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I was a Store Manager for Ross Dress for Less, Store 872 in Ormond Beach, Florida. I was wrongfully terminated Wednesday, October 7, 2009 after working for Ross for almost 6 years.

My District Manager, Annmarie Lombardi put me on a PIP July. For those of you not familiar with Ross, a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) is Ross's way of documentating someone out the door. They make the PIP so vague that they can make up anything against you to make you look like your not making any progress. Any progress that you do make is overlooked or called a fluke.

I was harassed so severly by District Manager - Annmarie Lombardi and Zone Director, Hank Rogalski that I was hospitalized on August 18, 2009 with shortness of breath and severe chest pains. My health was being affected by all the stress and berating that I was being subjected to. I was being berated in front of store customers and associates.

I received the Ross Presidents Club Award in 2006 and 2nd Place the following year. I had no problems with previous District Managers in the past until Annmarie Lombardi was hired in from the outside who worked for the now defunct Circuit City electronics chain. In fact, I covered my district for Zone 3 previous to her hiring.

My husband filed a formal complaint with Ross Store Corporate in Pleasanton California while I was in the hospital requesting a Ross Investigation for unethical management practices and Store Manager harassment. Unfortunately, a investigation was conducted by the very people who were responsible for this unethical conduct.

Ross use to be a great place to work, but now can be hazarduos to your health. I am reaching out to other Ross associates who may have been
similarly treated for the purpose of putting together a class action lawsuit to stop this unethical behavior. I feel that I was descriminated against due to my age and being near the top of my pay scale.

I was replaced by my Assistant Store Manager, who about 20 years younger than me and paid about $10, 000 to $15, 000 less than me.

For more information please e-mail me at [protected]

We can't undo what has happened to us, but we can help make a difference for future Ross associates.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Apr 14, 2022 9:53 am EDT
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El store manager de la tienda #1493 Enrique lafuente sólo trabaja 2o3 dias siempre llega tarde y se va temprano y el dictric manager William se lo permite hay todos roban desde los dictric manager ,manager y cuando uno llama a aler line no le hacen nada a ellos todo estoy es un complo.ponganse a investigar y deje de estar botando a la jente hasta por que si por ellos mentir por eso nadie quiere trabajar par la compañía.

Mar 06, 2021 5:46 pm EST
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I was a retail assosiate at DD's discount here in sacramento, California I informed them before I was hired that I had mental health issues. I was harassed for my mental health . Even though I was working just as hard as other employees. Would always get the side eye from other coworkers, or they'd say things under there breath. I ended up leaving the company to focus on my mental health. Since I was made to feel like I was such a hindrance to them . I explained that I felt it was the responsible decision to resign so they could hire someone who wouldnt have those issues and was told that I'd be welcomed back with open arms when my mental health was better. I recently applied for a rehire and was told that they could not hire me because it was on my record that I was fired for "job abandonment" . Which of coarse means they'd never have to deal with me or my mental health again. I called HR and the district manager to try and get this resolved and was basically told it is what it is and theres nothing they can do to fix it. I never got a letter stating there was a termination or a call.

Aug 31, 2020 9:52 pm EDT

I was a associate at ross for almost 6 years. before pandemic covid I found store credit out side the store. and I really don't remember when I spend that card. after 6 or 7 months they found out I spend that card with my discount. maybe that was my mistake and I really didn't know I shouldn't spend it. I got terminate for that. they should atleast give me write up. on 2017 I got robbed at ross and almost killed. and they didn't do anything. ross should be given associate one chance not to terminate for anything.

Jan 25, 2021 8:52 pm EST
Replying to comment of P-T

I was just terminated for the same thing! A customer gave me the voucher as a "gift" because they were not going to have use of it. I was a new employee so didn't think it was against policy. Why should it be considered Ross property. It was all on camera too and it was grounds for termination. Wack. How should employees grow if they can't ever make mistakes and learn from them? I'm an English major going through grad school so working in the meantime just gets me a few extra bucks for gas and what not, but I will be writing to corporate about this policy.

Feb 04, 2020 11:10 am EST

Thank you for sharing your story. I had a very similar experience working for Ross from early 2014 to late 2015. I was also diagnosed with many medical conditions because of this traumatic and near death work experience. I was also harassed by my District Manager, by my Store Manager, and my coworkers. I was an Assistant Manager before I was wrongfully terminated. I was also a victim of a hate crime, with open racism hurled at me day in and day out.

