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When there is a product problem, I return it and not always but most times it is accepted back, of course. My having to store rotten fruit or bad whatevers in my fridge and then bring it back is all on me – not of course ! In last cple of months I have returned more than ever and am now wondering if there is NO QUALITY CONTROLS in place or if they are lax or what?

Today: This time I had such a bad experience with checker QUIONDRA on Aug 20 2016 @ 9:43 am - per my receipt- that I did deliberately talk to a courteous/ known on-site mgr. He immediately understood and stated the return was appropriate.

I had bought chicken livers in plastic carton at last visit and when opened at home found them to be BRIGHT GREEN as when toxic organs bleed into other organs- liver- and whoever packed these did not look nor see what was being pkg’ed !

It was scary, awful and I immediately disposed of them. I called store, mgr, and was told to bring in lid that shows price, date as I had already discarded receipt – never expecting to take home such a horrid product.
I brought the lid and this haughty & mouthy loud checker Quiondra immediately insisted I have a receipt, she asked for it not just 1x but 3x and when I said I had called mgr and was told it was ok to present lid only…she replied “how do I know you didn’t buy this 3

She was about to argue loudly, having the last word with every utterance to which I do not allow myself to be DEMEANED, INSULTED, TREATED AS A BAD CHILD OR DISREPECTED EITHER – by anyone, especially an employee of Ralphs ! Then futher when I said I would move –and started to put my items back into cart – off of her counter and go away elsewhere = when a manager [African American mgr in blue shirt that I see regularly and we greet often] walked by and I spoke to him.

I told him about my return, showed him the lid, and still the checker was busy loudly DEFENDING her bad attitude and thus blaming me – now she was saying “I was just….. asking for receipt as I am suppose to “ -a policy that can be performed in more than 1 way. She had been belligerent, righteous, and demanded I was not following ‘her’ orders as if she owned the store ??? huh ??? That I was not to be trusted or believed ?

After I put my items in cart and walked away this clerk continued to YELL LOUDLY at me, defending her self as “right” and thus me ‘wrong’ and to have the ‘last word’ – which is a power play and I refuse to allow this. I walked away to where I found a different manager, who helped me and heard me.

But I chose to not allow this to happen to me/ or others / again !!!

Aug 20, 2016
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  • Ma
      Aug 20, 2016

    checker said " how do I know you didnt buy this 3 months ago ?" as if I were trying to cheat her/ the company ! [left out from above -sorry]

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