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Lafayette Northside Location, LA, United States Review updated:

I went to this location during my lunch hour - I found several dresses but when I went to the dressing room I was told that a 2 piece dress/skirt was counted as 2 pieces (total of 8 pieces can be brought into the dressing room). I told the girl she must have misunderstood as that didn't make sense. Anything on 1 clothes hanger should be counted as 1 piece. She said she was just following the rules. A loss prevention guy overheard our conversation and was quick to put me in my place stating that that was the rule and he wasn't professional about it. I tried on the clothes and had to go out of the dressing room 3 times to try everything I had pulled from the rack. Very inconvenient as you have to redress each time you have to return clothes and get some more. I had a total of 8 hangers but because most of them were 2 pieces I had the problem. I then proceeded to check out which was a nightmare! 2 registers open with none of the cashiers in a hurry. Lines were long. I was very happy this store opened on my end of town, but if this is how they take care of their customers and run their stores, I don't know how many more times I will visit.

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  • Do
      Apr 20, 2009

    I hate when customers assume that they know store policy better than we associates do. It's not like we make up the rules, we are expects to follow them though. And no, just because you are a customer does not mean that we will bend rules just to make you happy.

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  • Je
      Apr 29, 2010

    My incident occured in San Jose, Ca located on Curtner in the Willow Glen location.

    On sunday I went to Ross with two dresses and receipts inside the Ross plastic bag for return. As I entered, there was a super long line. So I decided that I don't wan to stand in line once for the return and then another time if I decided to buy something. I saw some dresses that I would like to try on. I went to the dressing room and the rude fat woman (between 20's to early 30's) told me I cannot bring my bag into the dressing room. I told her she need to make sure no one touches my stuff and she said okay. But I can tell that look on her face that she didn't like what I just said to her.

    As I came out, she was no where to be found and there was only one bag there, so I assumed it is mine cuz there is no other bag outside of the dress room. I ended up not buying anyting and decided to return my two dresses during the weekdays since it is always quiet and no line. I am a stay home mom. Today, I decided to go and return my dresses and I opened up the bag which was tied in a knot. I was shocked to find out that the items inside the bag wasn't mind. There was a pair of children jeans size 14 with brand name tag but no Ross tag and a super huge polyster cheap pair of short with a ross mark down tage of $5. My gutt feeling is someone must heard what I told the dress room lady that it is two really nice dresses and she must look after it cuz I don't want anyone stealing them.

    My worst fear happened on sunday. Someone stole my bag and walked out of the store since there is no sensor on them. Or my other hutch is the store dress room employee got pissed off at me and switched the items to get back at me.

    I called to the store today and no one seem to care enough to help me. They told me that the store manager isn't there. I guess I have to take that big lost and return the polyester shorts for $5 store credit since it is not my item and I don't have the receipt to it.

    This happen like around 2 p.m. at Ross. If you are corporate, you should make your employees are accountable for things like this cuz if it happen too many times, you will lose your good customers and attract only the bad customers. Deep in my heart is that I stil think that the Ross Employee switched my stuff to get even with me. I spend hundreds of dollars at Ross already. You wouldn't want all your customers to go to Marshall and TJMAXX. They carry identical products for similar prices. I am just a loyal customer and only putting up this complaint so higher mangement know about these kinds of issues at Ross.

    If some Target can help friendly and polite employees, you can too do that!!!

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