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Complaints & Reviews

sbi-ge fradualent acts - don't agree to pay by cash for settlements

Beware and record all happenings while making the settlements with SBI Credit cards, please don't agree to pay by cash by all means. Due to SBI poor services, i gave the intimation to close the card, but this was never done and no information from them, after few months i received a statement stating i need to pay 11,000/- for a transaction which i never made. On enquiring with sbi customer care i came to know that the card was not blocked and my account was not closed and this transaction had happened due to a theft in my home in which i had lost most valuables of me. as i was not in india at that time, i was unable to file an FIR at that time. On my return, when asked for the settlement amount for the transaction happened without my knowledge, they asked me to pay 20,725/-, then after 2-3 stages of negotiation, i agreed to pay 13615/- only tht transactional charges and its interest, excluding their expensive late payment charges for 6 months. I gave a cheque to them and when asked for the settlement letter, they promised it will be couried to my recorded communication address. But i seldom received any of such letter from SBI, when i tried to contact the SBI credit card officer, who himself claimed as manager to whom i have finalised the settlemnt was speaking as if he never knows me and my case. I then intimated this to [protected] and other greviance nodal officers in chennai, for which i received no responses from any of those. Then later after 3 months i started receiving harashment calls from SBI collection department, To put a full stop to this issue i asked for the settlement amount for second time, this time also they told outstanding as 21,623/-. But They (Geetha(SBI-Timehouse, Rajaji road, parrys), Sunil (SBI-Timehouse, rajaji road, Parrys), said their bank is fair enough to offer an pre-approved amount of 11,000/- against the settlements, when i requested them to solve the issue legally, so that i could also get a chance to express the harshments and other things happened on behalf of SBI, then finally they asked for an settlement amount of 4,000/- for which i agreed , hoping to solve the problem. Then they asked me to come personally to SBI-Time house only with cash of 4,000/- and informed settlement letter will be given on spot of payment being made. I had a belief of them and went to Time house at 3PM for settling the issue, Geetha showed me the settlement letter in which Sunil, had signed in . then i gave the cash payment, she gave the settlement letter, when i was about to leave , she asked for the settlemnt letter saying she needs to take a photo copy for their evidences, i gave the letter back and she asked me to wait outside her cabin and told she will come in 5 mins. But even after 30 mins she never came, when i asked others, to my shock they told she already left the office at 5 PM. Then i refused to leave their center, and at 7 PM sunil(SBI-GE), came to meet me on my compulsion, he then promised me that this will be solved and i would receive the letter within 24 hrs of time. But this never happened and after that meeting, now today their same harashment calls continued after an sucessful year after that incident. I have all evidences, Including video recorded while sunil was talking to me and more than 30 emails i have written to [protected], have recorded their promise calls in my mobile, but of no use until and unless i initiate this issue legally, which will happen in shorted time. So beware of SBi while making your final settlements as most of collection agents are well trained culprits. Now today they told i have an outstanding of 21,635/-. I don't know how many times i have to make the settlement for SBI. Get the settlement letter first, mentioning the cheque number and always have the evidence of cheque cleared from your account.

  • Va
    VASUDEVAN .K Sep 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Ra
    Ravi Mar 04, 2009

    All the user of the SBI card, as i had a settlement the third party from the SBI card named naresh from nagpur come to my house and settlement was done on 5430 Rs, with the three installment of 1810 rs, Still the person from the SBI didnt gave me the settlement letter of above mention Rs. and gave me of 9000 Rs settlement lettre ane assured me to be gave in next month, He didnt came again, and the over due in now on 27000 Rs. As per the term and condition the third party so appointed, shall adhere fully to the code of conduct on debt collection. Still he didnt came and collect the due.
    Ravi Kalsait

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beware of sbi and ge nexus for recovery of credit card dues

Hi dear friends

First of all we all must be very careful that "SBI" is no longer in the lines of credit card business. It has taken over or surrendered to the American banks like "GE" and "CITI BANK". They are using their crafty network to collect money and send rowdies to collect their dues. In the name of SBI thses banks are enxentign their tentacles every where.

As rightly pointed out by one of the credit card consumer forum president Rs 6000/- crores were earned by these credit card business only from Interest and service charges.

Further don't listen to them when they phone.

While, on record, banks refuse to admit that they’re aware that many recovery agents cross the line, off the record, spokespersons say using abusive language or threatening customers is the only option at times.

