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If you have tried to call rogers customer service, you know where I'm going with this. EVERY time they are experiencing "high volumes" of calls showing their lack of capacity for the obviously high number of complaints. Ironic for a telephone service provider? The last time I called I was on hold in "priority" sequence for 20 minutes. When I eventually reached a real person I was told to call back in 2 hours because they had computer problems - another ironic issue considering they are an internet provider. Last year they cut my cable and left me with no phone for an hour. Apparently this was planned but told noone! This company is a monopoly and constantly cons people into accepting special deals only to find your monthly payment increases again and again.

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  • Cb
      Mar 06, 2007
    Rogers Cable - rogers cable is scamming out of peoples pockets!

    I just got off the phone a short while ago regarding an overbilling. Some $80 was attached to the bill as a "connection fee".. Imagine if I had direct payment set up through my bank account and didn't pay attention to my bill thinking it was static. Well Rogers would be taking money from me and its nothing short of a scam. If you don't notice or bother to call them up to find out what the extra billing is about then they just pocket the money. Its funny how grocery stores are forced to have checks in place for sale prices at the cash but none are watching to see how many millions a company like Rogers Cable is scamming out of peoples pockets.

    A lot of people arn't aware of how shifty the Rogers bill can be. For instance in my case I have wireless, internet and cable all on one bill. My older cable provider (bought out by rogers) used to bill me for the service after I got it meaning I didn't get billed for a month till after that month was past. Rogers bills me BEFORE I get the service.. and not only that if the payment isn't right on time they tag on what they call a "service fee" of $25 ! .. So for example Im a little late on my payment they add another $25 onto my bill. Its not interest just a flat out late payment charge for services I've not even received. Further Im not sure how they do the wireless billing.. in advance no less because well my bill you would think was hinged on my long distance calls.. somehow its not. I can't tell how because their customer service reps are only more interested in threatening to have my service shut off. But the problem is that the scam is getting too big and its near out of my ability to afford.

    Originally I was sold a wireless plan 2 phones for thirty dollars a month.. after I start getting my bills I see that its actually $60... Once rogers turned my phone service off just before Christmas demanding I pay some $200 to have it hooked up and to ensure the rest of my services were still in place as well. Basically they took presents out from under the tree.

    I could go on and on.. but the point is who is watching to see how many millions of dollars rogers cable is pocketing ? How many people call rogers up regarding their bill and over charging? How can rogers legally charge a "service fee"/late fee on services not recieved? I've had my services cut back substantially because I can't afford the payments that are aggravated by their scams like "service fee"s (which isn't a service at all mind you) and still the bill is somehow much higher then it should be. I look through the jumbled mass of billing they send me and its just not clear whats going on. High speed internet $40 basic cable $35 (which includes a digital black box I no longer use or need so I tried to explain to them I don't want to be charged for but they insist I can't return it) and 2 wireless phones $60. $135 is what I should be paying but somehow they are billing me upwards of $185 and I can't clear it up. The problem with just dropping them is that I have a stupid wireless contract for 3 years and all the services are to be bundled.

    When I call them to ask about payments I feel like Im talking to some kind of collections agency.. not a customer. If I ever get out of this plan I'll never go back with this company again.

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  • Ra
      Oct 09, 2007

    I have Rogers cable, Internet, and wireless services and I have never been late on any of my payments. Thus, I have never seen a 'service charge.' I carefully mark my calendar each month, and I make sure that Rogers is paid well in advance of the due date. I also made sure that I could afford the services that I wanted to receive from Rogers before I signed up.

    When I signed up for Rogers, I was made aware of all the costs associated with my account. Granted, it can be a little confusing at first. But isn't it the consumer's obligation to 'keep after them' until you are satisfied with the layout? After all, you alone are the 'guardian' of your money.

    If you keep calling their customer service number and asking questions you will see that it is all logical and rarely do they make a mistake.

    The bottom line: Responsible consumerism dictates that one be aware of ALL costs, billing realities, and due dates, as well as one's budget and willingness to part with said monies. If you only focus on the commercials,you will surely feel ripped off.

    Real cost is for you to figure out.

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  • St
      Mar 08, 2008

    I used to be with Sprint, till Rogers bought them out. The bills just went up & up. Later the added charges and asterisks started. All the while any regulatory body for this type of garbage stands idly by, as if they're on Roger's payroll. I dumped them, no more Rogers products.

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  • Ba
      Jan 28, 2010
    Rogers Cable - different volume levels!
    Rogers Cable

    Wow, you turn on your tv nowadays and it seems each channel has its own volume level. Seems the volume level really peaks when a Rogers commercial comes on (what a coincidence). Why do i need a Rogers commercial coming on telling me to get Rogers Cable or to get Rogers Internet services or Hoem Phone services. I think each customer should have commercials displayed based on the product they dont have. If i dont have internet, then sure show me Rogers internet commercials, but come on every 5th commercial seems to be for Rogers Cable advertising something i already have.

    Also it would be nice to have a balance for volume where i can adjust the volume of all channels through the cable box menu so thatall channels have the exact same volume level. It is not fun turning the tv channel and waking up people

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  •   Feb 03, 2010

    Hi basslion - This is Mary with the Rogers online communications team.
    Thanks for your feedback. This has been shared with our team.

    Take Care,

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  • Al
      Jan 30, 2011

    what is it with hln & others being temporarily off the air now for 2-3 days that I know of.

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  • Cr
      Mar 04, 2011

    Rogers is a fraudulent company. They trump bills in hopes you do not pay them so that it can be send to collections to collect an insurance pay out for money lost. The losers always end up as the insurance companies but they have no way to prove its fraud.

    My gf reported her phone stolen and they said they would charge 7 dollars a month after that to keep the account active... I know it makes no sense at all. This was a complete fabrication on their part. They continued to charge full price and late fees and interest and to not send her a bill for 8 months! It obviously ended up in collections but collections wouldn't even deal with it because they know its a fraudulent bill so they want us to bully Rogers to drop it... yeah right... they were already paid for it.

    I gave them a formal complain and wrote down all the numbers behind it. Requested a representitive from ehad office call me to confirm the bills and to discuss that matters at hand. They ignored me.

    They are a fraudulent company plain and simple. If you don't need them, don't give them a cent!!!

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