Feb 23, 2018 7:09 pm EST

Recently at work I talked to a person named Carlos regarding losses that I have caused to the company He than made me sign a paper stating that I will pay back $175 dollars. $175 that I have caused the company in losses, He proceeded to ask if I can pay back the losses. However I comply by signing the document because I was scared of losing my job. I Also wrote about what we talked about that day and signed too.
After that He left the office so I asked my manager for copies of those papers and they said they couldnt give me any because the case was still open.Never did I once said I stole anything I did said that I problaby made a mistake or probably got confused obviouslty I am not going to steal stuff When I have been workin at Ross for almost 4 years now. People make mistakes all the time. They told me I was going to be put on paid leave until the investigation is complete and I was going to receive a call back telling me when I could be back at work. So on Friday I left early from work and I never heard anything back from them until right now Tuesday a voice mail from the assitance manager saying that "I could go pick up my last pay".
Until right now I have no idea what is goin on with the investagation but I guess the outcome of it is me getting terminated from work throught a voice mail. It took me by surprice that I was fired theough a voice mail without any reason unless she was planning on telling me why when I go get the check. I guess it was fun working at Ross while it lasted being Frond End Supervisor was nice! It was not nice getting terminated just like that for a mistake.
Now I received a letter talking about $500 dollars of restitution from a Law Firm representing Ross Dress For Less. Is sad that I don’t have a job for a mistake I commited NOT theft or fraud like they state on the Document I am basically being accused of stealing something I have never down. Human Resources have been no help and until today I still haven't received a copied of the documents I sign on Friday 9th.

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Jan 05, 2021 7:40 am EST
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Replying to comment of Laura Orea

Hi I hope you see this please because I want to know what happened afterwards. I was just terminated for almost the same reason and want to know if you did anything about or what exactly happened. Please get back to me if possible.

Feb 02, 2022 5:00 pm EST
Replying to comment of Laura Orea

Similar thing happened to me I made a mistake at the register and accidently gave a customer items he didn't pay for and I was told it's shady I didn't receive a copy of the restitution papers I signed agreeing to pay for the loss which I did out of fear of losing my job. I worked there for almost 4 years and I worked so hard to keep that job and put every effort I could give and I make one mistake at the register then get accused for stealing then tossed out showing me the 4 years meant nothing to anyone. I am going through so much severe depression over this and I left town(san francsico ) for a while to get away and think of what I do now. I miss my coworkers I miss the regulars and I don't think I was fairly evaluated. My store manager said I was being separated for breaking the rules and hr called me and said it was an automatic termination because of the amount of loss which I was never told what that amount is nor ever heard of such policy. I'm getting a lawyer and having this investigates. I didn't deserve to lose my job for a mistake I made because of the fact I was rushed being timed to cashier and I was the only cashier and I told them being in a rush like that and being under that pressure would cause us to make mistakes. And I made one and I was accused of internal theft and fired. I worked so hard to make that job work. I work so hard for nothing. I'm devastated. I don't think I was fairly evaluated and I think they fired me because they think that I did it on purpose still

Sep 05, 2016 9:54 pm EDT
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The ROSS Dm, LP, and management make up their own rules. I wonder what corporate would do if they knew at any given weekend especially long weekends, that there are at least 10 thousand $ left unprocessed in stock room, cause she was saving payroll an sent them home, an the only reason to save payroll was to make her bonus $$$ bigger. She would lie about it being done on FIDO report each day. Or maybe that she would only work maybe 13 days out of the month, but seemed to always be there for DM visits, then off again. Our assistant manager ( this is #4 in 2 yrs) was cleaning out stock room and posted on her FB page " tomorrow at ROSS back door she would be throwing out scrap metal (ROSS property racks, shelves, hangers, ect.) her exact quote " a ### ton of scrap" for anybody to come get it was free!" An I was terminated because I confronted a shoplifter after she left store... with ROSS merchandise. This store manager would not even give shoe boxes to church's so they could send supplies to soilders at Christmas! so we crushed 100' s of boxes daily in compactor! They are greedy unsymptamatic an prejudice about who gets disciplined and who gets fired! I hope the GREEDY sob's especially management to the CEO! If only Karma was real...

