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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved customer service non-existent

I have an ICICIDirect Account that has only one equity as of now. I have been wanting to close this after...

Resolved Tata Motors Fixed Deposit

Pathetic service by Link Intime, ICICIDirect.com for Tata Motores Fixed deposit
I had invested in Tata Motors FD through ICICIDirect in April 2009 for 1 year.

The rate of interest promised to me was 10% plus additional 0.5% as I was holding Tata Motors shares at that time.

I'm currently in USA on a project deputation. Today, I was told by my father that he has received a cheque of amount Rs.9858 on his name. I don’t know why the cheque has been issued on my father's name

At the time of subscribing to this scheme, I had chosen auto-credit of interest and principal amount to ICICI Bank account which is linked to my ICICIDirect account. Also, the tenure of my deposit was 1 yr.; I have no information about my principal amount. I don’t want to auto-renew it. Last week I received an email from ICICIDirect asking me whether I want to renew my FD, to which I replied back saying I don’t want to renew. I didn’t receive any communication after that. I have no clue where my money is is right now? I really don’t expect such a poor service from ICICIDirect. I'm really feeling unsure about Link Intime's capabilities to handle such matters keeping in my previous experience with one of other fixed deposit.

Request / Suggestion to all - Never ever use ICICIDirect.com to open a fixed deposit and especially if its registrar is Link Intime.Both of them are highly incompetent and will make you run door to door once you lock your money with them.

Any escalation made to the highest possible officer with them didnt yeild any results.

one word best describe them - PATHETIC

  • Mg
    mgadewar Apr 11, 2012

    I have a similar experience. I had purchased Tata Motors FD in 2009. It is due for maturity now. They do not pay the maturity amount directly to the ICICI account from which funds were deducted originally. I have to sign the FD receipts, attach a revenue stamp and send it to them. Then they will send the check to my address.
    Now the issue is that it has been a while since I purchased the FDs. My address is changed. I never received the FD receipts. When I requested them to send me the FDs again, they asked me to change the address first. I live in singapore now. They dont accept overseas address. So I had to give my father-in-laws address. They dont accept the address change over phone, not over email also. I have to write a letter to them and send a hard copy, with the "Notorised" address proof!! How on the earth they expect me to get the address proof notorised in Singapore! There is no alternate process. I tried to call their call center in Mumbai infinite number of times. No one picks the call, and I always get a automated message "our consultants are currently busy please call again later!"
    After lot of struggle and fight for 3 months I managed to update the address in their database.
    Now I am requesting them to send me the FD receipts. They are not responding to the email. Only if the respond, they will send the FD receipts to my india address. My father-in law will send it to me to Singapore. I will have to put the revenue stamp from here, write a letter to them and send the originals to them to Mumbai. Not sure they will ask me again to notorize something again! If I dont do it in another 1 month (even though due to delay from their side), once the FD matures, I have to sign an indemnity form on 200 Rs stamp paper. Not sure how they expect me to get it in singapore.
    Dont know how many years it will take to get my money back..!

    Since Mumbai office was never reachable, I called them at their bangalore office. But everyone says it is a standard procedure. There is no one to take the accountability and ready to help to resolve the issue.

    I will never buy any FDs from ICICI direct or Tata Motors. I would say that the service sucks..! The service standards cannot be worse than this.
    I agree with Santosh. There is only one word to describe it. PATHETIC.
    If any of the TML Darashaw manager is reading these comments, and have any professional ethics left in their blood, please help us and make the procedure more friendly.

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  • Si
    sid reddy May 12, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too deposited 40K in Tata Motors FD in 2009 for cumulatied int option. They sent the interest portion and no word on Principal!! ICICI DIRECT.com thriugh whom I deposited don't even respond to any communication. If I call them they ask me directly contact Tata Motors :( . And, there is no info on Tata Motors website on this. How could these rogue elements get away with tis?? I am stuck and don't even know how to get my money back :( When these buggers can accept money thriugh icicidirect.com, I can't understand why they don't deposit back in that account itself :(

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  • Ni
    nishanthrao May 18, 2012

    I dont understand why cant they deposit the principal in the same manner how they deposited the interest.. why it is so difficult for them?
    I received my interest.. but principal is stuck with them.. i called the link number given in the receipt received from Tata motors.. but no one picks the phone... i need ot call the TRS Darashaw office..
    But after reading online today, i have lost hope of getting money without any hassle ..