You please record those people vocie if oyu have a voice recorder. If you have digital camara taken those intrude your house or your any primises.

What you can do

If you’re harassed or intimidated on phone, tap the phone and get the local police to record a non-cognisable offence

In case of a physical assault, file a first information report
If the harassment continues and the police do not cooperate, approach a lower court and file a case under Section 190

The State and District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum is also an option where consumers could file a case under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, and ask for interim relief and compensation for mental harassment.

one of the recent vedict for credit card users view.......

THE State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Chennai, has asked Standard Chartered Bank to pay Rs 20 lakh to a couple for deficiency of service. The bank has been given two months to pay the compensation to the complainants, Capt A. Ranganathan and his wife, Mrs Lakshmi Ranganathan.

In its order, the commission comprising Mr Justice A. Raman, President, and Mrs R. Vanaroja and Mr Pon Gunasekaran, members, said it found the claim of Rs 20 lakh as compensation by the complainants "quite reasonable considering the nature of insult and onslaught committed by the opposite party to the self-respect, dignity and honour of the complainants."

Action against recovery agents


If you are not a defaulter, and your bank, finance company, cell-phone operator is harassing you to extort money through recovery agents then follow these steps:

1) Note down the telephone number from where the call is originating.

2) Try to get the name of caller.

3) If he visits you personally, ask for his identity card of employment in the institution from which you have subscribed the services.

4) If he is not the employee of the institute, you have no liability to deal with him as you have no contract/agreement of service with him.

5) immediately complain in writing to the Senior Inspector of the police station in your locality informing the telephone number and the name of person.

6) Complain to the head of institution- like Chairman, Managing Director, CEO, etc. about the incident and their defective services.

7) Complain to the Banking Ombudsman, if it is a banking institution.

8) Complain to the Chairman, Reserve Bank of India, who is responsible for all the banks in India.

9) Enclose the copy of the police complaint when you complain to these officers.

10) Write to the media.


1) Recovery through agents is illegal.

2) Banks are not supposed to divulge your financial details and your address and telephone number to a third party.

3) Third party cannot represent your service provider for such crucial and sensitive information.


1) Do not give any money to recovery agents as you have no contract with them.

2) Give money to your service provider only against proper receipt.

3) If any recovery agent calls you to any place, don't go alone, take the police with you and get them arrested. Plain clothes policemen will accompany you if need arises. If there is any emergency, dial telephone number 100 and inform the police control room your location.

regarding atm pin

I, suman bala sharma, a sbi credit card holder, card no,4317,5750,2797,9344 after more two years of credit card issue, I have not got atm pin from the
Sbi card even after various complaints and request
To sbicpsl.
suman bala sharma
Phone 011-[protected], 011-[protected]
Mobile no. +91-[protected]

  • Vi
    vinayak Oct 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is vinayak, am from Bangalore. Actually around last year i had taken sbi Gold credit card and upon one of the customer care insistance i had also availed a check of 50000.00 which was free with Gold Card scheme and which he said if not deposited within 15 days it will get expired and i thought of not availing that offer and cancelling the card altogether so, i tore apart the card diagonally as specified and informed the customer care that, i dont want to take the card and the offer given to me.
    Now am getting calls daily from customer care saying to pay the due amount am not understanding as to how could they charge if i havent utilized the card and i havent deposited the check they had sent to me.
    Can you provide me as to whom to contact regardiing the same.

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  • Pr
    prateek.shrivastava Apr 15, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Prateek Shrivastav, am from Ujjain. Actually around last 2 year i had taken sbi credit card & I gave proparly payment But I deposited excces payment last six month ( excces amt. is 5428/- ) Please rectify my following last three complaint :-
    complaint no.
    1) 73610043008

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  • Ba
    Balodiya Sep 07, 2011

    Hi, my name is Raju Balodiya, I have made the payment of SBI Privilage Circle Plan. I have cancelled the offer, and talk to Mrs. Rachna on the landline, she said she will credit the amount to my card within 15 days. Give me the update of this.

