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SBI ATM Card / lost atm card!

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On 23 December, 2005 I lost my SBI ATM card. I got it blocked immediately and then a week later applied for a new ATM card. But it has been more than an year and I have not yet received the new ATM card. What a poor service!

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  • Do
      1st of Apr, 2007
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    In the December (2005) i lost my purse with my ATM card and some other documents... I contact my Branch and they said i have to give a written request to issue a new card... as they said i gave the request in the last week ok December 2005...

    But since then i did'nt received any intimation or a new ATM card from SBI... Can u help me to find out a solution to this problem...

    I agree its the worst service...

  • Ab
      17th of Apr, 2007
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    SBI - Outstanding payments
    United States

    We had received a bill of Rs. 1171.80 in the month of Feb 07 for which we had paid cheque in favor of SBI. The same was collected personally by SBI personnel. then again in the month of March 07 we received a letter along with the bill of Rs.1602.57 due. Still, the same amount had been paid vide cheque in the bank. Instead of making the payment twice again we have received a mail saying total outstanding 875.34. Tell me now what is all this. We go to the bank, they tell us we have no idea about it you need to call customer care. When we call the customer care they tell us to provide the card no. and your four digit birth date. On providing the birth date, they are saying your birth date does not tally and hence the line gets disconnected and there is nobody to provide any kind of service. SBI should atleast make provision of somebody to talk to the clients directly without any stupid questions. Or even provide facilities so that we can go and meet somebody in person.


  • Ap
      7th of May, 2007
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    SBI - A non SBI customer is tortured for payment

    Here is the event:

    I am getting lot of calls (79 calls exactly) from SBI - Credit card DEPT, Paris Branch Chennai. I am not even know where is their office. I am not holding any credit cards. I am Having only Ration card. They are asking me to pay for somebody naming Prathap. K

    I don't know who is that Idiot?

    I denied that I am not Prathap. They are not accepting that. Due to continues calls from them I accepted and told that Please come & collect the cheque. But now they are telling that I am not prathap. But till now I am getting calls from them. I don't what for they are calling me. Are they planning to torture a tiger to agree that it is cat? funny & silly people.

    If there is any lawyer to suit a case please contact me by 9940138100.

  • Pr
      12th of May, 2007
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    SBI Card - Poor service!

    I did a purchase of rs8000.00 in the month of feb'07 and waiting for my statement to come.but i have not received any statement in month of month of feb'07 and march '07. I was ready with my cheque but not did not pay as i did not receive any statement from two months. Suddenly i received a statement in the month of april'07 with interest charges on my purchase amount of rs 8000.00 and if i have not received the statement for the month of feb'07 and march'07 then how can i accept the interest amount.

  • Su
      14th of May, 2007
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    SBI Credit card - No purchases proofs for verification

    I had two credit cards (bearing Numbers: 4317 5750 3782 1056 and 4317 5750 3679 8877 ) which I had returned after suffering a lot. The reasons of my dissatisfaction with SBI Cards are as follows:

    1. Continuous phone calls disturbed me a lot. I have not activated or used any of my cards till I returned these, but I received some phone calls from SBI Card Person asking for outstanding amounts. I did not understand why I have to pay a big amount, where there is no purchase. I did not understand their intension.

    2. No communication or statement was made till I returned the cards. My address, given in the form is correct but I did not receive any papers.

    3. I have seen people who are using SBI card and have been suffered by late fine even after depositing the cheque in time.

    4. I have intimated the matter though e-mail and sent the cut pieces of the cards to them by post but, no reply is received till date.

    I, do not want to suffer more with SBI card. I want all the proofs for verification if I made any purchase.

  • Re
      6th of Jun, 2007
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    You haven't activated your card and they ask for outstanding? Its hilarious! Now that you have decided to quit I think you should opt for a bank like citi bank where they have good customer care.

  • Sr
      7th of Jun, 2007
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    SBI Credit card - Don't ever do mistake of taking SBI credit card!

    I am another person who got a very bad experience from this SBI people. I have taken SBI credit card 1 year ago and I have used this card hardly 3 or 4 times. But in September,2006 I got a huge bill of 28,000/-. When I checked the bill, I found that it was for some air tickets (King fisher and AirDeccan) booked by some fraud people, using my credit card number. I don't know how this happened. I haven't given my credit card details to anyone. It was completely a fraudulent transaction!!!

    I was really shocked by seeing this and I called SBI customer care and I blocked my account. And told them the entire story. And I filed a dispute against my card misuse. But their response was truly cheating. Every day I used to get calls 5/6 times for the bill payment. I was fed up with this calls and filed disputes again for my card misuse (more than 10 complaints I have given for this.) I was really frustrated and fedup over this.