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Resolved activation of account

It's so poor to hear from ICICI Direct helpdesk that their system can't print "/" (say 9/45 ) in the customer's address.
Stupid representative who couldn't speak proper english came to my house and collected all the documents with Rs.975 cheque to open the ICICI Direct account.Cheque cleared but i didnt receive my trading password yet.

People learn from their mistakes but ICICI Direct never did this.

Irresponsible managers, helpdesk even their courier service 'First Flight' ...

I have been sending emails to the helpdesk, calling customer care, calling courier service for the past 45 days...

no help!

In all, It's the worst trading platform in India.. DON'T GO FOR IT ! DUMP IT IF YOU HAVE ONE !

Resolved If I can run a bank why should I go to ICICI Bank

Requested a statement of account for Demat Account for the period 01/04/2006 to 31/03/2007. This should take 10 days as per the web site. More than 3 weeks and still not received.

ICICI have sent this by courier and they will give a courier reference #. However they cannot give you the phone number of the courier and we have to find that from the website of the courier! The name of the courier is Pack Logistics and their website is packlogistics.net. When I browse the net no such site.

This is not the first time. This is happening to me for the second time. The customer service I can download the statement during non-business hours for any year. I tried and it doesn't allow you to download for a period before 01/11/2008.

I was able to download a list of transactions from another page. Still it does not show certain information like STT paid. This is very important information for the ITO to decide if the gain/loss on mutual fund is to be exempt. Still the customer service representative will not listen to you and she claims to know what happens at the Income Tax office.

I was banking with Bank of Madura and was transfered to ICICI since 1999. My experience has never been better. Always the same faceless and useless banking.

I have shifted all my fixed deposits to HDFC. Substantial amounts for a normal customer at an Indian bank. Still ICICI won't change or realize! I will shift the demat also to HDFC.

The Bank claims to help you manage your wealth. On the contrary we have to manage the bank by following up with various departments and their couriers and get work done.

If I can run a bank why should I go to ICICI Bank?

My email id [protected]@gmail.com...but who cares to respond to a customer anyway! Especially ICICI Bank!

Resolved non activization of account

Demat Account number : IN302902-[protected]‏
From: NAVIN SAHNI ([protected]@hotmail.com)
Sent: 11 November 2017 14:58PM
To: [protected]@icicidirect.com
Cc: [protected]@icicidirect.com
Folks really disappointing service.

1) you guys lost/damaged the original documents
2) kept asking for the guy to come over and pick up the documents but no one came
3) had to locate your gurgaon branch and give my papers

Now after giving my papers my account was opened up till now.
Why has this been closed after your guys have collected the papers.

I need to sell my shares .. so hope you will make good my losses if my account is not functioning by tomorrow.

I expect as a customer 2-3 things

1) call back tomorrow
2) A/c opened in 24 hrs ( if you guys have misplaced my dox again you are not fit to do business with and i want a full refund of all service charges if you have charged me during this whole shaky relationship of ours)

This mail will get esclated to the CEO in the next 3 days if this is not taken care of with a nice column in a leading newspaper so all consumers are aware of your great service standards and robust processes.

no revert from them yest!!! can some one help !!!pls

  • Jo
    Jojan Aug 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a Dmat account with ICICI, But the bank missed my joying documents, and disabled this account. As I no longer want to use this account I did not bother about the account being disabled. However they are charging the fees for this disabled account without any prior notice. The money is automatically getting detected from my bank account. I want them to refund the fees they charged for a disabled account

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  • Ud
    Uday Prabhu Oct 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,

    Please contact The Registrar at your nearest Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum & seek their advice to file a complaint & seek compensation & reimbursement for your financial damages with cost of compliant from them.

    Should it be difficult to meet the registrar immediately / within a week, you may file your complaint with the " Consumer Online Resources & Empowerment Center" [ http://core.nic.in ] & then arrange to forward the acknowledgment from CORE also to me with ALL the relevant details / documents to me duly scanned with a brief on the situation & effective steps taken by & not responded by them to resolve with losses sustained, I shall assist you to take it further.

    Thanking you in anticipation & Best of Luck.

