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Sam's Club / emplyees are allowed to spit in your pizza & then they cancel the club memeber's memember ship, emplyee still has job

1 Hickory, NC, United States Review updated:

An employee in the food court dated my son, plus many others in the club too, after a while he had broken up with her. She made a comment that if she could get away with spitting in my pizza in 2008 that she would. I ordered pizza through management on the phone for 2 hours later so I would not be taking that risk of such nature. Management assured me Tyra was her name that Sierra would not be making my pizza. I arrived in the club 10 minutes early for my pizza thinking that it already may be done early. Next thing you know Sierra walked out of the cooler with my pizza (no cameras in there). I was hesitant on the order, as I walked to the car with the pizza it bothered me as I sat in my car, so I decided with having those thoughts of my niece (19 at the time) over hearing her say that about my pizza. I walked in to customer service and returned the pizza, they wanted an explanation so I gave it to them of exactly what had taken place. Greg the manager that was jumping up and down with the pizza saying, "ha ha look, Sierra did not spit in it, I am going to take this to the break room and eat it and so are the other employees". I had a real puzzled look on my face, like why was he acting queer, and he was not there to see if in fact that he spit in it or not. My son that worked there at the time said that is how Greg is.

The lady at the door that greets you and/or puts a line on your receipt, knows the honest to God truth of all what happened of all of this and what took place on that day in the past 2008 and on 4/24/09 and they tell her to not say anything at all about it, as she knows in her heart what they have done to me, (she seems to feel bad about this to me when I talk to her) is wrong and God will punish and or judge those who need to be on this incident. She can not say anything or she will lose her job.

June 2008, I moved to AZ until March 2nd 2009...

After being in there store, 6 or 7 times since March 2nd 2009, and Sierra in the food court always getting on the phone when my son or I would glance to see if she is looking at us, which I would tell my younger son, "do not look at her". ... Any way, they ended up calling the Hickory Police Dept. on me and not knowing that I attend church with the chief of Police Hank Guess. The police made me leave and Sam's Club revoked my membership but I did not find out until 4/23/09.

When I got home from their Club on 4/23/09 #6355 after being harassed by the lady at the returns counter and the manager as I walked out of the store in tears, explaining to a couple that asked exiting the store what that was all about... I called the Sam's Club Corporate Office...This is what they in fact told me, " They said that on March 25th 2009 it was entered into their computers by Sam's Club 6355 store number which is located in Hickory, NC 28601 that I am not to be in any Sam's Club or Wal-Mart ever again in my life because that on December 23rd 2008, I was in fact in their store club #6355, and got caught shop lifting in there. Wow, am I ever puzzled over all of this...

If you remember above in this complaint, I lived in Arizona in December 2008.

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  • Jo
      26th of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    If I were you, I would "F" Sierra up, don't do it though as you will go to jail, find another way to get to her or have somebody else do it for you.

    And what kind of management would do something of that nature to somebody if they were in fact a real manager? Sounds like Greg is gay to me. I would get a lawyer if I were you and sue the hell out of them!!!

  • Jo
      26th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    If you had a business membership with Sam's, they will be losing all kinds of money from you, so it will be their loss not yours...GO TO COSTCO, THEY ARE WAY BETTER!!! I lOVE COSTCO, I would never put money into Sm'a Club or Wal-Mart Corporation ever, they don't give a sh about you any way.

    Sam's Club Employees can get stoned and drunk (on their liquor that is stolen by the employees) on the job, and they are dumb enough not even to know this.

  • Hk
      16th of Aug, 2009
    -1 Votes

    This story doesn't make sense and when something is so blatantly confusing there is typically a reason why. I think you're full of it.

  • Th
      23rd of Sep, 2009
    -1 Votes

    i think you are a crazy ### who always plays the victim. Even though you do steal from sams clubs and other stores. I have never heard of anyone like you are, ur one of a kind. crazy, pathetic, idiotic, backstabbing, lunatic, i mean these are only a few word that describe you and do not even scratch the surface. u r a waste of life. you r just a big pile of grabbastic amphibian $#!t. take fault for your own actions adn dont take your stupidity out on someone else

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