    Thanks Regards
    Raju B

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  • Ba
    Balodiya Sep 07, 2011

    I saw on the Search engines that SBI Privillage Circle plan is fraud. is it correct. i have cancelled the offer, waiting for my amount. Guide me

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regarding due date payment

Dear Sir/madam,
Myself Mr.Jaykumar Chauhan holding SBI Credit Card since last 1-2 years.My Card No-[protected].The statement send by you people is always delayed & i am forced to pay the due date charges.The last statement recd. is on 15/11/07 & date mentioned on statement is 22/10/2007.The total due amount mentioned is Rs.593.52.
It is not possible for me to pay the excess amount wihout any fault.
Please look into it.Matter most urgent.
My Phone no is -020-[protected].
Thanks & Regards,
Your's Faithfully

Jaykumar Chauhan.

  • Ka
    kala May 03, 2009

    Iam not even getting staatement for the last two years inspite of my requestto send it byemail. Iam making payment of minimum due with out fail . HOWEVER THE AMOUNT DUE IS BEING INCREASED DAY B Y DAY. iDESIRES TO CLOSE IT B UT CANNOT CONTACT THE AUTHORITIES. My card no4006 6610 3969 0578.dont allow people to suffer for having plunged into your hands in good faith.Please sent by e mail for which u have to contact 9995568574

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sbi - staff with mind!

I was using a SBI Card for about 2 years. I applied for a Balance Transfer for Rs. 8000 to pay my outstanding amount on my HSBC Credit card. But these people sent me cheque favoring Standard Charted Bank with my HSBC Credit Card number. I donot hold Standard Charted Bank Credit Card. Immediately I called up SBI Customer care and clearly explained them the situation. They promised me to cancel the cheque and re-issue a new cheque with correct details. Since then I did not receive any communication from them.

A month later, I started receiving call from Customer Care saying that there is an outstanding amount to be paid on the credit card as the cheque issued to me was cleared, though the cheque is not submitted. I explained her the entire story. As usual she promised me that the amount will be reversed back. But not done. I nearly called more that dozen customer care executives and explained the problem. Everyone said that there is a fault from their side and soon the amount will be reversed. But no action was taken. I even escalated the issue to the head.[protected] Even they did not make proper communications and always sent the same mail. But the query is not answered.

This lasted for about 5-6 months and one day I was really frustrated and canceled the card and did not get any confirmation from the bank. I called them up and confirmed that the card is canceled. But calls from Customer Care regarding the payment did not stop till TODAY...



SBI Credit Card Victim.

  • Ka
    Kalyani Nov 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I guess this should be STAFF with OUT MIND!

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statement missing!

I am fed up of the services of my credit card Bank named State Bank of India, neither they have a dependable help line nor they have any grivance forum or branch regarding the problems faced by their clients here at Allahabad. I have never recieved any monthly statement in time and whenever I try to talk to their customer service, they leave me locked for longer time, which also cost me dearer. The bank revise the charges in mid sessions without asking from their clients and poor clients have to face the precarious situation. There must be some control over these fallacies!

  • Sh
    Sharad.dutt Sep 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    send me my VISA Card Monthly Detail

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credit card

I am not able to login in the sbi credit card site.
Whenever I tried to login to this site for credit crad bill payment, I have to suffer a lot and I have to spend a lot of time and energy.

This is one of the biggest service provider in credit card field, in india, so this is not expected at all from their end.

  • De
    Debojit Dey Jan 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,

    My ATM card No: 10598355436 and my mother, Shikha Dey's ATM Card No: 10598392847 was pickpocketed on 19th January in kolkata. 20th January being a Sunday,all known brances are closed. We are really perturbed as we cannot reach the concerned officials of SBI & inform them of the pickpocket.

    I am sorry to say but the web-sites of SBI is in real sorry shape. All the contact numbers given there never work.

    My number is 9830219172. If possible please do call at this number & tell us that you have blocked our Account, so that the account could not be clean swiped.

    Thanks & regards,
    Debojit Dey

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  • As
    Ashish Aggarwal Feb 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is to inform you that I Ashish Aggarwal is holding a credit card with account Number 4384 5999 1330 1163 in my name of your bank with this I have been also issued a add on card in the name of Smt Pushpa Johri. Both the cards are now blocked from 10th December, 2007.