Jan 05, 2021 7:33 am EST
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Hi I hope you see this please because I want to know what happened afterwards. I was just terminated for almost the same reason and want to know if you did anything about or what exactly happened. Please get back to me if possible.

Jun 02, 2016 4:11 am EDT
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I was manager for almost 13 year in the Pennsylvania area .I gave that company my heart work with over 6 district managers .I love the company and was dedicated to the company and my team until the company change and went under new management .The district manager that came in new from the beginning didn't like me to him my previous history with the company didn't matter my work performance didn't matter. Everyone in the company knew me for my hard work and how dedicated I was to them. I ran some of their worst store and clean them up and In the 13 years I had no complaints from any dm and was never ever written up for work performance until that new dm came along and to him I wasn't running the store correctly he gave me an improvement plan but the funny thing was everyone in my district already knew who was taking my place even before I was gone and this was the company that I have almost 13 years to that I had dedicated my self to turn their back at me because of one new person that didn't even give me Chance .I work for a much better company that actually appreciate their manager .I actually want to thank the people that I worked for so many years Ken Jean, Jerry Winkleman and also David Silverman and last Marcella Johnson this was the best of the best .

Apr 04, 2015 4:12 pm EDT

I need help with this also when I worked there is so unorganized and several times they didn't pay me for working and I was made to feel so uncomfortable and it was so much unprofessional scenarios I hated working there after awhile because they care nothing about employees!

May 10, 2014 2:13 pm EDT

can someone please help me figure out how to stop this ?

Nov 14, 2013 4:43 pm EST

I was an employee of Ross Dress for Less in Carbondale from December 2012 until October 2013. I ended my professional relationship with Ross after being bullied at the hands of my Store Manager. She has gone out of her way to berate me in front of during rally meetings, while customers are in the store, and also privately. After suffering from an anxiety disorder and panic attacks, and also being diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder, I discussed my situation with my Store Manager, encouraged by Ross' open-door policy. After that day she went out of her way to make my life a living hell. Once while I was 12 minutes into my 15 minute break, my Store Manager left the fitting room and indirectly accused me of taking a longer break than entitled to. Once I corrected her, she stormed off without an apology. I felt uncomfortable so I ended my break. Exactly an hour later and 15 minutes before my shift ended I was called into the office and given a verbal write up (written on paper that had to be endorsed) for tardies in arriving to work. With the numerous incidents that took place between the Store Manager and myself, along with gossip about my medical information reaching every employee in Ross and being subject to slurs such as "the voices in my head", I resigned. The person that I was supposed to be able to confide in took my feelings of worthlessness, guilt, anxiety, hopelessness, and isolation and used them against me. The Store Manager's behavior has made me fearful to ask any questions pertaining to my job out of fear of humiliation of her sarcastic and unnecessary remarks. I did not want to leave my job but, had no choice. For many people living with mental illness, working is sometimes essential and is therefore part of our recovery. After my resignation I contacted Ross' corporate office. I left a voice mail on November 6, 2013 and as of today my call continues to go unanswered. Ross is supposed to be a company in support of employees with mental illness, even having an alert line but, this management makes you feel the complete opposite. I am thinking about starting a support group for people who have been bullied due to their medical condition.

Apr 10, 2010 9:55 pm EDT
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On Jan 15, 2010 I was terminated for violating Ross Policy. I was the store manager and had worked for Ross 8 years. Ross implemented a new hiring procedure which was outsourced by another firm. When the new procedures were introduced to the managers, we were shown how the system worked. We were also given a training session to help move us into understanding how it all worked. We were not told that there will be disciplinary action against us if we hire someone who fails the background check. This wasn't shared with me until months later when someone that was hired, was deemed to have failed the background check. (Basically this new system conducts background checks which highlight potential associates that have legal matters in the works or which are pending. No one ever shared that with us. To this day no one has shown me any proof that Ross has a hiring policy.

The problem is that the status of the applicants can change from "passing to delayed to failed." When an applicant fails, and if that individual is hired, the store manager recieves a corrective disciplinary write up.

