service on hold for 45 min to request / demand my full refund for the cost of the part and service call.

My order number is :[protected]

Service address is : 

7 SW 3rd street 

Lees Summit Mo 64063

I appreciate a call and an email confirming my request for refund for this order& part and resolution of this request.   

I will tell everyone I know how poorly this has been managed and not at all a good experience! 

Kristy Knox 


[protected](alternate number-Jim)

Sent from my iPhone

On Jun 14, 2022, at 2:01 PM, Sears Home Services wrote:

Sears Home Services

Payment Receipt


Thank you for your payment.

Receipt Number: 30142-[protected]-220614

Invoice Number: [protected]

Amount: $318.00

Payment Date: 6/14/2022 3:01:53 PM

Desired outcome: Full refund for parts and service call CANCEL PART ORDER AND FULL REFUND FOR PART AND SERVICE CALL

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7:55 am EDT

Sears Stood up 3x for service appointment

I am thoroughly disgusted ~ technician didn't show up for three scheduled appointments. When i've called customer service, they conveniently disconnect me! The utmost in disrespect! Not even the courtesy of a phone call to say they aren't coming! My telephone number is [protected] and my appointment was for fixing a dryer. I will never do business with you again!

It would be nice to have a call from someone today!

Bonnie Lasek


Desired outcome: A techinician to appear TODAY to fix my machine for a FULL REFUND for my service contract! TODAY!

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6:04 pm EDT

Sears Craftsman Riding Mower been out of service since May 6, 2022

I have a RPA contract.

I had 2 appointments scheduled in May - both cancelled and rescheduled.

I had 3 appointments scheduled in Jun - cancelled and rescheduled.

I had an appointment scheduled for Jul 5th - cancelled and now rescheduled for Jul 26.

My next door neighbor also had one scheduled for Jul 5th which was also scheduled for Jul 5th. Their new appointment is Jul 8. Their mower has only been down for 2 weeks.

I called to see why I couldn't also have one for the 8th we I am just next door and basically got the run around.

I have now been without the use of my mower for over 60 days and it is costing me money to cover hiring a mower.

This is totally unacceptable and certainly doesn't give me any faith in Sears - I have been a Sears customer since 1961.

Desired outcome: GET MY MOWER FIXED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4:29 pm EDT

Sears Hot water heater

We have been going back and forth with the warranty department to have my hot water heater replaced.

It has been over 3 months and we still cannot get any service.

The heater does not work properly. It does not heat the water. And the pilot does not stay on.

The pilot part no longer is available!

Our warranty is almost up!

The service tech told us that the parts are no longer available and to request a new heater, since this one is under warranty.

Sear makes appointments and then cancels them.

This has been done over and over.

Now we have to wait until 7/ 25 again.

The appointment has been cancelled multiple times by Sears. This is unacceptable!

We need a hot water heater.

Please help.

Bryan Berger



Karen IanniciBerger


76 Plymouth Drive

Freehold, NJ 07728

Desired outcome: Replace the hot water heater as per the warranty stipulations.

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3:57 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Sears Sears Master Protection agreement Kenmore washer

There are no words to convey how Dissatisfied I am With my Master Protection agreement This has been going on since Nov 2021 The first technician came several times ordering and replacing parts ..Leaving with the error code blinking only to do this over and over No Results ! March 8 2022 a different tech came ...was not able to fix .. ordered more parts March 24 2022 it was determined they would replace the washer and that i would receive an email in 72 business hours Today is July 5 2022 still No email I have called several times... complaint escalated and sent to the highest level several times STILL NO WASHER ! NO Contact at all from Sears ! I was assured over and over that Sears would stand behind the original agreement. The last representative was more helpful and said the claim was denied because repair was done and agreement has expired . I assure you the washer Has Not Worked since Nov 2022 At this point it still has boxes of old parts in the drum . What can I do to resolve this ?

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4:26 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Sears Purchase of extended warranty on appliance

2021 purchased new washing machine and 3 yr warranty

May 21 2022 problem scheduled technician

June 13 2022 technician diagnosed problem and ordered part - two day shipping to be received by June 15)

Received part on June 23 - took around 5 days to get a tracking number

Called to schedule return for repair - was initially scheduled for June 27 but was offered an earlier date so changed to June 25

No one called or came on Jun 25 - all day (8-5)

Called to report this and was told the technician was overbooked and appt would have to be rescheduled but could not reschedule at that time. I was told that someone would contact me in 24-48 hours.

