Sears3rd time of horrible sears delivery service experience

On March 3, 2016, I had a delivery for a Samsung front load dryer for the hours between 12:30 and 2:30. On this particular day I had an appointment to have staples removed. I had a major surgery a week ago. for this reason I was informed not to drive or do much walking. I had my mother, who had taken off from work, to take me to the doctors office . While at office, I checked my phone and, I noticed I had a missed call that came in at 11:34. I returned the call as soon as I could. I wasn't sure who the call was from. When I returned the call I asked the caller if they had called my phone. Without stating who he was, I was asked was I at home. I told him that I was not, I then asked who the call was coming from.

He stated he was calling from Sears delivery. I informed the driver that I had just left a doctors appointment and that I was on way home to meet them. my window of time had not started. I expressed to the driver that I had surgery a week before and that I couldn't walk up or down the steps so my mother was going to assist them in where to place dryer in basement. I also expressed to them the delivery window I was given, which was 12:30-2:30, he stated in a sarcastic tone, okay. I received a call from my neighbor at 11:40 stating that she noticed a truck had pulled in front of my home and parked, while playing loud music. I called the driver to find out why they were there early when my delivery window time didn't start until 12:30. I couldn't understand why I was being rushed to get my order. The driver was rude and acted like he was upset that I wasn't able to work around his time. I called my neighbor back to see if truck was still parked, she stated yes. I received another call at 12:33 in regards to the drivers. The caller stated that his delivery drivers were at my home and that I wasn't there. I explained to the caller that I had spoken to the driver and informed him I was close to home and he stated that he would wait. It was 12:33, 3 minutes after my window of delivery had started and I was being given a hard time. He was very rude and told me the driver had been waiting for 40 min. Keep in mind, they arrived at 11:40, way before the scheduled delivery time. I told him that I didn't authorize the driver to come early that he made that decision to do so on his own, so how was I at fault. I tried to explain to him that wasn't feeling my best, I had just had surgery a week ago and that I just had to have staples removed. My surgery was a major procedure that was necessary to prevent damage to any organs in my body. I couldn't get any respect from this person that was calling on the drivers behalf. I called the driver back and tried to get him to give me a few moments more to reach home. they came to make a delivery a 11:40, almost an hour before my delivery window time and they refused to wait any longer. The driver stated that they had already waited 40 minutes and that I had already told them a time that I would be at home that I didn't make so there were not waiting any longer. I made it home at 12:45, still in my window of delivery set for 12:30-2:30. I still had time left for them to deliver my merchandise that I had been waiting to receive. I was pretty furious. I have been a loyal Sears customer for about three years. I have purchased all my appliances within the past three years from sears. To be treated like this is very upsetting. On March 8, 2016 I had an issue with that delivery of my Samsung front load washer and I had made a complaint about delivery then. its seems that this will always be a problem when it comes to delivery. A year ago I had a gas stove delivered and hooked up. Three days later I began smelling gas, i called the store and couldn't get any help. I had to call Detroit Edison to come and hook up my stove properly, he stated that I could have been seriously injured. Again another complaint I had to make. I refuse to do business here again. I would advise anyone not to buy appliances at Sears. I am not supposed to be walking much but because no one from store returned my call, I had to have my mother drive me to store to make the complaint with manager at Sears in Macomb mall. This experience was very disappointing and unprofessional, this was by far the worst. upon trying to recover from my surgery I had to deal with the stress of having to go through waiting to receive my merchandise because Sears clearly don't care who does their deliveries and how they conduct themselves. I have to worry if on Saturday March 5, 2016 will bring more stress when they come back to deliver my dryer that should have been concluded on the 3rd of march

Mar 04, 2016

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