    Uday Prabhu- 0922 057 3589
    [email protected]

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  • Cv
    C.V.SREEKUMAR Jan 16, 2009

    Service from ICICI Bank for icicidirect is very poor. No pass book is issued and none of the staff pay attention to querry regarding issue of passbook to keep a record of transactions in SB A/c. There is no clue why certain amount got deducted from the SB A/c. Do not know whom to ask and also how to convince the staff which amount was deducted and on what date, in the absence of a PASS BOOK.

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Resolved harrassment by icicidirect.com

Hi All,

I put a redemption request to icicidirect.com online for 6 of my mutual funds on 23rd of SEP-2009
The pay out date was 1st oct-2009
I have still not received the money for 3 of my mutualfunds which was supposed to be credited online.
Icicidirect people say that my bank details are incorrect with 3 of the AMCs and there is a name mismatch while they try to credit the money online.
My question to these ### people is that how the rest 3 AMCs were able to credit the redemption amount to my savings linked account online if my name is wrong or some other fault from my end.
The icicidirect is making me fool for past 40 days since I raise a complaint
here are the numbers and emails contacts
Infact icicidirect.com has provided false information regarding my name and bank acounts to these 3 AMCs which are not able to credit the redemption amount to my linked savings account

pallavi.[protected]@ext.icicibank.com, latha.[protected]@icicisecurities.com, ravindra.[protected]@icicisecurities.com, "Parul Turki /OPS/ISEC/NAVI MUMBAI" <parul.[protected]@icicisecurities.com>, [protected]@icicidirect.com, [protected]@icicidirect.com, [protected]@icicidirect.com, Rupa.[protected]@icicibank.com, [protected]@icicibank.com, subhash.[protected]@icicisecurities.com, subhash.[protected]@icicisecurities.com, prakash.[protected]@icicisecurities.com, s.[protected]@icicisecurities.com, vivek.[protected]@icicisecurities.com, prasanna.[protected]@icicisecurities.com, priti.[protected]@icicisecurities.com, harshil.[protected]@icicibank.com, kamath.[protected]@icicibank.com, chanda.[protected]@icicibank.com, shameek.[protected]@icicisecurities.com, rahul.[protected]@icicisecurities.com
"Headservicequality" <[protected]@icicidirect.com>, shrenik.[protected]@icicisecurities.com,
Shrenik Parakh
ICICIdirect Mutual Fund Ops
Pallavi -- [protected]
Mr vivek- [protected] ( chandigarh icicidirect)

Best Regards
Deepak Agrawal
DMAT: [protected] / IN303028-[protected]

Resolved fraud - opened trading account without photo

Here is how ICICI managed to perpetrate a FRAUD on my father.
He tried to open a trading account in Kolkata, so the Lake Town office(ICICI DIrect central office, it seems, in Kolkata) sent along one of their subagent Amit Dey(around 5th-6th of October)who collected all the details, includinga cheque for Rs 975. We were never given a demo and he promised to come back and give a demo in a week's time.
Also my father did not have a photograph at that moment, which is a MANDATORY requirement for opening accounts and he promised to collect that as well.

Needless to say, he never turned up !
We called up the branch, went to the nearest ICICI Direct office in Lake Market and submitted a complaint and requested that we want to stop the processing. We were assured that as the phhoto is not submitted the account CAN NEVER be opened as it is a REGULATORY guideline.

We were also contacted by ICICI Customer Service on the phone whom we told very clearly that we dont want the service.

Guess what ? In a month's time (yesterday 29th October), my father receives an ATM card along with the fact that 975 rupees has been deducted from his account and the account is up and running !!
The only available course of action is to file a case with the RBI/Ombudsman and the ploce, it seems.
I stay in Toronto and it is so frustating to know that I cannot help my father who is being harassed by this scam !

  • Jh
    jhujhu Nov 24, 2009



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worthless customer service

What to say about the pathetic ICICI people?

I was supposed to open three in one account - Savings account, Trading a/c with ICICI direct, and Demat account.

I put a request through phone call and a customer rep comes and takes my forms and all the other documents.

After two days I receive a call that Axis bank cheque that i gave him will not be accepted by him and he wanted State Bank cheque (the pass book of which i attached as address proof). As such I told him I am ready to give other proof. Or give introduction details for the savings account.

