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Safeway / crv charge for meat!

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Do you ever look at you receipt from the grocery store? i usually don't. I will look at the prices of the items i purchased on the register, in case i was charged wrong. Sometimes stores will give you the item free if the register charges you the incorrect price. Then i will look at the bottom line of the receipt for the total sale. Yesterday, i just happen to scan the whole receipt. I was charged .08 for crv charge for MEAT. crv is California redemption value for purchases of soda or drinks in plastic or alum containers. if you recycle the items at a station, you will get your $$ back. But i was charged crv for MEAT. I'm thinking, what do they charge for stay form now? I called the store and they are at a loss. They have no idea why i was charged for it on a meat purchase. Maybe the clerk punched it in wrong? but the thing is the crv was added from their computer program. My beef is not the .08 but that i am sure i was not the first person to have this added to their grocery bill. Safeway gets hundreds for sales everyday. how many unsuspecting consumers were also charged??? i want to call some state agency that regulates overcharges/incorrect charges but i don't know who. any help would be appreciated, cuz it's not right... i intend to call safeways corp office. it's the principle not the amt..

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  • Az
      22nd of Sep, 2007
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    I was working in safeway grocery store in Kingfarm Rockville 20850 MD
    I was working with social security number and evrything what was needed.
    My problem is that they dont want to pay me one paycheck , and i dont
    know what to do.
    The menager told me that i will receave that check, but i`m waiting 2
    mounths, and today he told me that he will not pay me.

  • Ro
      18th of Dec, 2017
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    @A.Z file a complain to labor board, he's not allow to do that.

  • Sa
      24th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    I think that you need to get a life and worry about more important things. I bet you were reading the receipt wrong, like most people seem to do.....Get over it.

  • Ms
      1st of Apr, 2008
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    Mr. Steven Frisby-

    My name is Mahriah Zimmerman. I recently relocated to California. Since moving here I have been shopping at Vons. I will provide you with the exact store information at the end of this email.

    I left Vons at 6:43 this evening after a horrific altercation with one of your supervisors. I went to the store this evening because a few weeks ago I purchased an item that made my family sick literally. After that I purchased cheese that I realized was moldy when I got it home. Since, then I have not been doing my primary shopping at Vons. This evening when myself and sister entered the store to return these items at the customer service counter. The supervisor rudely told me to go wait in line at a check stand. Not informing me that she was the supervisor. I asked her to call a manager. She refused. Telling us that she would help us when she was done helping everyone else and laughed! She also stated “what do you expect me to do? Jump for you?” At this point I asked her for a manager again and the corporate phone number. She refused both. I waited. She snatched the bag from me. I told her that she has horrible customer service and she advised me to shop elsewhere and then threw my money on the counter which landed all over the ground and refused to pick it up telling us to get out of the store and to never return. I am outraged and humiliated by the way I was treated? I have shopped at Safeway for a long time and my sister was previously employed at Safeway. I see in your bio that you started your career as a clerk and as a clerk. I will assume you understand the utter importance of customer service. I do not plan to take this matter lightly. But, being a business owner myself I wanted to bring this matter to you directly.

    Best regards,

    Ms. Zimmerman

  • Pi
      29th of May, 2008
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    There is an ugly trend coming forward with California's grocery stores...not Trader Joe's...not Whole Foods...

    I am speaking about Safeway...Albertsons...and so on. Forget the fact that places like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are blamed for being too expensive. Most of the time, when you spend too much cash at the grocery store, you are either shopping while hungry or buying produce, meat, and fish that is NOT in season (or being bred). I guarantee that if you buy all your produce (organic/natural) at Whole Foods...and buy the same stuff at Safeway...the Whole Foods stuff will last 3 TIMES LONGER in your fridge. Why? Safeway (amongst others) source their produce/meat/fish from poor quality farms/growers. Ever notice how nasty Safeway organic produce looks? IT IS NOT supposed to be like that.

    Did you know that the average Safeway peach has upwards of 52 pesticides on its skin at any given time? The skin does not stop those toxic chemicals from penetrating your food either...

    Now that the food issue is out of the way...lets talk about customer service.

