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Many women are sexually harassed at the Planet Fitness location in downtown Salt Lake City Utah. It is harassing in nature for men to choose a machine next to a woman when there are plenty empty ones to choose from. Then to constantly stare at the woman, watching her breasts and private parts while she is working out. Also, deliberately looking at the private parts of himself. When you move to another machine, you are observed by the male staff of Planet Fitness who get perterbed by this and join in on the harassment by constantly staring at you and asking you if you membership is up to date. Many of the female staff of Planet Fitness are obese by at least 250 pounds, have severe acne on their faces, have very low self esteem, and say harassing comments to beautiful and fit female patrons of Planet Fitness like "That makes me so sick I could puke". This is highly unprofessional behavior. I suggest women do not use Planet Fitness especially if they are beautiful.

May 21, 2015
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      17th of Nov, 2018

    I'm a middle aged woman that was kicked out of the Longmont Co Planet Fitness on my birthday of all days (Nov 6). I was a black card member who was transferred over from 19 Hour Fitness because it closed. It was an automatic transition to a black card member. I've been a member for a few years now. A couple of weeks ago I was harassed by another member. I was in the circuit room along with this male member (do not have his name) and a female and a few minutes later another female. I was moving from machine to machine following the timed green light/red light but skipped 2 machines because of a sore knee. I caught up to him and (later found out) his girlfriend because they were prolonging their routine and not following the green/red timed light. So I bypassed them and went to the last machine and then was going to backtrack the 2 machines that they were on. When I moved back a machine, that is when he became loud and belligerent instead of skipping me like I had with him. His girlfriend had left the room just before this incident but his voice was so loud that it could be heard across the center and it's a large area. There was another lady in the circuit room that was a witness on my behalf. He proceeded to call me vulgar names and threatened me by saying "I'll get my girlfriend to beat you up". I came right back at him because I could not take his abuse without standing up for myself. I only wished I would have called the police but did not have my phone with me. The staff came back because everyone could hear him and he made it seem like it was at fault when he initiated it. I talked to Isack (last name)the manager a few days later and did not get a good sense of understanding from him and felt he siding with the perpetrator. He also had told my witness that this guy membership was being pulled. When I came back a week or so later, I walked in just as the perpetrator and girlfriend were leaving and I simply (only thinking out loud) as I was checking in, "I'm glad they are leaving". So the employee ran to the manager making it seem that I was being rude to him when it wasn't directed at him and lied said that I said the 'f" word which I don't recall doing. So as I was working out, the manager came back to tell me not to harass his employee. So I said I wasn't directing that to him, just talking in the air and then I said "What a snitch". So then he said "Come with me, I'm pulling your membership". So I get harassed and threatened and I'm the one kicked out, with no hesitation!

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