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Raymour and FlaniganHorrible Company

Do not purchase ANYTHING from this store. I purchased a small table & 2 chairs in Feb. 2007. 3 weeks ago one of the back legs to the chair cracked and fell off. I called the company to have it fixed, set up a date for repair and have been getting the run around since. There has been 3 calls asking what part it is.I received a call 2 days ago cancelling the service call because the part was never ordered. Today they just called to "confirm" the service call?!?! . While speaking with the rep "Shawna" I gave a history of the calls and told her I was very confused. Do they have the part or not? I expressed my frustration and stated and I want the chair repaired asap or I want it replaced. Guess she didn't like having to deal with MY frustration and is now dening my claim stating that now they will not repair my chair because it is in my office?!?!? I have made it very clear from the beginning the chair is in my office (by the way, it is RARELY sat in, the chair is very poor quality).The 3 reps I have spoken to in the past never said anything about this. I asked to speak to the manager twice and Shawna refused to transfer my call.
DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!! The quality of the furniture is HORRIBLE and the customer service is even worse. Next time I'm going to Ikea!!!


  • Ri
    rIA130 Feb 27, 2015

    DO NOT BUY ANY THING FROM RAYMORE and Flanigan... THEY WILL LIE TO YOU AND RIP YOU OFF... We purchased a living room set for out Great room, which is barley ever used. Recently we decided to put a new hardwood floor in our living room and to also buy a new living room set. That being said we had to use the living room set from Raymore in our great room for the past two months. We notice the cushioning on the chairs went flat in less than 60 days of using them. We have a Platinum protection plan so we called the service and just got the call that we are not covered if the cushions are now flat. We have a five year Platinum protection plan and had the set for 2 years, and only used it for the past two months. This company is a total rip off. And we will never purchase anything from them ever again. I am about to take these two chairs and bring them right into the store in Freehold where we purchase them from so all their customers could see that they are a total rip off..

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  • Gh
    g houshold Jan 09, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    the Sales Person at the Walden ave Location in Cheektowaga NY told mee he couldnt Help us cos there was no Commision that Benefited him to help us with our Purchase.. he totally put the cart before the horse and completely can care less about anything beyond a Paycheck which goes to show why Service is such CRAP at this Store..

    we arrived to look at purchasing a Brand New Livingroom set and ARE long time Raymore and flanigan Purchasers .. we've spent up wards of $3k on our last livingroom sofe and love seat alone.. with this said.. we recently spent $1500.00 on a bed set WITH the additional Platnum Coverage in the event we wanted to upgrade.. soo upon walking in to the show room and being SHALLOWLY Greeted by a Sales Person Named Martin.. i asked him to see a mattress a step UP from the one we currently purchased cos i was trying to see if we purchased the right HE pretty much made a DASH to the rear of the store and we had a hard time keeping up with him.. we shoulda left.. upon catching up to him he was standing next to a mattress set that he didnt seem to lnow ANYTHING about and i had to reiterate i can tell by merely siting on it it was to soft and a lesser quality then the set we currently have.. i asked to see a mattress set a step up from the Queen size we purchased.. and OFF he ran and we made a comment that the store should have scooters to help customers keep up with the Employees at the store.. THAT didnt bowed well.. we got Attitude.. he took us to see a mattrss set 2 twice the cost of our current set and again were not sure what this Guys Deal was but he was Very Unprofessional.. we asked to see a matress he Raced past and he said he cant and cant sell or show us anything any more and need to go get the Store Manager to help us cos this seems to be a Platnum Plus Issue.. i explained to him its not were only there to see other mattresses and if ge can take us back to the other mattress he ran past we would be appreciative.. he then said theres no commision in helping us .. were we then said WOW.!!! and asked where his professionalism is.. he then told us to get out of HIS store .. we couldnt help but laugh and think OmGOSH.!! who is this GUY and who does he think he is.. we then said we would like to see the Manager at this point cause he needs a NEW JOB.. he THEN TOLD US getting in our face to walk faster (OMG.!!!) this Guys gotta be on something.. thats the problem we had with him the moment we walked in and that he walked wayyyyyy to fast for us to keep up.. when we got to the Manager.. another OMGOSH moment .. he looked like he was 23 and a PUNK trying to impress people with the suit he was in and never handled our on set of your concerns by excusing the other Employees standing around him .. nothing Professional about this place.. and in the back ground the Sales Guy repeated theres no Commision in helping us cause were there for the Platnum Plan when we WERENT.!!! we were there to look at a livingroom set and merely wanted to see a mattress set a grade up from the one we purchased..

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  • Mv
    MVELEZ2212 Feb 08, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    PLEASE do not buy any thnig from this place.It is horrible they just make you think all is well and when you recive the furniture its 99.9% wrong.they dont care to help fix the problem at all.this the third time and they change the name to make people think it a different store.again DONT BUY FROM THIS PLACE.

