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Niagara Falls Boulevard, Niagara Falls, NY, United States Review updated:

I purchased a couch, love seat, coffee table, end table and side table from Raymour & Flanigan's between June and Sept 2017 from the Niagara Falls New York store. My Sales rep Chuck was excellent. After sustaining a back injury I went back to R&F to purchase a recliner. Again Chuck was extremely helpful in helping me select a recliner that would accommodate my injury. I made the purchase in Dec 2017. My experience with Chuck was so positive he and I discussed a future purchase for a full dining room set, formal living room suite and a bedroom suite.

In, the beginning of Apr 2017 (4 months after the purchase) I removed the throw keep on the chair and discovered the fabric on the inside of the arm had a huge hole in it. I went to the store and spoke with Chuck. He said because I was a preferred customer he would send someone out to look at the damage. They'd take care of it because they wanted me to be happy with my purchase. The earliest some one could come out was 3 weeks later. In the mean time the hole got bigger. The technician came out look at the problem wrote it up and said the entire arm would be replaced and the problem would be rectified. This morning I got a call from R&F. Jolene informed me that someone would come out to fix the chair and it would cost me $120. I asked why it was costing me anything. Jolene said because I didn't by the extended warranty I had to pay for the repair and labor myself. I advised her that the chair was only 5 months old and that it was a defect in the fabric. She got really nasty an informed me "upholstery just doesn't rip" I did it and they aren't responsible for my carelessness. I was so upset with her attitude that I hung up. I contacted the Customer Service Office and the only thing the girl could say is that she would have a supervisor call me. I told her that I don't anticipating that happening. I told her I will have it repaired myself as I don't want to deal with R&F again. I will go else where to make my remaining purchases and that I would be publishing my experience with Raymour and Flanigan's in our Family Readiness Group News Letter that researches 3500 military families. The response was more or less do what you have to do lady.

I will never do business with this company again.

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  • Jo
      5th of Mar, 2007
    Raymour & Flanigan - The wall unit is a piece of junk
    United States

    The center i purchased from this company is not worth the eighteen hundred dollars i paid for it. The finish on it is not even and the knobs are different the top looks like someone stepped on it the drawer had a deep scratch on it and i waiting for it to be replaced i want a new center i am so upset i hate it and i dont know what to do call the store with no help sent a e mail and i would be in touch with a manager and i still waiting.

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  • Ju
      30th of Dec, 2007
    Raymour & Flanigan - terrible experience!
    Raymour & Flanigan
    43 West 23rd Street
    New York City
    New York
    United States
    Phone: 646-884-8250

    I have never wanted to commit several felonies before dealing with Raymour & Flanigan. I purchased a sofa & couch leather match reclining set a week before Thanksgiving. I had just moved and had no furniture to sit on. I fell in love with the piece I selected and received the guarantee that it will be delivered within three days, more than enough time to accommodate my guests for Thanksgiving. The original delivery date was set for 11/21/07. On the 21st my furniture did not show up within the delivery window we set up. I called the company and was informed that my furniture was no longer in stock!!! I took off a day of work to receive this furniture, and not a soul bothered to follow up with me that I my delivery was canceled. They rescheduled the delivery date to 11/27/07. To say that I was not happy was an understatement. I specifically ventured into Raymour & Flanigan because of their 3 day delivery guarantee for all in-stock merchandise. I was adamant about the furniture I selected and did not like anything else in their NYC showroom. I spoke with Kevin, the store manager, as well as Julian Armstrong, the GM of the store on numerous occasions. I reamed them several times on their lack of professionalism and basic customer service ethics.

    Julian works out a deal with me. He suggests that I go to the Syracuse store due to their larger inventory. If I like something, I should give him a call and they will work out an appropriate discount for my tribulations. Julian guaranteed that he would be working the next day, Saturday, so I agreed to go out of my way, borrow a car, and take my family out there. After searching through the entire store, I did not find anything suitable or comparable to my original selection, so I call Julian to inform him of this, but, turns out, Julian was not working TODAY!!!??? I was furious.