    In the January, 2008’s monthly statement which I had received after repetitive request to your customer care officers, I saw that 4 transactions shown in the statement have not been done by me or the add on card holder. These 4 transactions have wrongly been credited to my account . The transactions I am talking about are as follows:

    S no Transaction date Posting Date Details Amount
    1. December 01, 2007 December 03, 2007 ClearTrip Travel Services , Mumbai Rs. 6830
    2. December 01, 2007 December 03, 2007 ClearTrip Travel Services , Mumbai Rs. 5726
    3. December 01, 2007 December 03, 2007 ClearTrip Travel Services , Mumbai Rs. 8222
    5. December 02, 2007 December 04, 2007 Yatra Online(P) Ltd Rs.7223.25

    Again to reconfirm that I Ashish Aggarwal has not carried out the above mentioned transactions via my card having account number 4384 5999 1330 1163. Please revert back the unnecessary amount totaling to Rs. 28001.25 .

    Please note I have already made complete payments for all the valid transactions done by me as guided by your customer care Officer. Amount of Rs 800 was paid on 1st January, 2008 which is being reflecting in my account .

    All the Balance amount left to paid according to you is under dispute. I am not going to make any further payments for the balance amount which is Rs. 28001.25 which is under dispute and which is for the transactions which I have never done. This has been confirmed from the merchant who has billed the amount.

    Please note these transactions were for some air tickets booked via the mentioned travel portals. You can also confirm that there air travel were not done by me, any of my known persons. I had even requested the travel portals to cancel those tickets, but they said that this payment has already been cleared may be by mistake by your Banker which is HSBC in my case.

    If these transactions are result of some cyber crime or fraudulent mal practice, then this could have been stopped very easily if you people had taken some action like investigating the issue a bit early or at least after I had informed the bank about this on 9th December, 2007 vis phone to your customer care officer.

    For any more information if required, my contact number is : 09891100777
    Email Id is : [email protected]

    You can check my credit history that I have always made the payments on time, so please check the transactions and revert back the amount as soon as possible.

    Thanking you in anticipation,

    Ashish Aggarwal.

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  • As
    asokkumar May 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    we are requesting them not to ask insuranse, but they are wantedly asking it again and is a largest head ache in my whole life.i'm going to close my credit card acounts.they are haveing a stupid idea.

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  • Ma
    mahesh kumar Jul 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have saving a/c in SBI bank and I have ATM card due to some reason I withdrew all amount from my account and I had ZERO balance for last 12 months and I could not deposit any amount in my account due to financial problem.and now I want to deposit money in my account so I wanted to know how much amount will be deducted from my account after depositing.It will be very kind of you if you will help me out.

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  • Ka
    Kamlesh Kumar Oct 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I Kamlesh Kumar (a/c. no. 30196835657) card no. 6220180347700040673 having account with your bank in "New market branch Patna"; beg to state that, i made transaction on the date of 29sep2008
    with ICICI bank ATM but unfortunately the amount was not recived and amount was also debt of my account, i had written an application and submitted in my branch office.
    The amount was Rs3720.00
    please take an action on my problem and help me to escaping this problem aiso please inform me if you take any action against my problem.
    My phone no. +919960899589

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  • Br
    B. RAJESWARI Nov 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am B.Rajeswari from 16, Subburayalu Nagar, Cuddalore - NT, 607002.

    My card ends on 4/2008, Ihave not applied for New card, However they sent another card, Which I have no at all Received, refused to receive and asked the post man to return it.

    i cut the old card and send it to SBI card mail Box at State bank of india, Thirupathiri Puliyur on August 2008

    So at present i have no card at all. But the Sbi card send's me statements till date

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not used the card, still they charge! scoundrels...

I got the SBI Credit Card through some call center, she assured me that its a life time free credit card and there is no other charges until you use the card. I just believed her and accepted for Credit card. I received the card within a week. I kept the card safely in my cupboard, planning for some purchase later. From that time till now I never used it. Then I got a statement saying that I have to pay Rs.800, I tried calling the customer care but I am not able to reach them. Then I realized that SBI is in lack of technology, on customer care support, with bunch of unprofessional staff, like how people work in a government offices, sit in the office heat the bench and leave sharp at 6pm. There's no one there to follow-up. As I keep trying trying again. Next month I got a statement of Rs.1,703, I tried my level best to reach them but all those efforts have gone waste. Now I got a statement of Rs.2,096 with a threatening letter sent by a person called Ryali Bhardwaj who is from a Payment Assistance Unit. The message goes like this
" On reviewing your account, we realise that you have not made any clear payment against your SBI Card despite repeated requests made and reminders given to you over telephone, by letters and on personal visits made by our representatives." What a joker! I didn't receive any call from SBI or meet in person. What a Bluff Master!
As the letter goes "This is to reiterate that immediate payment by you against your SBI Card is necessary to regularise your card failing which, we shall be constrained to initiate all appropriate actions including legal action and/or contacting your employer (My Company Name where I work) in this regard. Please note that the above said action, if initiated by us shall be solely at your risk as to cost and consequences." I wish I could meet this person (Ryali Bhardwaj) he would realise what is the consequences for sending me such letters. After reading this letter I called the customer care and then they said I have no other choice then to pay this amount. Is this the way SBI deals with their customers. Persons like him should work as a peon in some government office.