The concerned Customer rep one Mr Alam (Ph No. [protected]) who collected my documents kept telling me everyday that he will come and collect the documents or Introduction details. And everyday I am calling him and following up instead of other way round.

In the end I told him not to open an account because of their hopelessness.

And he was only too happy to do that.

If no. 1 Private sector bank of India is like that, then the condition of India is critical.

I dont know what to do with them. I will better open with other online platform.

  • Na
    NARAYAN DEB GUPTA Feb 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,

    Request Number:SR52802680

    I already Request for an E-mail statement which is registered on 21/01/2008. You assure me that it will be processed in 2 days from request date. But till date I no receive any stasement.

    with regards

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  • Bo
    boby debnath Feb 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    WHAT TO DO..?

    Few DAYS ago i trade in REL(intraday)through icicidir.com and i book a handsome LOSE (due to some proble i am not able to see the lose that day), now they r not sending me any contact note or not giving me any solution, second thing they told me that in intraday they will charge .8paise but now they charging more than that... i am veery confuse that what to do with them pls help me out.

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  • Ni
    Nikhil Agrawal May 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In last 2 months, I've seen 4-5 times; specially during the heavy buy or sell periods that ICICIDIRECT site go down and not allow to make any transaction because of technical difficulties. Does it ever consider the fact that invester will be losing money because of their incapabilities of providing sufficient infrastructure. They charge 750 INR + .75% for every transaction but are unable to provide faster and reliable service.

    I wish this message can reach to as many as possible ICICIDirect customer.


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  • Vi
    Vikas Kumar Gupta Aug 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely agree with Mr. Gopal.

    I have my own experience with the great ICICI.

    I have a 3 in 1 account with ICICI. I think it was my very bad day I pened demat and trading account with ICICI. I moved to different city and i am still struggling to change my contact address. The savings bank account address had been changed but after provide all necessary details to branch people still my trading and demat account address is not changed. I have faced a lot of issue in getting my IPO refund amount as well as divident.

    Its being almost 3 and half years I am trying to cange my address but still I can see old address while I login.

    Is this ICICI bank customer service? They should not be in top 10 bank as well.

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  • As
    ASHOK KUMAR Sep 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is the third instance when i had a very very bad experience when dealing with icicidirect & its persons.First when i had to open special demat account for IPOs of Reliance Power.Second, when i had to open general demat account in my name.All these times i had to make rounds to icicidirect branch at airport road, bangalore, not less than 10 times, repeat not less than 10 times.Now again it is third time when i want to transfer my mutual funds from off- line to on-line, i feel myself harassed when i make frequent rounds to the branch.I had applied for the same job on 13 July'08 but still i am waiting for my job to take place.They commit everytime that they, including Centre
    Manager Mr.Manoj, will inform me about the job progress, but they failed to do so.Whenever i call then only they say something & ask excuse that they were just going to inform.This is the fate of icicidirect.Hoping that i will get best services from your organisation but it was my mistake it makes me to feel so.Hopefullyyou can do something to improve the conditions of you organisation.

    Thanking You.

    Ashok Kumar


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  • Pr
    Prashant Dec 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Pathetic service from ICICI overall. Thinking of an alternative DEMAT and TRADING account.

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  • Am
    Amit Vikrama Vermah May 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    bad company icici direct ... representative only know how to reach their respective target then do not focus on customer problem, , , , and then a great word sorry

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  • Ma
    mahesh_p_k Jun 27, 2011

    i am a customer of icicidirect and here are attached prof of icicidirect website issues. picture is worth a thousand words

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  • Ma
    mahesh_p_k Jun 27, 2011

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5875566967/in/photostream

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I have been dealing with ICICIdirect.com for trading and have seen that the words that best describe their services, level of patience with clients is "ICICI SUCKS". Thrice during my early trading days i.e., early 2006, I had been oriented in online trading by icicidirect people, but these trainers were behaving as if they are obliging me and the fellow traders. What they do not know is that they get their salaries owing to traders like me...

They charge hefty brokerages and keep sending stupid statements with unheard of charges. In fact, it is much better to deal with new companies like reliance money or indiainfoline who at least have a reputation to defend and are always forthright.

locking of my equity demat account

Dear Sir / Madam

This is my third mail to your department for unlocking of my account but in the last 48 Hours not a single communication has been done from the bank with me regarding the below mentioned pending issue.

