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Ralphs Grocery - customer service

I would like to start this off by stating that I appreciate Ralphs very much, and have been shopping at Ralphs for all my grocery needs for over the past decade. I also worked for Ralphs as a courtesy clerk/cashier for 2 years while in my senior year of high school and my first year of college([protected]). I learned a lot from Ralphs, and one important skill that Ralphs really taught me was customer service. As a courtesy clerk, I was responsible for returning unused shopping carts to the front of the store, and bagging groceries. I was the quiet type, but learned real quick that I was required to speak up, greet and create minimal conversation with customers while they were checking out. This is a skill I still have to this day, and has really helped me grow up. Fast forward to present times, I recently had a visit to the nearest Ralphs that I have been shopping at for the past six months or so since my recent move to Dana Point. (24871 Del Prado, Dana Point CA, 92629). Every employee/cashier that I have interacted with at this Ralphs location up until this point have been nothing but respectful to me up until Wednesday (10/14/15). My friend and I had a very bizarre altercation with a cashier(Catherine H.) at around 8pm when we stopped by to buy a 24 pack of Rolling Rock(beer). My friend (Zack) and I placed the beer on the conveyer belt and without any sort of greeting, the cashier says "Ok who is paying for the alcohol." To which then Zack said, "that will be me." Catherine H. says "Are you over 21?" Without any response, Zack pulls out his California Drivers License and proceeds to hand her his license. Catherine H. takes the license from Zacks' hand, looks him in the eye and says, "I'M GOING TO ASK YOU ONE MORE TIME, are you over 21?" In complete shock, slightly embarrassed(there were customers behind us that witnessed this awkward moment) and not realizing if Catherine H. is joking or actually serious, Zack replies, "Excuse me?, I just handed you my Identification, it states my date of birth right there." Catherine H. then says, "Ok I'm cancelling this transaction, and you boys are going to have to buy your alcohol elsewhere." to which Zack replies, "this is bull****." I then ask Catherine what is the reasoning for this, and she says she has the right to refuse any sale. As Catherine H. is putting the beer aside for a "go-back" I ask for a manager. Catherine H. points over to the on duty manager (Azi/Ozzi Jaleb). I immediately walk a few steps to Ms. Jaleb and start to tell her that there is a problem and Catherine is refusing a sale for whatever reason, and without even acknowledging me Ms. Jaleb starts walking towards Catherine's register and asks her what is going on. Catherine H. states, "I am refusing this sale of alcohol because the customers are being rude, not responding to my questions and cussing at me." (Ms. Jaleb could care less what our side of the story was, as we tried to explain to her what exactly happened and she immediately interrupted us saying we can buy the alcohol at her register.) Okay, no problem. We then move to Ms. Jaleb's isle and wait for her to finish processing her current customer ahead of us. About a minute and a half later, Ms. Jaleb finishes up with her customer and starts looking at the receipt printer and the current receipt printed.(Previous customers receipt?) Zack and I are patiently waiting for about another long awkward minute as Ms. Jaleb, not facing us, is looking at the previous customers receipt(no customers behind us). Ms. Jaleb finally turns to us and says "you need to learn how to talk"(exact words) and that we have to go elsewhere to buy our alcohol. Completely surprised/confused and without any arguing or outburst, we left the store and bought out alcohol at the Rite-Aid in the same shopping plaza. This was the most bizarre situation either of us have ever been in. Neither of us have ever been refused service at any establishment, yet alone have been treated this way in a place where we are providing business. Although it's very minor, I have been bothered by this for the past few days. I went into the very same Ralphs tonight to buy a few groceries and immediately had flashbacks of this incident (which is when I decided to write this complaint.) I was looking out for Catherine H. to avoid her line but did not see her working, but did see the manager Ms. Jaleb. I avoided any sort of potential contact with Ms. Jaleb because I was completely uncomfortable and left the store as soon as I could. This has effected me in the most bizarre way, and I have never felt this way in my life at any business/store I have shopped at. Zack and I felt completely discriminated (Perhaps it might have something to do with the fact that we "college males in our mid 20's buying alcohol, " which I'm sure Catherine H. and Ms. Jaleb have had problems with in the past but not with us personally). This is the first complaint I have ever written in my life for any business (I don't even use Yelp) but I am not trying to get Catherine H. or Ms. Jaleb in any sort of trouble, I'm sure they are great people, maybe they were just having a bad day. I hate to judge people off of one minor experience but I feel this incident should be brought up to the person in charge of paying these employees. Maybe these women have had complaints in the past, maybe not. But I am just doing my part in letting the people in charge know about this. If I were running a business where my employees were acting like this, I would certainly like to know. Thank you for your time in reading this.

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