  • Ak
    A.K.Dhyani Nov 01, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So far I have not received the credit card but getting the statement regularly. Credit Card No. 4317 5757 0548 2686

    I also applied for SBI Credit Card but so far they have not provided me the card but they are billing me regularly with their prompt looting services. For the month of October they are charging Rs. 9,716.92 plus late charges Rs. 334.41 + Rs. 255.45

    Please also help me because I have done several correspondence with SBI Credit Card personnels and their head Shri Ajay Bharti but nobody is helping me in this regard.

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  • Bp
    B.P. Goswami Nov 12, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got SBI Card bearing No.5264 6853 1455 0102 in the month of January, 2007. After receiving the card within a 7 days the Delhi office told me your amount is 450.00 you may paid this amount but I never used this card. After 2 or 3 days I got a different type of payment by telephone from Delhi/ Calcutta and Guwahati. Within a 7 days I paid two hundred rupees for insurance. But I dont know what type of insurance. I never used this Card till date and I never used this card. I write a letter to inform them by Guwahati office, Assam I surrender this card immediately. But no response. In the last September, 2007 some Delhi High Court Advocate Nitish Kumar informed me by telephone to pay Rs.8,000/- and this card will be stopped and you will get a letter within a seven days, but till date no information and any letter for me. It is very difficult for me is it a black mailing system or any fraud business in the name of SBI.

    Please help me to surrender my card no mentioned above I never use this card. In Guwahati office no response my request, only they told me we are only collector. Kindly acknowledge my msg. and locked my card or surrender my card immediately. With regards.

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waiver on the balance.

I have been using this sbi credit care for almost a year now, I had an outstanding for rs18000/- on my card in the month of july2007, I recd a call from the collection agency for sbi to make the minimum amount due on the card, I offered collection agency to pay a sum of rs15000/- on the condition for the waiver on my balance amount leaving rs500/-as an outstanding, which they agreed on, all these months I was in the impression that I had got an waiver on my balance amount after my initial payment of rs15000/- to the bank, lately I came to know that waiver was not affected on my card and I still had an outstanding of rs4063/- bank has now taken up the issue and they are in the process from last 1 week to resolve.

excess payment issues

I had made a purchase on my SBI credit card for which i had credited an excess of 200 to my credit accout. Since I cannot with draw the amount I decided to use the card in another merchant location and purchased mechandise for about Rs. 293. I then remitted a amount of Rs 200 to my crdit account and hence I had again made excess payment. I havent been getting the credit card statements (about which I ad already raised a complaint) for some time and thats why i have been making the excess payments.
Before my last payment(in July) I called up SBI credit card (sometime around 4- July-07) and asked them about my outstanding payment. They said that my payment date was 30 June 07. ButsinceI didnt get my statement they would consider this and wont charge me any late payment. and hence I paid Rs 00 to my bank account.
After making the payment I made a call to the guys and they asked me to call after some time since their server was down and so I called up after 1 week. This time I waited a long time on the call for them to get to my credit details, since I had already made a payment to them in excess I felt I need not ask them if there were any outstanding on my account.
The trouble started when I called up the credit card number day before yesterday (27 Oct -07) , they said I am required to make a late payment of 900 Rs because I had failed to pay on time in the month of June. Actually I had paid an excess of Rs 100 /- at that time but still they ask me to make the payment.
They dont even show the courtesy of sending the statements and now they expect me to know about my transaction details.

  • Us
    U.S.ASHOK KUMAR Mar 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am from SALE, TAMIL NADU, my SBI Card Account No:

    1)My cheque No: 365198 dt: 08/02/2008 ,which has been rejected for new check . New check has been sent with your dealar. Now i need to return the old check to may address.

    2) I have been paying Rs.2000/- every month and i have not amde any additional purchase, but i have been to asked to pay Rs. 4500/- this month in the statement also there is no details . Please clarify the position in order the make the payement at due time.