This has reference to the Locking of my Demat (Equity) Account No. IN302679-[protected] which I am holding in ICICI bank since Year 2002. At the moment I am holding good amount of shares which has been locked because of the non submission of form which were destroyed due to floods in year 2005. I have already given time twice (May 2007 & August 2007) to your department for fulfillment of the forms but the guys never turned up at my place on the given date and time for the forms to be filled. I am not an free person sitting all the time at home, to be waiting for your guys to turn up to fulfill the requirement which was caused due to your companies negligence by not storing the forms properly.

Upon contacting your customer care, they told me that until and unless I dont submit the form the account cant be reopened. Now that I am out of town and planning to go out of country in the next few days theres no way that I can fullfillment that requirement. Although there is no mistake on my part and even after giving appointment twice to your Bank if the people dont turn up then theres no way that ICICI Bank holds the authority to Lock my account because of the Banks fault.

Your nearest Branch from my place at the moment is 50 around KMts. and thats the worst Branch (Vallabh Vidya Nagar) in the whole of India as far as banking is concerned. No sitting arrangement, no proper answers to the queries, Unlimited waiting period, Officers chitchatting instead of solving customers grievences & problems, Hanging on the phones most of the times.

Hence I would like to request you to look into the matter as soon as possible or else finally unwantingly I would then have to take up the matter with the higher authorities and with Banking and SEBI regulatory boards.

Thanking You

Patel Kalpesh J

  • Is
    ismail ahmed shekh Jul 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my ac no 29030277

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  • Ud
    Uday Prabhu Oct 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Patel Kalpesh J,

    I can understand your predicament & the Harassment that is being caused to you unjustly with dent on your financial wealth & health, specially when you wish to sell the same in a falling market where prices get eroded everyday by more than 10%.

    May I request you to arrange to contact the Registrar of the nearest Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum at Anand-Gujarat whose address is as under with Telephone Nos, with all relevant correspondence.

    The Registrar,
    The Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum,
    Anand District Forum,
    1, Ajanta Society, Mahavir Marg, District Anand-Gujarart.
    Tel No: 02692-266022.

    I am sure upon going thorough the same & above contents, He will be able to guide you to file a Complaint quickly for the above & assist you to further process it to claim the loss that you must have sustained, Compensation for Harassment & the Cost of filing this litigation / complaint.

    Believe, me with them on your side & we KARMAYOGIs on this side, you are no more helpless & left in Financial quandary continuously.

    Should it be difficult to meet the registrar immediately / within a week, you may file your complaint with the " Consumer Online Resources & Empowerment Center" [ http://core.nic.in ] & then arrange to forward the acknowledgment from CORE also to me with ALL the relevant details / documents to me duly scanned with a brief on the situation & effective steps taken by & not responded by them to resolve with losses sustained, I shall assist you to take it further.

    Thanking you in anticipation & Best of Luck.

    Uday Prabhu- 0922 057 3589
    [email protected]

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poor service!

This complaint is on my father's behalf who is over 70 is having the hardest time with ICICI direct customer service. Just over a year ago he visited India and set up a trading account to sell his one and only share holding. He was told he could only do so through a trading account. Hence his decision to open the account. The rest is a nightmare:

1. Account opening took much longer than anticipated ( acceptable given it is a Indian company and given the general bank experience in India)
2. It got worse with the whole process called DEMAT. This is where you have to submit the certificates to ICICI so they can put it into electronic format and sell it on your behalf... this was a nightmare. They sent the shares back (very big pile given the amt of shares... and charged the cost to his trading account )... not to mention this was after making three trips to the local branch in Toronto where they did not feel comfortable in "attesting" his signature. The branch actually will tell you they are "related" to the Indian company (rep. Mr Gandhi)... after a long 3 month process... have skipped over a lot of pain... shares were "dematerialized".

3. It continues...you don't see the shares in the account... you need a PAN number...

4. Keeping in mind my father is over 70 plus... they told him his shares were with the bank but he could not see them in his account as he did not have a PAN number. Certainly the thought of fraud cross his mind given the holding a a big part of retirement nest egg... but he patiently asked me to help again...

