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YMCA of the USA

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United States - 60606

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+1 800 872 9622 17 8
+1 312 977 0031 0 2
+1 313 267 5300(YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit ​​) 0 3
+1 414 291 9622(YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee) 1 1

YMCA Complaints & Reviews

Ymca / abrupt cancellation of ymca family membership

Nirvan007 on Sep 21, 2017
My family(3 members) registered for YMCA membership with Aetna insurance on 07SEP2017. In addition, I signed up for 3 activities. On 19SEP2017, while I was there to attend one of the activities for 3rd week, my membership card was declined and the reason was the "cancellation of...

Ymca / worker

TybeeLove on Sep 21, 2017
This one worker Celeste at the Tybee Island, GA YMCA gym is so rude and horrible. She made my son cry. Whenever she is there she pesters my sister and I and we always end up leaving because she kills the mood. Celeste is not fit to work there at all. She does not do anything there like...

Ymca / employment fraud

jason mcnutt on Sep 18, 2017
i called this company several times and my name suddenly appeared in their systems. i have never worked there. paperwork and paychecks may have been processed as well. this was on 11/01/2016. someone was employed there in the past using my information as well. paperwork and paychecks may...

Ymca / unethical behaviour of the director

horse_stang05 on Aug 29, 2017
The director of the Elwood Indiana YMCA is very unprofessional. He openly swears, he is never at the facility, the staff openly complains about how he handles anything related to the staff (always saying that he's "working from home"), he rarely answers any texts, calls, or emails from hi...

Ymca / ymca summer camp hanby wilmington delaware

Nef G on Aug 7, 2017
My son was being picked on by an older kid in the pool, kid was pulling his trunks up giving him a weggie, and pulling him under the water, my kid was disciplined for defending himself when I asked where are the supervisors he says they don't pay much attention because they are too busy on...

Ymca / summer camp

Larry G. Drummonds Jr on Jul 24, 2017
On July 13th 2017 my 6 year old son left the cecil county ymca summer camp program on his own. He left the building unsupervised, went into the parking lot and no one noticed. My wife brought this to their attention and they have tried to sweep it under the rug. No corrective action ha...

Ymca / disrespectful lifeguard

Franchesca00 on Jul 22, 2017
Me and my 4 kids go to the mt. trashmore ymca. a few days a go a lifeguard (brian) acted in a sexual manner by twerking. I am thinking of discontinuing my ymca membership if this is not dealt right correctly. I am extremely disappointed with my children's experience at this ymca. this happened 7/20/2017 at around 6-8 o'clock. Thank you Franchesca

Ymca / unsanitary pool conditions

Here to complain on Jul 21, 2017
Twice this week a child has committed in the Greater Hartford YMCA pool. And the only action taken was use of the net and shock, once. No vacuum, and the boss let people swim in the area of the incident without informing anybody of what had happened. That is disgusting and needs to be...

Ymca / hour to use the pool.

Reina lopez on Jun 19, 2017
Today, me and two girls went in took a shower to get ready to get in the pool. When we were ready, the safeward told us that we couldn't use the pool. To go back from 7 to 9pm. YMCA didn't send any notification to let members know about new shcedule. If there is no access to the pool a...

Ymca / I am trying to stop the services

Wessam79 on Jun 15, 2017
I and my family didn't go to YMCA for almost 3 months, because we were not available and when I asked them to stop the services because we will be not available in U.S. and will travel they asked me to pay the monthly payment or cancel but give 15 days notes. I am keeping say that we...

Ymca / membership

Yolanda Veal on Jun 12, 2017
I went into the YMCA in Clinton to apply for financial assistance for a gym membership. I was informed to fill out the entire packet, which I did. I took the application back and was given an amount that was not in my budget and I advised them that was out of my budget. I was then told...

Ymca / ymca disability swim program northcote aquatic centre

lisa silbermann on Jun 7, 2017
My 7 year old son receives one on one lessons through the Disability Access at Northcote Pool every Thursday between 6-6.30pm. NDIS FUNDED. I have sent an email re: concern about my son's teacher 'Mayve', and her lack of care, concern and engagements. As well as her interest in talking to...

Ymca / open fondling and kissing at the rauner y

Carl and Constance Reed on May 15, 2017
Today, we advised Louisa Williamson (supposedly the exec. dir. of Rauner)about the young female fondling and kissing in front of the floor length window at the Y where the staff who witnessed it turned a blind eye and swore they did not see it, although we watched them watch the event...

Ymca / after school care

Orogisell on Apr 27, 2017
I experienced a very unpleasent situation today at my son's school. As i was waiting for him i witnessed one of the YMCA after school teacher speaking to a chile in a very offensive way. Not just that but asked the child to stand up when the kid stood up and went up to her she said " im...

Ymca / cussed at by another member

cmskinow on Apr 24, 2017
I was at the St Augustine, FL YMCA this morning 4/24. I arrived at 8:15 a.m. to workout on the treadmill before my personal training class. There was no one else on the treadmills. I noticed the fan was off and I turned it on. At approximately 8:45 a.m. 2 men came on and one got on the...

Ymca / david d. hunting ymca unprofessional behavior

Kristen Orr on Apr 13, 2017
I recently resigned my position at the YMCA. I had a lot of problems: not receiving checks, a manager coming into a family bathroom at me and getting close to my face and yelling. Also, after resigning, today I was told my membership was cancelled. My fiancé and I (we are gay) were refused to be...

YMCA - Auckland New Zealand / ymca is not a community-based organisation any longer

Karen Williams on Mar 30, 2017
YMCA manage our local Auckland council swimming pool called the Onehunga YMCA War Memorial pools and fitness centre. YMCA took over management a couple of years ago. Prior to this another company managed the complex and we often enjoyed fundraisers; twice a 24hr spinathon (sitting on a...

Ymca / space2, newcastle

Layla.hunter on Mar 30, 2017
Hello there, My name is layla hunter. I previously worked on a voluntary basis at Newcastle YMCA Space2, pilgrim street. I personally believe that this center does not have enough versatility and does not seem open to a variety of young people. As when I was attending as a young person...

Ymca / check in, customer relations

Carrie66 on Mar 28, 2017
Prescott arizona, The older woman sitting at the desk, short skinny and white hair, was so rude, I asked a question and she snapped at me as if I had said something personal, When I asked if it was my tattoos, my face or if we knew each other personally she went into this rude attitude...

YMCA , East Shore / unethical employee

Mcgroary on Mar 25, 2017
I was a member at the East Shore YMCA in Harrisburg, PA for about 5 months. I went to the YMCA to workout to deal with depression from pregnancy and the death of my daughter's father. My daughter's father was mentally and physically abusive for the 2+ years we were together. While a member I...

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