Anyone employed at Ross that recieves a written corrective is basically put on final notice. If there is a second occurrance, then the employee is eventually terminated. In my case, the first notice was given to me because my assistant hired someone deemed to have "failed" their background check. In this case my assistant informed me that the applicant passed. I then gave him approval to hire the individual. Approximately 3 mths later my district manager came by to give me a written corrective for something I didn't even do. She said that I am getting it because I was the Store Manager and I am responsible for everything that occurs under the store operations. The problem I have with this is that at another location; that same district manager didn't write up another store manager when her assistant hired someone that failed their background check.

The second ocassion I was accused of hiring an individual that failed. When I hired the individual, her status was passing. It is unfortunate that I couldn't find the copy. I had a feeling that Ross was going to make it my word against the system, so I printed a copy of the individual's status. I no longer said "pass" it said delayed decision. Up to the day I was terminated, her status never said "failed."

The system Ross uses is flawed. It changes just as individuals change. No one can predetermine, stop or avoid facing changes in life, even if they are later found to be innocent. Since Ross says I violated their policy, it is impossible to find similiar work. Whenever a potential employer contacts Ross, they are told that I violated their policy. This is thuggery at its worst.

I do plan to take this matter to the court no matter the costs. I have nothing to lose because I have been robbed of a 12 year career in which I was very successful. Within the first 12 months of being store manager, we moved from the bottom of the district be being awarded Store Manager of the year. The second year our store exceeded sales plan by $1 million. Ross lost more than a manager in career status, they will now have the courts to deal with.

Dec 02, 2011 3:57 pm EST

That's how they do people! Yet my store manager is late at least 5 minutes everyday... You make sense of it. I guess they pay her nothing... Sorry, Florida market is really bad, it is happening all over Florida.

Nov 30, 2011 8:34 am EST
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Oh and I was going to say... I had a friend that worked for 2 years at Ross, and recently switched to a new job tutoring struggling kids. He gave a two week notice and everything. But because he and one of my supervisors had problems with each other, after he left, she had a termination paper signed saying that he was fired for something he did wrong, I'm not sure what it was, but how could a company DO THAT to a loyal employee? How sickening!

Nov 30, 2011 8:32 am EST
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I really hope Ross gets shut down. Ive never worked for a more unprofessional company who treats their employees like dirt and ###. They are absolutely horrible. I will never recommend anyone to work here, ever. I dont want them going through the same hell we all have.

Sep 01, 2011 8:27 pm EDT

i work for ross at this moment i think my store manager is unfair with cerain people in the store and i dont know if shes racist or not.she tends to give alot of people attitude and recently a co worker of mine was placed under investigation because the sistrict manager and store manager felt she knew to much information based upon the buisness wich i either way i say to myself r we supposed to not learn anything and be like a rock?!no. then they tried to accuse her of theft and she doesent know the reason why she was let go...i recently put a 2 week notice and instead of giving me a 2 week she decided to do a 1 week and put me unavailable for the remainder of the week its so unfair!but it proves that she doesent care not only that she never tends to give people there breaks or lunches till 7 hours later and just gives you attitute i frankly dont like her and i hope she gets fired for being so unfair and unjustice!

Aug 15, 2011 9:36 pm EDT

I was an area supervisor at a Ross store here in texas up until a few weeks ago.
I had been with the company just about 4 years. The location i was at had a revolving door of store managers and assistants and when we would get decent role models and teachers they would get transfered or quit. I had been asked to transfer locations a few times because another area supervisor lived closer to my location than his current store. I unfortunately turned down the transfer because i can barely afford gas and upkeep on my vehicle as is and the transfer would be 25-35 more minutes travel for me. Three weeks ago i was called into the office by our loss prevention dm and a visiting manager whom i had never met before. The put me on administrative leave because they said i abused my discount by doing a return during double discount. It had slipped my mind that the double discount was coming up and i made a purchase two days prior to the start of 40% I intended on exchanging a few items for othersand went back during the double discount period. At that time there werent any clothes that i was interested in so i asked to just get back a few of my original items, I didnt return everything i purchased a few days before only some of the things and i did not buy back everything i returned. This was the abuse of discount that led to my dismissal. There wasnt anything in the associate handbook about this being against policy and we had just been asked to sign this policy a few weeks prior. The didnt give me an option of performance improvement plan nor had i been issued any diciplinary action in regards to anything discount related in my four years at Ross. I had asked for a raise on a few occasions seeing as i was the least paid supervisor which i wasnt supposed to know but word gets around and i had turned down 2 transfers. I believe they were looking for any excuse to get me out the door and now I think they are trying to fight my unemployment claim. Is there anything i can do?