5. After obtaining the PAN forms, pictures taken... we again had to get everything attested... once again were told by the branch..."we are not related to ICICI India" although it is the ICICI branch in Brampton... they did not want to attest the documents.

6. Phoned ICICI India, were told we could go to the local branch or the Indian Embassy. The Indian embassy wanted 80$ per application ..would have been 160$. Given the que and my parents age, they could not wait that long and I told them I would try to do it for them.

7. Tried ICICI Bramtopn... again... this time the Manager (Mr Avtar) attested the forms making several comments about how his cannot be crossed reference by ICICI India... not sure why they want you to use us as ICICI India does not have their employee code or signatures on file... nonetheless... for $10, he did sign it and off went the application.

8. I sent the application to address provided on the ICICI web site. Turns out its not a real address according to UPS post. I had to redirect to where the original application was sent... delay of three days.

9. In the mean time, the company has decided to delete the shares through Management buyout... shares stop trading in early Sept.

10. PAN application sent Jul 10th.

11 My mother PAN gets updated on file Sept 4th. Fathers is not updated.

12. Receive both PAN NDSL cards in the mail in Canada.

13. I quickly scan the card and sent it via email to ICICI customer service and receive a rejection notice a couples of days later. Its seems the middle initial does not match the middle initial on the pan card. Now, I ask you... if the company used to get the PAN card is referred by ICICI for 500 rupees and they make this mistake... who should correct it?

14. I have kept a number of things out to keep it short... such as my numerous email and failed calls to ICICI... when you tell them to call you... don't be surprised to receive an answer....we tried calling you at the number ****, can you provide an alternative... now all my numbers have a voicemail (never got a voicemail) and call display (never saw the number as a missed call... hmmm).

All in all... this has been a nightmare... I have tried asking for names of management staff... never have been provided... its always a different customer service rep... never does anyone take any accountability... certainly no sympathy give the age of the client... to any senior who is thinking of dealing with icici I strongly urge you to consider alternatives as the experience with ICICI will certainly be heart-stroking. I truly believe if I had not been there for my father... he could not have made it... surely at least one heart attack... I feel sooo sorry for him and seeing his physical health and knowing full well what this money could mean to him... I try... I just hope to cross path with some on ICICI that will close this story for him and I...

UPDATE: I requested they send back the physical certificates... they need a PAN number to do so... back again to the beginning... and the shares can no longer be sold through the exchange... management needs the physical certificates.

  • Um
    Umesh Gogte Oct 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am also going through a similar experience. It is more than 45 days that I had forwarded my application for opening a DMAT account and till date neither the ICICI-DIrect, Kalyaninagar, Pune branch has bothered to intimate the state of my account nor they have opened my account.

    This is not the first time that this has happened with me but in the year 2003 one of the representative of this branch came to my place of work and gave me false promisses that the housing loan will be processed very fast. Believing him I kept on spending 15 days of my time in furnishing him various documents and on fine morning when I visited their Deccan Branch, Pune I was told that ICICI does not provide loan facility to ARMY OFFICERS.

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  • Pr
    Pradeep Kumar Oct 05, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    icici is the worst bank i a have ever seen .they just torture their employees like hell they also charge a deposit of 10,000 to get employed with them and the officials are the worst they treat their juniors like slaves.its just like the britishers back in action ###!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Sa
    Sandip Kothari Oct 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I submitted the following complain a number of times to various possible locations. But there is no resolution. I am wondering any one can get compensation for such harassment happened?

    I am Sandip Kothari. Since last couple of years I have a number of accounts and loans with ICICI bank and ICCI direct. But since last couple of weeks I am facing problem with your services. I want to make complains regarding my ICICI direct account (Account Number xxxxxxxxx).

    Complain No. 1 : Last year the account contract documents went in the flood. Even though it is a fault of ICICI direct, I contacted your call centers a couple of time to send an executive to collect the required contract papers signed again. However no one has contacted me in last 1 year.

    Complain No. 2 : Without any notice on 18th October they suspended my trading account and stopped my access of the account.

    Complain No. 3 : In place of sending executive they told me to visit the nearest branch. (something like the documents re-submission is my requirement)

    Complain No. 4 : I visited the suggested branch (Thank you complex, Kandivali east, Mumbai). The relation ship manager over there was Mr. Adesh Sharma. Firstly he hasn’t time for the customers because he was so much occupied with his personal trading account. In the branch no one has time for the customers. They were all busy with market talks and their personal trading stuff.