    Thanking You


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credit card fraud and un desire charges.

UTI bank has issues me a Gold Plus card in the month of March.2007, during the application their officer told me that this is life time free card for me since I hold a salary/saving account in UTI bank and based on this I have applied a card.

But after recieving the first statment dated.09.04.2007, I have seen that htey have charges me for Joining Fees Rs.1000 and Anuual fees Rs.500 = Total 1500 for my card + Rs.1500 for add on card of my father = Total Rs. 3000/- they have charged me in statement, immediatly I have decided not to use the card and paid my first month outstanding expect joining and annual fees and given the request to cancell the card to 24 hrs service of UTI bank, and have also sent many mails for the same but not result came out from long 7month period, they have continued to send me the statement till date and have charged me for penaly fees and interest charges every month.

Not only that in the last month they have directly debited Rs.2733.61 to my UTI saving account without any information and confirmation with me and have also shown Rs.586 lein amount in my UTI account for recovery of card payment.

When I have contacted the bank branch manager asking him how they can allow anybody to debit in my account without any legal approval and confirmation from the account holder, he simply denied and told me that he is helpless and he can do anything on that, i have to contact only credit card division at customer service, I have given many cals and maild to customer services but everytime they told that they will do the needful and forward my request to concern department and they will call me.
But nobody gives call and have resolved my issues till now, still they are sending me the statments, they have debited Rs.2733.61 + Rs.586 in lein amount from my saving account.

Also due to the direct debit in my account without any information to me My one cheque got bounce back due to insufficient fund and i have been charges for Rs.700/- for cheque return for both banks for issued cheque.

Now I have given many request to them to refund back my amount of Rs.2733.61 + Rs.586.00 + Rs.700.00 = Rs.4019.61, but no action and feedback is given by them.

I have been charges for above amount without any fault, I have been never used this card from last 7months. I am putting lot of efforts and money by calling them and writing mails to them.

I request to help me to get the amount of Rs.4019.61 from UTI/ AXIS Bank and highlight this despute to consumer also. This is genuine case of fraud and i am looking to file a case to police station, because i can not give my hard earned money to them for such useless charges and service. I am also looking to claim the bank for this dispute and fraud for which they harass me by asking for payment again and again.

My Card No. [protected],
Name : Mahendrakumar Soni.
Add on Card. [protected],
Name : Radheshyam Soni - Father.

Mobile No.[protected].

Address: 152, 1st Floor,
3rd Stage, 3rd Block,
4th Main Road, 2nd Cross,

Mahendra Soni.

failure in delivery of credit card

Dear Sir / Mam,
I have applied for 'SBI Credit Card'' approx 2-3 months ago.
My appl. form no is - " S [protected] "
After veryfication, Your Telephone Executive told me that my Credit Card will reach within 15 days. But upto now I didn't get the "Credit Card"
So please tell me what happened ? And if it is in process then tell me what is status of it.

Thanks & Regards :
Chandan Kr. Singh
(M)+91 [protected]
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harrasment to sbi staff member by sbi card recovery members

i am working in sbi since 1981 and using sbi card .last year due to some family problem i remain on leave from bank which results bank not paid my sallary. i have told the whole problem to the recovery agents mr.mahipal and his boss mr.arora they every month forced me to issue cheque for the minimum payment and they abused on the dishonour of these cheques and forced me to give cash. on my several requests they tried to make some loud shouting in front my residence andgive abuse to my daughter in my absence (which results my elder daughter goes in shock and depression due to these people nonsence talk). i requested them that i am a bank employee in the same institution dont say like this if you people are behaving a state bank emploee like this then what type of behavior you have with other bank's valuable coustomer. i regret the earlier cheques issued by me taken forcibly by these people are disonored because salary not paid by the bank. any how i have sufficient funds with the bank and nothing to worry about my credit card out standing. i request your goodself to immediately stop these persons to visit my residence .i request the bank to please dont give any data of their employees to any private agency as they are sharing it to many other agencies.
an early favourable action will be apriciated .
thanking you.
yours fairhfully,
kulveer singh
senior assistant
sbi mohali punjab
k no 406
phase 1 mohali

sbi credit card promotional offers and their partner deals4all

I responded to a promotion offer sent to me by SBI Credit card. I bought a Mobile phone - Motorola MPX220. First I was made to wait for several months for the product and then I received a damaged product. Evan After following up several times for a replacement, I have not succeeded. The phone nos, just does not work. It is still in the warranty period. It was delivered on 28 Nov. 2006.