    One day when I called up customer care, they told that "All the disputes are closed in favor of me". I believed them and I told them to send the hard copy of that. But I didn't receive any. Next time when I called them, they replied that "Sorry sir, all the disputes filed are closed against me". (Just the opposite what they told us before). So I have to pay the amount.

    The same scenario repeated 2-3 times. I am not getting how these people are telling contrast things during every call... Last day I told them to cancel my card. Anyway I am not planning to pay for that...

    More than money, people will value peace and mental relief. These people will spoil that very well. Even though its NOT at all our mistake.

    Now I believe the biggest mistake that I have done in my entire life is - "I have taken that SBI credit card". And also I believe these SBI customer care is only for asking money and they are not ready to do any help for customers.

    If anyone reading this, can suggest a solution on How to get justice in this matter, PLEASE help me out!!!


  • At
      16th of Jun, 2007
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    SBI Card - Given amount is not deducted

    I m sorry to say about pure service of SBI credit card company.

    I'm paying all the due amount of monthly installments but the monthly statement is showing the same amount of total outstanding i.e.28000/- from last five months. How can be it happen? Amount paid by me should be deducted from total amount. The monthly statement is showing unnecessary interest value and charges every month.

  • Am
      18th of Jun, 2007
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    SBI Credit card - Have to pay for the card which i don't have

    SBI service is the worse service which i ever find my life. The issue is, I applied for SBI credit card, related authorities approved my application, but before receiving it, i called them and canceled the card because of some reason. Now, I'm receiving Credit card offers, Credit card bill, sms, even calls from SBI that please pay your amount. Even i asked them that please check your database, I already canceled this card and in fact i didn't receive it at all.

    I receive letter from SBI, today saying that, we will take legal action, if you will not pay some 1000+ amount before (this) date.

    Can any body send me SBI Credit card toll free or any number??

  • Ar
      29th of Jun, 2007
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    Pls got to customer court!!! And meet the respective higher officers in your place...

  • Sr
      1st of Jul, 2007
    +1 Votes

    My sister lost her SBI ATM card on Sunday... What she supposed to do? the ATM CARD NO IS 8479

  • Sa
      2nd of Jul, 2007
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    I do regularly use the SBI Gold Card, even at the maximum credit limit of 80,000/- and I had also intended to pay my minimum due amount regularly. But I could never do that due to non-receipt of the statement. Due to which, I have been paying heavy amount in respect of late fee charges. Regarding the same, I have been regularly complaining to the SBI customer care but till today, in vain. Nevertheless, as a responsible customer, I have been quietly paying the late fee charges, inspite of very insulting and rude approach from the payment collection division of Delhi, specially ladies. Believe me, till today, I have not received a single printed statement at my residential address. I have always given an assurance of sending the statement at my residence within a week's time. It is very painful and unexpected. I opted for SBI Gold card by deactivating my other foreign banks credit cards with an feeling of encouraging our Indian product, but today I am repenting. If this complaint is taken as a casual complaint as one amongst the others, I am not capable of changing the system of whole SBI but it is definite, if majority of the victims gets created, one day it will definitely harm. I humbly request you that the heavy late fee charges which I had paid till today may kindly be reverted and at least now my request may please be accepted and statements from the date of activation of my above card, may please be sent to my residence address. For example, recently I spoke to Ms. Anita on 3rd may at 1.15 am and she assured that immediately she will e-mail my recent statement and also earlier statements will be sent to my residence address, till today that moment has not come. Even last week I requested your customer care officer of delhi, he assured me same as Ms. Anita but till today, in vain. Total non-professionalism and casual approach is really unexpected. With due respect to you, I request not to misunderstand but would suggest that your customer care officers and executives of payment collection division of delhi shall learn from the credit card division of other banks, who all has absolutely cordial approach and commitment towards their promises.

  • Co
      13th of Aug, 2007
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    SBI Credit card - Deficiency in services!

    Card requested was Gold card but they sent some Social card with limit of just Rs 4000/-. When the balances was just Rs 2500/- & presented at an outlet for payment of Rs 500/- bill, the message read 'Services Terminated Contact Customer Care'.

    Letter was written to AVP Customer Care with cheque of entire payment and request to close acct, the cheque was encashed but acct not closed, hence received a fresh bill. Is this the way of doing business? Fleecing people and shoddy attitude, that too from AVP Customer Care. GOD help those going in for SBI banking services. The worst is probably yet to come!

  • Sh
      21st of Aug, 2007
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    SBI Credit card - Fraud and cheating!

    Hi my name is Shyam S, I work for a software company in Bangalore. I have an SBI credit card. I had made a transaction of Rs 55000/- for my cousin. This was split in to 3 EMI' and it did not carry any interest. It just included a processing fee of Rs 336.72. My cousin is in to business and every month he transfers the EMI amount to my savings account and I pay the EMI. Even if my cousin couldn't pay the EMI prior to the due date, he assured that he will pay it along with the late payment penalty.