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  • Sa
    sam52 Jan 25, 2011
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    Verified customer

    i have never had a probelm with them. i have several things from them . i have a bed from there had it since i was 18 still looks brand new

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  • Jo
    Josephine Stamey Feb 16, 2010

    Spent $6400.00 on a living room set in July 2009. Saw a cheaper one on line which brought us into the store - but it lookd like it was really bad quality. We saw a complet e living set with tables that visually looked beautiful - loved material, colors and style. Paid much more thatn expected to pay - but I figured spending that much would have quality furniture.

    Called in a complaint - toook 1 mos to get appt and they took pictues and said they could either fix the issue or to go to the store for a replacement.

    The material (velour type) after sitting in it leaves an indent in the material and cushion - looks like a 3000 lb person sat on it.

    Also when you sit on it the material looks worn - fibers go in different directions an itlooks like it has paw prints on it - that don't smoothe out.

    Well the furniture is only 3 mos old and it looks like over 1 yr old. Don't know what it will look like when more people sit in it.

    Service took pics and said they would gt imported to store and we could pull up the file. Went to the store and the woman said theree were no pics on file - they went to customer service and they said there is nothing wrong with the furniture and that its my perception and ther is notheing wrong. Service tech. also noted other complaints.

    Both the mgr and service rep treated me with no respect - did not care or try to resolve the problem - kept saying it was my perception.

    After complaining to SCott Levy he said I could pick out new furniture and pay $20% re-stocking fees plus delivery charges.

    And this is after paying $65000.00 that is poorly made ; poor quality - generic workmanship & manufacturer.

    Raymore and Flanagan does not uphold it commitment to selling quality furnmiture and do not try to make the customer satisfie.

    DO NOT BUY ANY FURNITURE FROM RAYMORE & FLANAGAN . Notice when you walk into the store the salespeople look like vultures.

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  • Le
    lefty815 Feb 15, 2010

    Whole heartedly agree. They SUCK! Purchased ALL the furniture from my home there. Last time I went in to purchase a game table and coffee table for my family rooom. And the women didn't even give us a discoutn nor FREE SHIPPING ( I LIVE 1 MILE AWAY). SHE SURE DID STALK US THROUGHOUT THE STORE THOUGH!!! On top of this the set she recommended ended up looking black in my house (wanted a dark brown) they wouldn't let me exchange it for something else. Recently I found the same exact dinette that matches the coffee table online. NOW WHY COULDN"T SHE MENTION THERE WAS A COLLECTION???? Horrbile, and get this-she was a "Manager." Stay Away PLEASE!!!

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  • Ya
    Yapuri Dec 22, 2009

    Don't buy from Raymore and Flanigan. They are horrible.

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  • St
    stillwaitingformystuff Nov 14, 2009

    I purchased a bed frame, sofa and wall unit for my new home from Raymore and Flanigan. The sofa was a custom order and it came in early, I was thrilled.

    Delivery Attempt 1: I got a phone call at 7:00 to tell me the wall unit was not going to deliver this week. There was a PROBLEM WITH THE GLASS DOORS. But all other pieces will deliver.

    Delivery Attempt 2: They sent two people to my home NEITHER SPOKE ENGLISH and therefore could not communicate with me. THE WALL UNIT WAS SCRATCHED ON THE FRONT CENTER. The deliveryman wanted to leave the product and tried touching it up with a sharpie marker and telling me it was okay!

    Delivery Attempt 3: I was promised to be the first delivery at 9:00 am. At 10:00 I called customer service and was told they were in traffic near my home. I looked at google’s live traffic to see that there was no traffic where the customer service person claimed there to be traffic. Also, I asked if the drivers this week will be English speaking and the woman answered me saying since she is bilingual if I have problems communicating she is more than happy to translate via the phone. IN AMERICA, DEALING WITH AN AMERICAN COMPANY, I EXPECT PEOPLE TO COMMUNICATE IN ENGLISH. ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE SENDING PEOPLE TO MY HOME.
    I called the manager whom told me they messed up the delivery schedule and I would have wait for them until 1:00.

    Customer service is polite and quick to answer. But they just tell the customers what they want to hear and then do what they wish while on your clock.

    Unless you have all the time in the world to wait for them to get their act together I would never buy another product from them again.

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  • Ta
    Tabitha2 Sep 27, 2009

    I too had a horrible experience. The sales guy and manages were terrible! They delivered the wrong cushions with my couch. I called to have them deliver the correct ones and the sales guy said they would be here within 2 weeks. 3 weeks later when they were not here, I called and the sales guy CALLED ME A LIAR!! saying that he had said it would take 6-8 weeks to get here. He continued yelling and then hung up on me. 12 weeks later, I got my saggy, lopsided cushion. I wouldn't NEVER shop there again. A shame for them too as I am furnishing a whole house. It was the lack of customer service that got me more than the product.

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  • Na
    nanpink Sep 15, 2009

    I bought a couch from Raymore & Flanigan in July of 2009 - had it delivered on August 1, 2009 and it came with FLEAS!! By the time I realized it - my whole apartment was infested with fleas.

    Customer Service is a joke. They would not pick it up and put it with their new furniture to be delivered nor would they refund my money. They asked me to take it out myself or wait for them to find a truck that would pick it up. They had no idea when that would be.

    They are just awful - I got rid of my couch on my own - they were supposed to credit my account which I had to fight them for it. NEVER EVER BUY FROM RAYMORE & FLANIGAN!!!