I initially contacted SBI Cards-- through email. I was asked to write to [protected], EVEN AFTER I HAVE INFORMED THEM THAT I HAVE ALREADY CONTACTED THEM AND GOT NO RESPONSE.

The call centre people are not supposed to deal with such problems, we are informed that they will only inform concerned person. And I do not think any one is CONCERNED.

I contacted the person who delivered the product to me Compact International. They say they are the same deals4all at
Address: 246 Laxmi Plaza Laxmi Industrial Estate New Link Road Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Zip/Postal Code: 400053
Telephone: 91-22-[protected]
Fax: 91-22-[protected]

None of these nos. work. I have now a dozen phone nos. half of them are not working and some are engaged constantly. Finally one person responded(but I am never allowed to talk to him on phone), however for the last several months I have been trying to get a replacement. But I have not managed to get it. They have been sending me the same old mobile again and again, that too WITHOUT the charger. So I cannot even try it out to see whether they have sent me a repaired phone.

I bought this product considering that it is SBI's offer, I did not expect that a bank of high repute would have dealings with such unreliable people. Now I find that SBI is not bothered and the Compact International (or deals4all as they call themselves) is obviously taking the customer for a ride.

This whole this has cost me a lot of time and money, and I know deals4all is just waiting for me to get tired of writing to them and following up. But I think I will go on. I am of course worried about the money I have spent on the phone, I am also irritated by the fact that these people, SBI sends me promotion mailers with the same deals4all as partners thus allowing them to again take customers for a ride.

  • Hn
    H N Praveen Kumar Nov 14, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is praveen , frm bangalore I had sbicard and same 28th of Oct -07 sbi card offer a one Gardino watch offer in the same day I have applied and also same day its amount Rs 399 debited to my account but so for I dint get the material. I called all call centers there I am not get proper response .

    If its possible, please credit the same amount to my account!


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  • Ji
    Jijesh Nov 14, 2007
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    I am ordered one Giordano watch watch through sbi card offer, the amount is debited but now no response, after placing the order i got a order confirmation letter. but after that no reply for my mails about the status of delivery.

    Who will be the right person to contact such kind of problem.

    We are ordering these kind of things only Looking in to SBI s reputation.

    The bank has to take the responsibility/ to choose the supplier while giving the offers like this.


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  • Ra
    Rahul Gupta Feb 02, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I received my watches..Complaint withdrawn

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extra transaction charged

I'd taken a Home loan of rs 18.26 from SBI for a under construction Property. SBI paid rs 1,03000 to a builder as a part of the total payment. Ive opted for a PRE EMI strcutcture & Started paying RS 18741 as an EMI from day 1. Now after 5 months when ive paid ~93000 against Rs 1,43000(Rs 103000 Disbursed Amount & Rs 43900(Insurence Amount). I was shocked to Know that there is still a Rs 83000 pending on me, When i asked SBI regarding this Delta They said that there is another transaction of Rs 25338 happened few months back, However they are not able to give any detail/explanation for this Transaction.
So Now SBI is not only charging me for a wrong transaction but also a interest over this.

  • He
    heminbharucha Apr 30, 2011

    On 16 July 2009, My wife and I signed our home loan contract with terms of 8% for the first year and 9.5% for the next 2 years fixed. Then followed by a floating rate.

    However in the statement I received last month, since 31 July 2010 my rate has been changed from 8% to 10% and continues to vary in the range of 10% (floating rate) going as high as 10.75%.

    Repeated calls to our sales person who serviced our loan has not helped. Instead she keeps pushing us to various branches with nobody who can hadle our complaint. I am extremely disappointed by this unethical manner in which I have been cheated on the interest rate and the extremely poor service being met out to us. There is absolutely nobody we can approach who will solve our problem.