    The first EMI of Rs 18671.00 was paid on 4th June 2007. The second EMI of Rs 18334.00 was paid on 20th July 2007. The second EMI was paid after the due date, The third EMI was supposed to be paid on 6th Aug, since my cousin couldn't arrange money by then and had no problem in paying the same with late payment penalty.

    On 17th Aug 2007, a lady claiming to be from SBI called me from +914439830184. She told me about my outstanding balance. I asked her to send her representative to collect the cheque from me on 20th August 2007. Meanwhile on 18th Aug 2007 I have received an SMS from SBI which says "Your SBI Card bill of Rs. 19714.52 with due date of 05-SEP-07 has been dispatched." This "19714.52" includes the penalty for late payment, So on 20th Aug I carried a cheque of Rs 19715/- to my office. The representative "Manjunath" turned up only on 21st August 2007. The representative was not ready to accept the cheque from me as it was dated to Sep 3rd. My due date is Sep 5th. This had something to do with the commission.

    The representative called up his manager Devraj 99860 24457 using my mobile. Then I received a call from +914439830184 and this time that rude lady was telling me that I have paid only one EMI so far. We had an argument and I challenged them to send an email stating that I had paid only one EMI, So that I can take appropriate action against them. Finally I received an email from which did not mention that I had paid only one EMI, but it had my credit card statement.

    The two EMI' which I claim to have paid was clearly shown in the credit card statements sent by to me.

    These guys n gals are either too careless or really handpicked dumb a***oles.

    I can be reached at 094486 72562

  • Tr
      23rd of Aug, 2007
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    It is almost impossible to open most of the days.

  • Su
      25th of Aug, 2007
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    SBI Credit card - unable to login


    I like to inform you that i am not able to login to see my credit card statement.

  • Ch
      2nd of Sep, 2007
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    SBI CreditCard - They are fraud

    Dear All,

    I had been using this card for more then a year. I had made my payment for the last month dropping at there ATM collection box. The customer care person call for the payment and say please give a stop payment for the same and issue us a new cheque i really don't understand why they are playing with customers. They also retrain that they had not received my payment till day and they abuse me also he is name is dines and called me from this no +914439830241. I think we should flah this persons on media or take a help of media and show how this bank works.

  • Na
      7th of Sep, 2007
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    SBI CreditCard - Fraud & cheating!

    I have been offered rs. 200000/- over draft free of interest for 45 days, when i took the cheque immediately they deducted first EMI, than next month interest for 36 months, as i refused to take and immediately returned and repaid the 200000/- in full. Yet the next three months emi was deducted and money was collected. Now bank has collected rs. 45240/- as interest from me for less than 45 days used there money. At least i presented my case 100 times to the banks collection agents/ officers/ call centers, but they continue to demand more and more money to be paid.

    Since than they are going own using abusing /torturing me on my mobile/land line for further payment. NEVER HAVE ANYTHING WITH state bank of india OR sbicards IS MY SUGGESTION.


  • Ne
      9th of Sep, 2007
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    SBI Credit Cards - Idiots are managing this company!

    I have been using this card for around a year. It is really a torture to own a SBI Card & this is to alert all of you about the pain ryt now customers are facing.

    On 7th Sep at 4:30 pm I got call from +911130835926 number the address was of lajpat nagar Delhi area, Caller was a lady & she called me to remind me my due date but the conversation switched to high voice pitch from her side in which she said "O Hello you have to submit your payment as my records are showing your payment is still pending" all in hindi & treating like I am big culprit, I told her that I know I have delayed my payment 4-5 days but already submitted through skypak dropbox But she keeps on continuing her harsh & rude language like "jab payment ki aukaat nahi to credit card kyon lete ho..."

    On this I asked her details of address from where she is calling & who authorize you to do such calls she put me on hold & was telling her colleague that "kisi batamiz ka phone hai" which i clearly heard & then she disconnect her line.

    This is not the first time i have received such type of call in rude manner but today they crossed their limits.

    SBI credit card collection department is extremely rude, unprofessional and totally untrained, they don't know how to treat with their customers. These DSAs made this their business and to just for 30-35 rupees for which they obtained from SBI against each collection.

    The strange thing is why SBI a renowned name in INDIA has put their reputation in such type of untrained DSA collection department.

  • Ra
      11th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have a joint a/c along with my wife Smt. chandrawati. Already I have a ATM Card But I want next one ATM card for my wife. I was submit request form 0n 13,Aug.2007, till date ATM card not received. Now I was Temporary transfered form Mankapur (UP) to Bhopal . My wife also will come to Bhopal with me from 16.09.07. Now, what can I do? Suggest anyone.

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