Karate America Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] Karate America / warrior x fit and krav maga

Jul 08, 2019

Karate AmericaI came into the gym in response to an ad that said first month free free month for membership - a $499 value. Once I was in the class I was pulled out and told the reason why it's free is that it's totally not (haha great trick guys) I was then told I could pay 500 to lose either...

Karate America / rip-off

Jul 27, 2018

SCAM. I bought a Groupon for each of my children for 16 classes at $30 each. I knew I'd have to buy the uniforms and was OK with that but when I went to the studio I was not given that option but rather had a choice between 2 sums both equal to my car payment. I signed up because I...

Karate America / fake charges

Aug 31, 2017

Money hungry a main portion of each session is attempting to get kids to sell the program to their friends. They charge and charge and charge and nothing learned except to stay away. I paid cash for something and they are still chasing me saying unpaid. I had receipt to show them and they...

Karate America / Military Cancellation

Apr 18, 2013

My complaint with Karate America is the way that they handle their cancellations. On short notice I received military orders to another state. As requested i provided a copy of my orders and signed some paper work. Good to go? Apparently not. Three years later I find out on my credit...

Karate America Jacksonville, Florida / WHAT A SCAM !!!!!!!


What a HUGE SCAM this place is. They have very deceptive practices. Our 9 yrs old daughter wanted to try out karate so we took her to Karate America on Hodges Blvd, which is Windsor Park location. After about 2 months of attending karate, my husband went in to pay the fee for the next six...

Karate America / Rip off


Karate America is a total rip off!! When you first sign up you have to sign a contract which is not a big deal. I will pay the $180 a month but the problem is NO ONE ever said anything about all the added expenses that are beyond ridiculous. You have to pay for every belt, uniform...

Karate America / Should Have Started Sooner


We are really enjoying the classes. Alex loves the lessons and can hardly wait on a "Karate Day", as we call it, to get done with school and head over to the dojo. The interaction with the other students and the instructors is great and Alex will usually not stop talking about what went on...

ATA Karate America / Complete scam


My son is 6 years old. We signed up for karate lessons this past April. As most children, lately he has decided that he doesn't want to continue the lessons as most 6 year olds won't have their attention held for very long. I've also come into some financial hardship...

Karate America / Cancel contract military orders


I am moving to Italy, my wife just got military orders there. I talked with my instructor and he gave me a number to talk to Karate America to notify them of my cancelation. This seems like a simple process. I called them and told them my wife got orders to Italy and asked what paper work...

Karate America / Great Service!!!


Everyone just thinks about punching and kicking but I am very impressed with the lessons that they teach children such as courtesy, integrity, discipline, and confidence. No where else have I ever seen this done before!!!‎

Karate America / TOTAL SCAM


COMPLETE RIP-OFF AND TOTAL SCAM! Stay far away from Karate America. They are a McDojo more interested in putting the ninja moves on your wallet than anything else. It is impossible to cancel their membership and it is a complete rip-off. Go to /link removed/ and search for Karate America...