    So, December 26th rolls around, the third day taken off of work to receive a delivery. Only this time, I had spoken with Rose, one of the managers that schedules delivery...we confirmed a four-hour delivery window, my furniture was guaranteed on the truck. Well, the afternoon of the 26th rolls around and I finally get a follow up call from Elizabeth that "she's sorry, but that my furniture has somehow VANISHED from the delivery truck, along with several other customers orders." Mind you, I had just confirmed with them on more than one occasion that I was taking off work to receive this furniture and was met with guarantees by Kevin, Rose, and Elizabeth that this furniture was on the truck and that I'd finally be sitting on furniture instead of on the floor.

    So, today, two months after my initial purchase, the pieces of furniture that fell in love with and vividly imagine myself sitting on will not be in any Raymour Flanigan warehouse until the end of January. I'm at an odds over what to do. I missed Black Friday specifically because I needed my furniture before Thanksgiving. My Thanksgiving plans were ruined, my X'mas plans were ruined, my three year old daughter still sits on the floor, and I'm left twiddling my thumbs wondering if I'll ever see my furniture before 2017. It's hard to walk away from a piece of furniture that you really like, especially when everything else out there does not suite your needs, but the lack of professionalism I received from R&F has driven me to the point of insanity. I wonder, could we all come together and sue these people, or put them in the spotlight on Channel 7's shame on you? Something has got to be done to bring some form of accountability to these people. Nothing that I am doing seems to be working.

    Please, before going to Raymour & Flanigan, consider my experience, and others on this website.

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  • Je
      8th of Nov, 2008

    Raymour and Flanigan does not care about it's customers. I received a dresser damaged and it took them six weeks to come to a solution. The solutions was that I brought the damaged drawer to the store and they exchanged it with the display model. They are horrible. They don't care.

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  • Ct
      14th of Jan, 2009
    Raymour & Flanigan - delivery
    United States

    They told me i was second on the delivery list for the time span between 7-11... I said we would be home until 10:15 so are they positive we are second on the list... It was confirmed with a yes... At 10:00 i called because they hadn't come and they said they were in Massachusetts and aren't sure who told us we were second on the list... Had to be rescheduled because they weren't even able to make it by 11, the time they had scheduled.

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  • An
      18th of Apr, 2009

    all the lead up was their courtship of you before they f-ed u on christmas.
    they tried the same scams with me. Delivered me a couch that was 9 inches too short but claimed it was the same model i ordered, until i printed out the specs and took out my digi camera. Then they changed their tune and wanted to leave, I said not before I take a pic of this scam! lesson 1 dont ever depend on a furniture company when you dont already have furniture

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  • An
      6th of Sep, 2010

    dear raymor and flanigan, i live in a bug free house, and my couch and love seat are now infested with bed bugs i threw out my bed and this furniture is 41/2 months hear didnt know what was biting its infested with BED BUGS PLEASE REPLY IM GONNA CALL MY LAWYER. thank you anna bruzzese . aka [protected]@aol

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  • An
      6th of Sep, 2010

    bed bugs

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  • Un
      2nd of Oct, 2010
    Raymour & Flanigan - lied big time
    United States

    I purchased a dining room table with chairs in early September 2017. The sales person was explicitly asked if the item was in stock. He said it was and told me I could take it that day. Problem for me was that I had no room for it until October 2, 2017. I took the day off after the sales person said the tablpwe was sold to me and would sit and be waiting for my OCt 2, he explicitly said IT WILL NOT BE SOLD TO ANYONE ELSE. On Sept 30, 2017 I get a call from a customer service rep who tells me that she wanted to give me an update on my purchase... the table should be in by the end of October or November. Of course you can imagine I told her that was unacceptable, and then I cancelled the order. She even suggested I come in and pick a new table, one they had in stock. The audacity... if I wanted a different table I would have picked that one.

    I'll never do business with them again, and I've told everyone I know to avoid them. I will call to make sure this credit account with them is cancelled.

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  • An
      22nd of Feb, 2011

    We ordered an oval cherry wood and glass coffee table. We went to the store to pick it up. We never got the table. We made three trips to the store and each time there was a defect in the coffee table. Finally, after our third trip, we got a credit refund. NEVER AGAIN. Our trip to the store to pick out this coffee table was fine. The salesperson was helpful.
    Good luck in getting the product delivered in perfect shape, as it should be, since we, the customers, are paying for it.

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