Around 4:00 p.m. on June 27 I again phone Sears service to schedule a new date. After holding on for nearly 30 minutes, I was told they didn't have any available dates for the technician to return to they put me on an expedited list. I was told someone would call within 24 hours.

On June 29 at noon I called again to Sears Service and was told no technicians are available until August 23.

June 29 was scheduled for repair on Aug 23

Desired outcome: refund all my money for extended warranties and pay expenses while I haven't had a working machine.

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11:16 pm EDT

Sears Kenmore elite dryer

I have a kenmore elite washing machine that is only 3 years old. The dryers enamel is peeling off. The 1 year warranty is expired . What do I do? This is insane for only being 3 years old.

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7:12 pm EDT

Sears Trying to get claims paid

May 2022-I have had the whole house warranty for a few years paying $60/month. I have a 15 year old washing machine that they have come out a few times to repair. This last time, the technician stated that the breakdown was due to 'overuse'. (Ridiculous as there is only 1 person in my house.) It's nearly impossible to get someone one the phone to talk to. I have been on hold up to 1 and 1/2 hours at a time. Then they want you to submit a dispute which I had to wait ANOTHER 45 minutes to connect. I got another appliance company to come out. They said that the basket was broken off and needed to be replaced and that it was from normal use. The claims department is now saying that they need to know the REASON it BROKE and that they only cover structural damage. How is someone able to identify WHY something broke? And isn't the basket part of the washing machine? I went to cancel and they want me to pay another $159 to cancel my warranty. I am BEYOND annoyed.

Desired outcome: I would like them to pay to repair or replace the unit as the home warranty states.

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4:41 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Sears Warranty Service Protection on a LG Refrigerator

On 04/18/2019 I purchased a LG French Door refrigerator. On a second purchase I paid for a 5 year extended warranty $800+ expiring on 04/18/2024 . Unfortunately I never checked the receipts. The sales clerk wrote down the wrong name. Now the fridge is having issues and the warranty is invalid because it shows the wrong name. This individual lives 2 States away. Currently I have about a $500 food loss and sears can't and won't do anything about it. It's a good thing SEARS closed down every store near me and I will not drive for 2+ hours to the nearest store to complain on deaf ears only for them to show me to the door. It was the last purchase I will EVER make though that company.

I have tried making contact with them over the phone 3 days in a row. On Monday 06/13/2022 I waited and gave them all the information for over 30 minutes, On Tuesday 06/14/2022 Once again I called them and could not find a solution for about 45+ minutes. Today Wednesday 06/15/2022 same story but this time 55+minutes just so the agent can tell me they cant do anything about it not even to cancel the agreement.

So there goes well over $1300 down the trash and a big pain in the but company!

Desired outcome: Please either refund me the $800+ for the warranty that is useless to me or validate my complaint and reinstate the warranty for the fridge plus food loss!!!

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11:55 am EDT

Sears Delivery of washer and dryer

We ordered an LG Washer and Dryer on May 28, 2022. Delivery was originally scheduled for June 10, 2022. We received many confirming emails and phone calls stating delivery will be on June 10, 2022. We even received an email on June 9, 2022 stating delivery would be from 9:00 am to 12:00. On June 10, 2022 at 8:30 am we received an automated call stating our delivery had to be rescheduled. My husband took off work to be home for this delivery. He spent hours on the phone trying to find out why this happened. He was constantly transferred from Sears to Costco Deliveries and back and forth several more times. We were assured by Costco Deliveries that Saturday was possible for Delivery but Sears would not approve that delivery.

Now delivery is supposed to on Tuesday June 14, 2022. I personally want to cancel the order, but my husband is willing to give Sears another try.

We are so disappointed in Sears. I will never buy anything from them again.

I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau.

Desired outcome: I would like the washer/dryer to be delivered when scheduled and not have the run around on delivery.