    Would it surprise you to find out that a local Nor California Safeway is knowingly and willingly employing illegal citizens? illegal who has GANG-RELATED ties to the community (a community that suffers tremendously from this activity) has been employed with Safeway for 3 YEARS!!!

    So...assume that you wanted to SPEAK UP about this matter, right? You go in to the store with a letter in hand (addressing the illegal citizen a peaceful manner), speak to the manager, give him the letter...and he agrees to HANDLE the situation.

    Next thing you know...the police are at your door telling you to STAY AWAY FROM the SAFEWAY because you have been THREATENING the employees!!! I am NOT making this story closest friend has been put through this mess.

    As if that wasn't bad enough...then you are told by an acquaintance of the illegal employee that the SAFEWAY MANAGER, the illegal employee's husband, and some local gang-related individuals are LOOKING to find out where you live so they can...

    ...HURT YOU...TEACH YOU A LESSON about threatening their illegal status.

    PLEASE...SOMEONE explain to me what is going on!!! If ANYONE out there has a story to tell about the Kings Beach California Safeway...ANYTHING!!...please contact me!!!

    Do not let these criminals make your GOD-GIVEN right to shop for food turn into a NIGHTMARE!!!

  • Da
      22nd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    honestly no place of business can run and operate perfectly 24/7, 365, but there are a ton of businesses and corperations that pride themselves on doing 100% the best they can, because as anyone with common sense would know, its not easy, but there is definatley a reason that these places are in business, and its because people like them, as for the lady with the bad chesse or whatever her issue was, uuuuh yeah, wait in line, who do you think you are?? If the manager told you to wait in line that was probably because there was a line with other customers that had been waiting, and you can't just walk up and demand your issue be fixed at a seconds time, the whole situation could had been prevented if you took a frame of mind that, ### happens, its not a big deal, lets be courteous to others, and i bet your horrible situation would had never occoured! next time you need to worry about your local PTA. I like my safeway I think more people need to recognize the possitive

  • Wa
      15th of Jan, 2009
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    Hello Richard,

    I can't claim to know exactly what happened to cause the bottle fee on your bill, although I do have an idea how it may have happened. Cashiers at Safeway are required to memorize PLU numbers for many items and certian proceedures (ie: bag credits; bottle fees; etc.) these numbers are usally 4-5 digits long. In my state the bottle fee code is 9101 and it is keyed into the register in the same manner as anyother product. My guess is the cashier missed one or more of the digits of something you bought prompting this bottle fee. Let me give you an example in my state the PLU for clover honey is 91001, if you had clover honey on the belt and the cashier miss punched the code as 9101 instead, you would have a bottle fee show up. I hope this is what happened because we all know Clover Honey cost a lot more than 8 cents. Instead of being overcharged, you just might have made out like a bandit instead.


  • Gl
      2nd of Feb, 2009
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    Safeway is cutting their own throat by high prices. I and many of my friends have stopped shopping there. I've been in the store a few times sine just to buy a soda. This place is getting barer all the time. Save-on foods is also taking their shoppers for everything they can. For God sakes! People are hurting when is this greed going to stop. Isn't it any wonder the economy is in trouble. The more you get the more you want. I hope they all screw themselves.

  • Vi
      26th of Apr, 2009
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    Today, Sunday, 04/26/09, we purchased two Oscar Meyer Lunchables, the receipt shows $.10 "CRV MEAT SNGLE NTX" added under the item line. I've looked all over the packaging for the official CA CRV that gets you a refund at the recycling, can't find it. I'm going into the store tomorrow when the Best-they've-got Mon-Fri crew is working. What's with the employees not being kept informed about stuff the computer charges customers? Management should be equipping their employees to answer customers' questions.

  • Tr
      19th of Jun, 2015
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    I was charged the crv refrg sngl ntx 10 cents and totally complained. the clerk who is not that smart thought it was for the jar my pickles were in. I asked why it would be charging for that and not for all the other jars? He did not know. After rescanning my 3 items and putting in my club card it came up when he scanned the cheese. I made him give me my money back and told him he needs to deal with a supervisor for this problem. He finally took a picture of the cheese and the crv on the register.

    I think it is a corporate mistake.

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