Sears Brands / kenmore 74015 french door bottom freezer - call center deceptive practices

Nightmare with Sears: Sears Customer Service Bait and Switch techniques
Sales # [protected] / purchased on 12/30/17 in the store in Saugus, Ma Paid $2499 + tax.

Promises made by Phillippine Call Center not fulfilled. Deceptive Practices.

PriceMatch Discount prior to Delivery of $374.99 never followed through
1. Inquired when confirming delivery if they offered price match where Amazon was offering the same fridge from Kenmore for less. After some time on hold with Kirk (Emp ID unknown), he came back, after verifying and talking with his manager, offering me a refund of $374.99, which was even more than the price differential on Amazon. While first he offered via Sears Rewards Points program, I declined and he said a credit card refund would take 7-10 days. He even called me back 3x to get the credit card number from me and then my husband as it was his credit card. This call took place with him on 1/2/18 at 5:35-5:43 EST approximately.

2. Delivery made on 1/3/18 came with with cosmetic damage on the bottom freezer. The delivery guys were excellent. They took a picture of the damage and submitted it. They said they would come back next week with a new refrigerator and simply change out the door. They told me to be sure to call customer service as well which I did that evening. I was quite surprised when Daisy / Employee ID unknown offered us $2000 "just like cash" in Sears points if we could live with the dents in the fridge and not take a replacement. We confirmed at least 5 times that it was $2000 since we were in disbelief, and she said yes. We confirmed with her that it was 1 point per dollar and that we could spend it at any Sears or Kmart. She explained it would take up to 24-48 hours to show up in our account. We agreed. We requested this to be confirmed in writing but she said she had no way of doing this.

On Saturday1/7/18, we showed only $275 worth of points of which $75 were from points for the purchase in our Sears Account. I called back to find out why we were not showing the $2000 they promised. The agent informed me that Daisy must have made a mistake because we were only promised $200. I asked to speak to a supervisor and got Neil Employee ID 881038. He again apologized and confirmed that we were given the $200 we were owed and that it was not $2000. When I asked to schedule the replacement, he offered me $500 in points on top of the $200 already there as a concession. After discussing this, we decided to decline and asked for the replacement. He then said that he could sweeten the deal to another $100 for a total of $600 on top of the $275 already in our account. At this point, I was getting annoyed and quite honestly, if he had offered the $600 from the get go, maybe we would have taken it. I told him I was annoyed and I didn't want to continue with these games. And so he processed the request for a replacement.

Second fridge arrived with an even WORSE and bigger dent in the same location, lower left of the freezer door. Sears called back a week later to schedule delivery of the 3rd Fridge. At this point, I asked for a supervisor to call me back because we still had not received the refund of $375. No one ever did.

3. I finally called on 1/27/18 to inquire about the $374.99 refund and was informed that it was only $240 they could refund me per Agent Jess / Emp ID 98186. Again, I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told no supervisor was available but someone would call me back in an hour. I was surprised when Supervisor Aaron / Employee ID unknown did call back, and he reiterated the same offering, only $240 was all he "was authorized" to offer. We were willing to accept the $240 and asked him to send this in writing via email or fax which he again refused. We asked for this in writing because at this point we don't believe anything Sears says over the phone. When he refused, we asked him to schedule the return of the fridge which he did and has scheduled it for 2/1/18.

Jan 29, 2018

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