    Hemin Bharucha
    Loan account no. 30821309342

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  • Dr
    Dr Kaushik Bose May 13, 2011

    To The Cheif General manager,
    SBI, Bhopal (MP)
    Dear Sir
    I'm a Govt employee applied for the SBI home loan on 10 th February 2011. I've deposited all the necessary/ mandatory document (i.e Income proof, ID proof, Property details etc ) to the SBI branch. The bank officers/ surveyor surveyed the property and give me an assurance to finalize the loan within a month.. But Sorry to say that the legal advisor (Lawyer )of the SBI now making nonsense argument and pending the loan for the last 2 months. Before him the SBI marketing team became helpless. The Lawyer previously did so many cases invalid that the SBI marketing team want to change him but can't so because of their job conditions. If the SBI CGM of Bhopal region kindly take necessary actions then this blot can be removed. The Lawyer (Mr Jitendra Jain)based in Ujjain city. I'm fed-up. The Cheif General manager, SBI, Bhopal (MP)please help me .
    Best Regards
    Dr Kaushik Bose, Ujjain(MP)

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  • Th

    Dear sir, i have taken the home loan with construction of my from pillars position, then i have been taken some least amount of my place value, my place was 3cents this place i was taken loan amount is Rs500000lakhs.and again after behind my brothers property State bank of India was given the amount of that place value is 1.5cents was given the amount is Rs600000lakhs.In this point of view State bank of India was harrase of my loan that case after six months slab work completion of my house i will meet the branch manager he was of his own problem that during help my level my best was telling.he was tell me that about my house completing that final stage of floor work, and then branch manager was telling that completing of hose taking outside of some money 2 or 3lakhs from Rs5 interest rates that house was completed them.this way manager was saying that after completion of one year of your home loan i was given the furniture laon or extension loan that was giving the loan amount is Rs400000lakhs.And then i have been completed my house with interest Rs5 money taken that Rs300000lakhs.In this i was already repay the EMI Eight months with Rs5000 also.after one of year of this year feb2011 i will meet the branch manager from april2011 he was telling waiting that waiting, waiting and then may month also coming then money(with interest) giving persons was come to my house and insulting and also harrass from my family members this cause i will also taking suiside position from my branch manager irresponsible work.In this position please taking my problem and then derive me some justice please Sir please.Other wise my family position was so critical.

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  • Ma
    manoranjan kumar Jul 07, 2011

    sir my sbi home loan account no is 3074901261-5, please clarify my loan interest rate now.

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bad customer service

Hi, i never tried to use this online money transfer so first time i tried this online sbi and i had real bad...

poor service!

I have Applied for an SBI Credit card for booking Railway tickets, so that can get discounts. But I could...

receiving calls inspite of card cancellation

I Chaitanya charan Maity, was holding a SBI Card which at the time of making me their card holder, their agent told me that I will not have to pay any amount till I not use my card. But I am now getting calls from their payment collection cell that I have some due amount and they are sending bill statement each month. When I call their customer service they told that I have done some royal sundaram insurance, but I did not had any such talk with their agent and moreover I have never used their card once till I got it. Atlast I had torn the card into four pieces and put it in an envelope and dropped it in their drop box for cancellation. But I am still getting calls. I want to get rid of all this.

  • Na
    Navish Gandhi Oct 19, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Same thing happened with me and a few of my colleagues. We never applied for this royal Sundaram insurance policy but received it. Now that they have cancelled the policy (on request) but asking for a payment. I have already filed a complaint against SBI in consumer court.

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irresponsible sbi branch

Hi, i would like to make a complaint against SBI ekta nagar branch bareilly (UP). There is an unknown...

harassing calls from sbi credit card collection team

I am a SBI credit card holder. Two months back I requested SBI credit card collection agent for a payment settlement of the card. The detail was given to me only after 2 months of my request. One fine weekend started with a harassment call from collection agents of the card and I was harassed by their team very badly. Inspite of the harassing calls they made to me, they called my sister’s house, mother’s house, my company security, my house owner & Couple of neighbors at my village and my friends. Inspite of threatening me, the collection agents threaten my relatives too. It continued for 2 – 3 days from Morning to evening. They used almost all the abusing words in Malayalam & English to my parents, relatives and even my company security. Now I am in a dreadful situation, that I lost my entire good image in the company & in my family circle.

The numbers from where I got the calls is mentioned below. So this unfortunate thing should not happen to any one else again. Please, be careful about the situations like this. The numbers from which I got threatened is.


  • Ji
    Jitendra Ambekar Mar 19, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In this case you have to lodge a police complaint in the nearest police station and also start threatening to the collection people. One thing you have to remember that credit card given to you is on your credibility and that can go down anytime. In this case you have to do your hands up saying that you can't pay the money and also avoid the collection people call.

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  • Se
    SETHU NAIR Nov 10, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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