Jul 16, 2011 1:25 pm EDT

I worked for Ross in Florida for almost for 4 years. I was an assistant manager. In the time I was with the company I had never been written up and then HR was called on a Store Manager for breaking policy including taking out employee lunches without employee taking a lunch. I was interviewed by HR who then started an investigaton. A few weeks after I had to take a leave absence I was going through depression and also had a seizure. when i came back associates where giving me the cold shoulder, I was then told the Store Manager told them in a rally meeting that he didnt get promoted to DM because he got written up because of me. I was in shock because I was gone for five weeks and I was not the one complaining about issues in the store, the associates were. Anyways HR transfered me to another store because he was retaliating against me including writing me up for non-sense. After months at the new store I couldnt figure out why the my new SM disliked me. Well I found out my previous SM trashed me and said so many negative things about me. I got a new Dm Christina Wilt that disliked me even more. All the suddenly Im getting written up left and right, almost every two weeks. Finally DM and SM presented me with a PIP. Two weeks later they fired me. I forgot to arm the stockroom door, It only happened this one time and they fired me meanwhile SM and As where leaving money out overnight including the cash drawer . I found the stokroom door unarmed a few times and reported it and no one got fired. They didnt have the decency to let me know I forgot to arm the door. I found out the day they fired me a week later. it was an honest human error. I t just shows you how much they care ! I had opened three stores for them and did 9 overnights to remodel one store never got a corrective action in over 3years and this DM didnt even give me chance she believed a SM who breaks every policy and retaliates against his employees. I guess I should be thanking God I dont work there anymore. It seems they have different standards for different managers!

Oct 17, 2010 11:22 pm EDT
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This Company is a joke when it comes to Associate Loyalty...Check any Company that has great Mgmt look at Store Manager turnover...Major Big Box Companies Like JCPenneys, their turnover is less than 5 percent.Ross just from my experience as a Manager Our Turnover is over 25 % and try to find Managers with over 15 years as a Managers.I challenge anyone to go into a Ross Store in Dallas, TX And find a Store with longevity of more than 5 years...Stores look like crap in the most busiest time of the year for sales and the amount of freight is way to much with no payroll...Never have I seen a company that lets Loss Prevention Run the Show that even District Managers have to walk the line...Last but not least challenge the Company on how many DMS ARE promoted from within...Watch your Backs Managers your only as good as how the last L.P--D.M LUNCH goes or if you are liked by H.R...I would like to know how many MANAGERS are promoted within...I think the company should add more corporate positions to further reduce store payroll...GREAT JOB...


I work at Ross Store in Catonsville, Maryland and the Store Manager is a straight up racist. She treats us like slaves. She does absolutely nothing but create mess and blame the stockroom for the mess. She pretends that she is doing 90% of the work when in fact she is creating the work. Once I told her I was only doing what I am hired to do she got mad and cut my hours tremendously. I guess she thought I was going to fuss but I didn't. I smiled and came in when I was scheduled. She even went as far as to put me on the schedule when she knew I could not work. I have been used and abused constantly. I am floor supervisor, stockroom associate, recovery associate, cashier, reset team member, trainer, etc, anything they need done they would find me. Mind you now I was only hired as a cashier. I find myself doing every aspect of the store and for pennies, so I told her that i was only doing what I am paid to do and that is cashiering. She really is showing her true colors now. She has been confronted by me on several ocassions for lying on me and yet she continues to lie. The DM does absolutely nothing to her. She is so unqualified to be a Store Manager it's funny. She knows nothing, the dumbest manager I have ever had the misfortune of working for. The problem is with the economy the way it is I have to hold out until something better comes my way. It is getting harder and harder. She gives the people who does absolutely nothing but cause trouble like her the hours and those of us who actually gets the work done gets cut and then we are to blame for things not getting done. The customers know the difference and are saying things. Customers see how bad of a manager she really is and asks why she is fired yet. We al say the same thing. Look at the skin color.