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Sears In-depth Review

Overview: Sears is a well-established retail company with a rich history dating back to 1886. It started as a mail-order catalog company and has evolved into a leading retailer in various categories, including appliances, electronics, clothing, and home goods.

Product Range: Sears offers a wide range of products, catering to diverse customer needs. Their product selection includes appliances, tools, furniture, clothing, and more. The quality of their products is generally good, with a decent variety to choose from. However, when compared to some competitors, Sears may have a slightly limited product range in certain categories.

Pricing: Sears employs a competitive pricing strategy, offering affordable products without compromising on quality. Their pricing is generally reasonable and provides good value for money. However, it is worth comparing prices with other retailers to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Customer Service: Sears' customer service is generally satisfactory. The customer support team is responsive and helpful, addressing queries and concerns promptly. Their return and refund policies are fair, allowing customers to return or exchange products within a reasonable timeframe.

Online Shopping Experience: The Sears website is user-friendly and functional, making it easy to navigate and find desired products. The search options are effective, allowing users to filter and sort results efficiently. The checkout process is smooth, and there are various payment options available, ensuring a convenient online shopping experience.

Shipping and Delivery: Sears provides reliable shipping and delivery services. Deliveries are generally speedy, and the company ensures that products arrive in good condition. However, it is important to note that there may be additional charges for certain items or delivery locations, so it is advisable to review the terms and conditions before making a purchase.

Customer Reviews and Ratings: Customer reviews and ratings of Sears are mixed. While some customers have had positive experiences, others have expressed concerns regarding product quality and customer service. It is advisable to read through customer reviews and consider them alongside other factors when making a purchasing decision.

Warranty and After-Sales Support: Sears provides warranty coverage for their products, offering peace of mind to customers. Their after-sales support is generally available and effective in addressing any issues that may arise. However, it is important to review the warranty terms and conditions for any limitations or exclusions.

Physical Store Experience: In-store experiences at Sears locations vary. The store layout is generally well-organized and clean, making it easy to navigate. The availability and helpfulness of staff may vary, with some customers reporting positive interactions while others have had less satisfactory experiences.

Overall Satisfaction: Overall, customer satisfaction with Sears is mixed. While some customers are satisfied with their experiences, others have had concerns regarding various aspects such as product quality and customer service. When compared to competitors, Sears may lag slightly behind in terms of overall customer satisfaction. It is recommended to consider individual preferences and priorities when deciding whether to shop at Sears.

How to file a complaint about Sears?

1. Log in or create an account: Ensure you are logged in to your account to proceed. If you do not have an account, please register by providing the necessary information and verifying your email address.

2. Navigating to the complaint form: Once logged in, locate the 'File a Complaint' button situated at the top right corner of the website and click on it to access the complaint form.

3. Writing the title: In the 'Complaint Title' field, concisely summarize the main issue you have encountered with Sears. Make it specific and clear, such as "Defective Appliance Delivered by Sears" or "Poor Customer Service at Sears Store".

4. Detailing the experience: In the complaint description, provide a detailed account of your experience. Mention key areas such as product quality, customer service, delivery, warranties, and refunds. Include specifics about any transactions, such as dates, amounts, and item descriptions. Clearly describe the nature of the issue, including any faults or discrepancies. If you attempted to resolve the problem, detail the steps you took and how Sears responded. Explain how this issue has personally affected you, whether it's through inconvenience, financial loss, or other impacts.

5. Attaching supporting documents: Attach any relevant documents that support your complaint, such as receipts, emails, or photographs. Be cautious not to include sensitive personal information that could compromise your privacy or security.

6. Filling optional fields: Use the 'Claimed Loss' field to indicate any financial losses you have incurred due to the issue with Sears. In the 'Desired Outcome' field, specify what resolution you are seeking, whether it's a refund, exchange, or other forms of compensation.

7. Review before submission: Carefully review your complaint for clarity, accuracy, and completeness. Ensure that all the information provided is correct and that your description clearly conveys the issue and your desired resolution.

8. Submission process: After reviewing your complaint, click the 'Submit' button to file your complaint on Ensure that you receive a confirmation that your complaint has been successfully submitted.

9. Post-Submission Actions: Stay active on to monitor any responses or updates related to your complaint. Check your account regularly for any communication from Sears or additional inquiries from the community.

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