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Sears - Brunswick, Georgia / sylvania tv - vibrating speaker noise from the first day

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From Sears in the Glynn Place Mall, or Colonial Mall, as it is now called, in Brunswick, Georgia, The Sylvania television purchased as an early Christmas present for my son had a vibrating speaker-noise from the first day. Every time you raised the sound to the mid-point bar on the indicator, it vibrated and "wowed" as they call that effect, to totally distract from any program. I called a repairman as soon as the holidays were over--or not long thereafter. I'm a forty-years customer of Sears--I would have bet my pay check on a Kenmore's reliability, loved their products for years, rarely had a complaint. Boy, has that changed!!!! A series of tech-visits to my home, months apart, ensued, after the first one, in which we were told that the Sylvania just had a peculiar sound system, and nothing could be done. As I tried repeatedly to make good on my warranty--which had, of course, made the tv cost more than its ticket price, the total purchase over 400.00--all because our Zenith that it replaced-had been " irreparable" by whomever we called in about it, much to our regret. Right now, a Quasar I was advised by another dealer could not be repaired, is working beautifully, thanks to a local shop that repairs, "anything electronic." They say those phone calls in for service and warranty replacement of products are monitored and recorded. I wish I could post, on the blog, how hysterical I got when they stonewalled me for the very last time, after months of delays. Minion after minion in Sears, fearlessly stonewalled me and gave me a run-around from one employee-who-would do nothing, to the next one who claimed they could do nothing. On Labor Day, my first chance to go and shop for the replacement the last tech had said I could get, I had such a run-around, that when she said if I came the next day and got on a three-way conference call with the local repair at Sears and their higher-ups, I might be able to get a replacement. I was too exhausted--literally--that's what they count on--to even attempt to go there the next day. Their delays in acting on a warranty allow them to say your time has run out, and you never get your money's worth. I'm currently shopping for an appliance dealer with well-known good service, and the will to help someone who must replace a purchased item. Why in the world would they give anyone a run-around, as if they were wanting to steal something they had already bought and paid for, and were fraudulently seeking warranty refunds they were not entitled to? Why on earth would anyone spend good time and strength trying to get something that isn't rightfully theirs? And how, if fine-print shenanigans--all nicely printed with hitches, bar your unsuspecting product-value, can you trust your Sears for anything? (30 days for the routine Sears Product Guarantee. That means in one month, a person gets to go to Sears, buy a big ticket item, pay 30 dollars to have it delivered, pay more if it needs any special installation, and then, inside the month, undo all that to claim their replacement--and then go back and choose another item and go through the whole process again. )The person would have to devote a whole month to choosing an appliance at Sears--unless they pay even more to have some kind of extended warranty---then they get to face multiple service tech visits to verify--what? that it is indeed irreparable? That's what I went through, and they still did not replace my television set. I had already tolerated two portable Sears tape /cd players on which--one's Cd player failed, and the other's dubbing tapes made a thumping noise, rendering them useless. That I had just given up on--why replace one defective article with another? But this television had a beautiful picture, was a handsome size and case--why would not they replace it for the malfunctioning sound system? It was a big family disappointment, to say the very least. Everyone knows a good family room television to share is a main item of budget entertainment and very important to a family. To be so mistreated over this one was most distressing to me, the mother-purchaser for our household. Every time you raised the sound to the mid-point bar on the indicator, it vibrated and "wowed" as they call that effect, to totally distract from any program. I repeat that, as you requested a detailed version of the problem. Thanks for listening. Charlotte (do I sign my name in full?)

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