    Once he found time for me, he doesn’t know at all what form I should submit to re-execute my form. He has no such form available in the branch. He told me that I don’t have any other option, I should just wait for some executive come to me and collect the form. He promised me that in 2 hours executive will contact me to get the form signed. No one has come for the next 8 hours.

    After that I made a couple of calls to the same branch and finally they send Mr. Santosh with required form. All these took 10 hours to finish and that is also after at least 10 calls to the concerned department and all.

    Complain No. 5 : When I submitted the form, Mr. Santosh told me that in 48 hours I should get the account access. Also I called at your customer care center and Mr. Samir spoke to me with same words ( complain no. given at that time is SR42089277). This promise was never met.

    Complain No. 6 : After that since 5 working days I am daily calling to call centers. They are just giving me some new complain no. (Complain Nos. SR42512629 and SR42513975). Before 3 days the executive told me that it will be solved in 24 hours and I will get the account access. It was never happen till now. They told me that they have not received the documents yet and I should contact the person to whom I submitted the documents. Is this right? A customer has to track the documents after they submit to ICICI executive or is it ICICI’s responsibility?

    Complain No. 7 : Then also I called up Mr. Adesh Sharma, a relation ship manager at Thakur Complex, Kandivli East Mumbai branch. But his reply was quite strange that he has just sent an executive to collect the form. After that whether it will reach to the correct place or not is not his responsibility? I want to know is this correct that branch manager is not responsible for their executives? Then whom they are managing?

    Complain NO. 8 : Finally I called your call centers. There I spoke to Miss. Sundari (team leader). She told me on 27th Oct. that my account will be activated on same day and she will call me before 5 o’clock on 27th Oct. None of this happened. After that I tried to reach her, but not available. The telephone executive replied me in 3 other consecutive calls that I don’t have any other option but just wait and watch.

    I request you to kindly look into the issue. I would like to apply for the mental harassment and monitory loss compensation as well. Kindly guide me if I am wrong anywhere.

    With regards,


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  • Sh
    shyam vasant mankar Nov 03, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I & three of my colleagues have submitted all the necessary documents & the form duel filled to the Executive representing ICICI direct for opening an D MAT account. He verified all the documents & promised to open the account within 10 days.
    It is almost one & a half month i am continuously following up with the executive as well as the customer care cell but they just say it is in process. I haven't received a verification call either. Now a days the executive don't receive my phone & on asking for his reporting BOSS's contact number he says he doesn't have it. This is truly mental harassment. First, representative who came to me was so very indisciplined that as if i was a bagger and he was the one offering me something.

    Experience with the second executive was as mentioned in the beginning. There are many many tons of complaints i have but its useless to run after those shameless banks like ICICI. ICICI executives used to run after me, Used to call me every day and once i have completed the formalities they are least bothered.

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  • Vi
    Vidya Jul 09, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with all of you, I am customer of ICICI From long time but my recent past experience has been pathetic and I am planning to close my accounts with ICICI for the same reason.

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  • Pr
    PRASENJIT MONDAL Sep 20, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I want to know the full information of dulijan branch of assam
    because I am really very upset by this kind of poor services and behavior with the clients from this branch, I have already applied
    for a salary account in this branch and also send all the required
    information from me and my company and still i did not get any thing
    from ICICI nor they communicate with me from last 15 days, so i want
    to contact directly with these branch's concerned people.

    Please do the needful, I still want to stay with ICICI because of their fast response and ggod banking services, don't prove me wrong.

    Thank you,

    Prasenjit Mondal
    Nazire, Assam

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  • Ra
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Di
    DIVYA11 Aug 05, 2009


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  • Mo
    mohan_babu Jan 18, 2010

    I have been coordinating with ICICIDirect to activate my account from last 12 months... They lost my documents due to mumbai floods... I have sent the documents 4 times but still they did not active my DEMAT account.

    I never seen this type of stupid service from any bank.
    Do anyone know to whom we need to complain about our issue?
    I'm ready to talk to attorney to file case against ICICI Direct.
    Just I want know anyone else filed case again them previously?

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