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I have been denied payment in the pass and them saying I am a month behind when they told me I was good from Feb 14 and today in March 3.. If u look at that that's not a month and also the employees should next call your customers HONEY unless u want a law suit then u should have a talk with your store in Auburn NY on Grant Ave. And also they should not be allowed to sit in their vehicles in front of your house stalking you either. They also shouldn't ask about personal info about if they are getting their taxed back or not.


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      Mar 03, 2018

    Appreciated reading your concerns.

    You are right that employees should always be courteous to each and every customer. Please remember that o.j. many areas the term hon or hunny is just as common as saying sir or mister.

    It is important to get caught up with any rental payments, including late fees or management will take any legal means necessary to collect the product or payment.

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