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  • Or
    Orlando Hidalgo Mar 20, 2009

    I purchased two tables from Raymore and Flanagen at the Woodbridge NJ store in Feb 2009. I decided to bring one of the tables home myself and have the larger one delivered. After I put the smaller table together My wife noticed a deep chip in the wood. I called the store and they said they will send someone to inspect and repair in April 4, stay tuned. The larger table was delivered 3/17 and as soon as they brought it inside and took the cover off I noticed a large chip on the table top and showed the delivery person who stated it was part of the look of the table sice it had a false slate look, but when I ran my finger across the chip it became larger, proving it was damaged. The delivery person said Raymore and Flanagen would call to re schedule another delivery, two days went by and no call. When I called the store they said that we were the ones who should call..ok. The new table was to be delivered Sat 3/21 and They call on Fri 3/20 to say that the delivery person is in route to deliver.
    Thus far I do not have the table I paid for, lost 2 hours of work rushing home to meet the delivery truck who left. New delivery date is for Sat 3/28 since they can't deliver this Sat. Bottom line is cheep masproduced made in China furnature with terrible customer service.

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  • No
    No Like Liars Mar 06, 2009

    I also had a bad experience. I won't go as into detail because people should know that just by taking the time to write a complaint, there must be problems within this company. Everyone has good and bad experiences with different companies, but I've heard no good ones from this store. I have severe back problems and am on a budget. I'm a single parent of 2 children and need my sleep. I explained all of this to the salesman name DOMINICK at the Whitehall Pa store- and he sold me a mattress (one-sided) and said it was the BEST thing on the market for back problems these days...and I also purchased a bed on sale. Spent in excess of $1700.00. It was the worst thinkg I've ever had to sleep on. Said 30 day trial...but the company resinded on their warrenty for reasons not disclosed in the warranty itself. I wrote letters and went to the store numerous times only to be turned down. We all "need a sale" Dominick, but what you did to gain commission that day will come back in Karma to you or your family. Bad things happen to bad people.

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  • Mi
    mike Mar 06, 2009

    one, the brand of furnature makes a differance, two, if you purchased survice coverage with the furnature, you need to go higher in the company if the local store is not making good on their agreement. Furnature quality goes alot further than looks; name brand, construction, and materials all play a part in the durability. If as a buyer you are not educated about how to recognize good craftsmanship you will be sadly diapointed in the end. There are alot of good looking but poorly cunstructed products on the market. If it's a deal, pricing seems too good to be true, it probably is. Looking for quality starts with where it was made and the company that backs it up. If it's a good company, the store will have good support when problems arise. The better the quality, the better the customer service should be. Raymore is awholeseller, they push furnature like walmart pushes cheap ! They are interested in making money, not giving you a deal, so no matter what you think you are getting, they are still making money, why else would they be in the buissiness? AEducation goes along way, and if you are having problems with the local store, you will definately get better hepl by going through to the brass with your compliants. Good luck!

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  • Pu
    purchaser Mar 04, 2009

    If you should feel uncomfortable or feel pressure by any Raymore and Flanagan sales representative, follow your gut feeling and walk away. If you do purchase any furniture and are requested to consider the insurance you should check you homeowner’s insurance policy first. Service meets the same standards as our government. You pay allot of money and get minimum support in return...

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  • Fn
    F. Nelson Feb 22, 2009

    I too bought furniture from the Ocean store and when I had a problem with the furniture's color, they would do nothing to help me. It was before it was even delivered. I asked for a diferent color which they had in stock. The sales lady would not help, and no-one else would. I went to Ashley to furnish my entire house after that. Try Ashley's next time. They have really nice furniture and it costs way less than Raymore and Flanigan. The employees are very helpful and do not follow you around like 'shadows' either while you are shopping.

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  • Be
    Bette Feb 17, 2009

    I purchased a sofa, and 2 chairs from Raymore and Flanigan. The cushions on the sofa are almost as flat as pancakes on one of the chairs and the recliner has a spring sticking out of it. I have a lifetime gaurentee on the cushions, so I didn't worry. I called the company and they sent a tech out to look at the cushions. The tech agreed that I needed new cushions. I called around Thanksgiving and they came in right before Christmas, but they were short one cushion. So, now I am waiting since before Christmas for these cushions. Now I can not sit on m couch because it feels like I'm sitting on wood. Raymore and Flanigan were are going to the better business burea because you are the worst

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  • Al
    Always Gets Results Feb 06, 2009

    When you have problems with companies never stop at their customer service department. Send letter via certified/return receipt or priority/delivery confirmation to: president of company, better business bureau, consumer affairs, local politicians, and any other agency you can think of that they are accountable to. Then send a copy of this letter to them with the cc's of the names of the agencies on that letter. I have had to do this in the past and always get a rapid response. They have to know you mean business. This also works in other situations when you are being treated unfairly. Never take things like this lying down.

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  • Qu
    quaid Feb 06, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    they were great with me when i had an issue, fast and courteous and on my schedule.
    I'm sorry you had bad luck, i had a great experience with them.

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