Planet Fitness-souderton / ladies locker room

Souderton, PA, United States

The gym was a supermarket before. After opening the sink area had outlets nearby which we used for haridryers and putting on our makeup as the lighting is much better in that part of the gym. They covered over the outlets so now you can only put your make up on here. They only reason we use this area is because the lighting is better. The power outages started if more than two people dry their hair at the same time. several times it was days before we could dry our hair. Instead of fixing the problem, they have now covered over all but two outlets. Four people can shower, only two can dry their hair! Instead of encouraging people to come, it hampers going in the morning. THe area is also not getting cleaned as well. If you go after work there are times when you have to wait for machines. Keep the free bagels once a month a give us some electric! THe place is a joke, nobody can help you. They say they don't know who managers are or how to contact them.

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