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Ralphs Grocery - Continuous harassment

From the time I walk in the door until the time I walk out the door I am followed by ralphs employees security guards plain closed floor walkers like I am trying to steal something
Last night iwent in for one of their sandwhiches and sure the tired bored security guard follows me out the door gives me this long tired look while I am waiting to cross the street! This is just after I think he the security guard put a 6'10"drunk black on me to wave his hands all in my face trapping me in between him and the trying to check out in front of me
I am not sure if this was done on purpose but the huge black guy kept waving his arms talking crazy saying go on go on go on all the while I couldnot because there wa some one in front of me
The check out clerk was rude when I asked how he was doing he ig nored me and said absolutely nothing like I was not there so I swiped my card and I left and that is when I noticed the security guard had followed me out the store so when I looked over my shoulder I spoke to him politely and he said nothing turned around and walked back in the store like I did not exist just like the check out clerk did when I checked out
I feel hurt rejected insulted humiliated violated conspired against stepped on taken advantage of used and rudely treated like less than an animal. This kind of behavior is what I can expect every time I go in there and I have no reason to see why they are going out of their way to be childishly mean to me
Another example is if I ask a clerk for information about an item they ignore me every time if I go to the restroom I swear they follow me in there! And twice when I ordered from the buffet the lady says,"oh you do" and it was so foul to taste I had to throw it and when I ordered roast beef they cut me large chunks of mostly fat over half inch thick all the while I kept saying no no and I know roast beef should be cut in thinner slices. I will never order from their bufet it was so bad I couldnt hardly eat one bite and threw the rest away!
This has not been all! I bought moldy provalone cheese, two of the toughest tasteless canteloupes and three water mellons that were to tough to eat and no flavor almost like eating rind except one was rotten or overripe and also taste less
I am 62 years old do not drive a car and am disabled I also go to 24 hour fitness right across the street and I moved in ths neighborhood for the obvious reasons and sometimes after my physical therapy at the fitness center I am hungry and will stop in ralphs for something to eat and to be honest with you I am getting infuriated with this constant which has been ongoing for quite some time. There have been other incidents but I just do not see the need just keep going on and on. I just wish they would get off my back and treat people decently or I am going to sue just out of general principal. I wish this would never had happened but it wont stop and I am getting infuriated with them. Make them stop I plan on complaining to bbb ftc the chamber of commerce and ayone else who will listen. Thank you regarding my complaint I wish it never would have come to this. Why?

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