I transferred from the Tampa, Fl area to South Florida area and I have had a very similar experience. The company treated me with little respect. It has been a nightmare for myself and my family. I was asked to opened a new store and given this responsibility 4 weeks behind the schedule for hiring. The district manager overseeing this process told me I would have support. He never gave me any. He did give me many threatening and unprofessional conversations. I worked alone throughout the process. I worked six weeks without a day off. Hired approximately 65 associates by myself. I was given an assistant manager that had worked with the company for three years and she was not able to complete a schedule in staffworks. She was extemely unprofessional and made many inappropriate comments to the new staff. She was unable to run the MPT team or train associates for the registers and customer service. I asked for her file to proceed with coachings. She gave her safe code to a part-time associate and was told by the District LP it might be ok and he would get back with me. That never happened. On 4-2-10 I reported that my review was not a representation of my performance for the year of 2009. I spoke to Beth Krumper, HR zone representative. I also at that time spoke of harrassment and abuse. I was terminated on 4-9-2010.
WOW what an experience! If you would like to discuss this I can be reached at [protected]

Mar 11, 2010 9:57 pm EST

Im a associate @ the South West Distribution in Perris Ca. for the past 4 1/2 yrs. I have also been a victim of harassment there by other associates, management, and human resources for the past 3 1/2 years. On Jan. 28, 2009 I filed a workers comp. claim. On March 2, 2009 after ending up in the emergency room because of all the stress I had been put on. I was out of work on doctors orders for 11 months returned to work on Feb 2, 2010. A investigation through sedgwick and doctor agree on accepting my claim as valid, then again after returning to work Im being victimize once again. My error was not getting a lawyer to represent me, Im in the process now of seeking legal advice. Any recommendations on this matter?

Jan 18, 2010 7:33 am EST

A financial settlement was reached with Ross Corporate concerning this matter.

Jan 06, 2010 9:23 am EST

Marcie are you still with Ross?

Dec 23, 2009 10:32 am EST

Ross has 23 Vice Presidents, does a small clothing discount store really need that many. Waste of money.

Dec 22, 2009 11:35 am EST

People don't know how important Unions are for unfairness>


I also "heard" many negative things about Annmarie Lombardi. We should do something about this. Maybe a lawsuit against Ross because of Annmarie's way of treating her managers. To the original poster, you are not alone with this. I know one employee who was so great at being a manager and all of a sudden, Annemarie gave him a lousy assessment. Before Annemarie, he had a good assessment. But now, he is messed up and it's all because of Annmarie and Ross for keeping her in the company. I'll let my friend know about this. I hope he'll contact you.

Nov 02, 2009 2:20 pm EST

Google Ross Dress for Less Law Suite

Oct 25, 2009 8:06 am EDT

You deserve better than that place. I used to work there part time during my college days and I'll tell you, I felt so great when I quit.

From my experience there, they honestly can't hold a steady staff. People come and go so quickly. Our manager was a beast. There was always someone crying at work everyday and someone quitting every week. The manager was nice to me because she said I was "like a daughter" to her. However, I quit cause I couldn't take that place any longer. I was just repulsed at the way she would constantly berate some of the girls in front of customers.

Oct 19, 2009 1:52 pm EDT

They get what they deserve. They can't treat employees like that!

Oct 19, 2009 12:50 am EDT

New Class action Law Suite In Alameda Courts California Case #RG094665853 amended file for seven counts including age distrimination. Check it out pass it around. File on the 6th of Septemeber.

Oct 17, 2009 9:18 pm EDT

I was a store floor supervisor at Ross in Texas. I was given a notice on the same day (no prior write ups) after a customer called the police on a shoplifter I had asked to put our merchandise back.
I was brought to the office and given papers saying I quit and the manager said if I didn't sign them they would make me quit in the next few days. She showed me a video of me closing the night before and said I left money unattended but I did not. I was given an option of signing my 2 week notice and she told me to just put down that I was going back to Al. I said fine I am not guilty but do not stay where I am not wanted so I signed and she told me to get up and walked me to the door and took my keys and that was it. No 2 weeks to work or find a job!
I witnessed the shop lifter cutting metal tags for detection off with clippers and after he dropped them I picked them up and told him if he put the merchandise back he could avoid getting in trouble. Ross has a policy of NOT apprehending shop lifters at all but I could not let him do this without saying something. Everyone around saw it, customers were even yelling at him.
He took off and the customer dialed 911 and they caught them with lots of merchandise in their car from our store and lots of others. We got the merchandise back and it was over 500.00 I saved them but everyone told me to expect to loose my job over it. I was muscled into quitting a few days later!


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