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ASF Payment Solutions Complaints & Reviews

ASF Payment Solutions / membership cancellation

May 06, 2018

On last August, I've enrolled for a fitness center around my town. However, because of the huge amount of projects and college works, I found out that this wouldn't work for me right after a month. I sent the text message to my gym trainer many times and tried to call her since she wa...

ASF Payment Solutions / child contracts unethical

Dec 22, 2015

I charge ASF, and its enforcement of "child contracts" as indifferent, negligent, reckless child endangerment. ASF utilizes bullying tactics, through binding "contracts" that force children to remain connected with programs even when the programs demonstrate a negative impact on...

ASF International / contract


My son wanted to sign up for karate with ATA of America, a martial arts company, and I signed a three year contract with ASF International for financing. For the past year I had multiple surgeries on my right foot, so I was unable to drive my son back and forth to his classes. I wanted to...

ASF International / over withdrawal


Never give this company any E.F.T. information!! They are dis-honest, and can not be trusted. They will lie to you, and drain your banking account. Legal action is in the works. They should be fined, and closed. All the customers they have ripped off should be paid back. How can they stay...

ASF International / bad service


From the beginning of the contract signing problems began. Things like, ASF was unable to process my debit card for the EFT. So, they set up a manual billing and they tack on an additional $20 monthly fee. After three attempts to resolve with ASF and the person at Triple Boxing, I gave up...

ASF International / billing with out a contract


ASF International just sent me a bill for 360.00 dollars when my gym contract ran out last July. I have been paying month to month as we used the gym. I haven't used the gym in 3 months and never recieved a bill either, and I never signed a new contract with my gym.And I never signed...

ASF International / cancellation of service


My son started taking martial arts classes and participated for 6 months. The Martial Arts school (The Source Academy, Tigard Oregon) uses ASF international as a billing company. Despite the fact that I notified The Source Academy that we were quitting, ASF refused to stop charging my credit...

ASF International / deceptive contracts


I signed a contract with a martial arts facility for my son. My son has medical issues that do not allow him to continue the class. When I called the studio, much to my surprise I was told that they had nothing to do with the contractual obligations; that I would have to call ASF. The...

ASF International / rip off


ASF are frauds!! A guy named andrew came to my gym to promote his company (training solutions) and basically he was telling me about their programs they had he said there was a 1month, 3 month, 6month, and a year plan, he said for 1 month there were 4 sessions for 100 dollars so me bein so...

ASF International / they're crimminals!


You guys are full of ###! ASF International are a bunch of thieves and what is really disgusting is that their clients don't like their practices either! I have talked to the original creditor about my issue with ASF and they have told me that they are having trouble with them a...

ASF International / cancellation process


My wife and I signed our daughter up for a 36 month karate program. I should have known trouble lurked around the corner when the sensei put more effort into his sales pitch than that of his teachings. By the way Two Dragons Karate in Graham, WA is whole other story! Nonetheless, we signed...

ASF International / fraudulent practices


1. I am currently trying a solution as follows (excerpt from "Here is a simplified version of the things which must occur in order to establish a case for fraud: 1. D makes a representation about a fact. 2. D knows that the representation is false, OR he...

ASF International / fees fees and more fees


Asf are a bunch of crooks. i sighned up for mile high karate and even before signing the contract i told them that i would be moving to san diego beforE the expiration of the contract because my husband is in the military. they said that was not a problem and all i had to do was give them a...

ASF International / billing/refund/lack of customer service


Here is my email correspondence to and from ASF International, start from the bottom and work your way up: Samuel, First of all, the sorry doesn't do anything at this point. Answer this, why in all the times I've actually spoken to anyone at ASF and in the original email you...

ASF International / billing


During Spring of 2009 I was told by a friend that a gym called Intoxx Fitness was opening in June of 2009. I went to Echelon Mall in Voorhees, NJ where they had a recruiting office inside the mall. I signed up for the gym with a $1 down payment and a promise that they were opening in June...

ASF International / will not cancel


Before signing a contract-I asked what the cancelation policy was in case I found myself not using their service. I was told by their rep that there was a $50.00 cxl fee. I thought that was fair and signed. That's when the trouble began. After several months of paying for a service I did...

ASF International / unauthorized withdrawals for membership fees


Upon completing our membership obligations in September 2009, my wife contacted "Title Boxing Club" in Lee's Summit, Missouri via email and told them we were not renewing our membership. The billing company ASF International continued to bill us through January 2010. Title Boxing i...

ASF International / gym membership cancelation


Secret to cancel and get rid of these crooks Complaint rating: In order to cancel you need to forward your mail to a family or friends address located over 25 miles and tell these guys you moved as proof present the postal service confirmation that you forward mail to the new addre...

ASF International - Colorado, Highlands Ranch / cancellation policy


Cancellation of membership with asf I enrolled asf international in august 2009 and was told that my contract could be cancelled if I moved at least 25 miles october, I asked asf staff what was necessary to cancel my contract if I moved and was advised that I needed a lease or...

ASF International / billing after my cancellation

ASF International is a very unethical business. I have cancelled my membership at a local boxing club 4 times and they have continued to bill me with outrageous late fees of about 80% of my fees for the boxing club. After I lost my credit card and they were no longer able to bill my card...

ASF International/Fitness Solution / billing


They were suppose automatically deduct funds from my checking account for 6 months worth of training...we are now going on 9 months. BEWARE of their AUTOMATIC RENEWAL clause! This is an UNETHICAL company!! The steal your money and by the time you figure it out it's too late!

ASF International / refused to cancel membership over a bogus $5 fee


ASF InternationalMy gym membership had an auto renewal clause. At the time I bought membership it was monthly so I gave the gym my account info to debit each month, but I decided it would save me money to pay for a full year. Then when my year was up asf int'l sent me my first statement. Since signing up...

ASF International / billing after membership was cancelled and they don't have a record


My membership was cancelled over a year ago at Lifestyles fitness center which I paid in full with ASF. After one year I have had no contact with them and then I receive a bill in the mail for three additional months and was told my membership was never cancelled. I wrote them two letter...

ASF International / they won't stop drafting my acct!!!


I received a flyer in the mail about a 36 week weight loss program at a nearby gym. I went in and discussed the program with a gentleman from Amerishapes. He laid all the details of the program out and I signed up for it. One of the perks of joining the program was a discounted membership...

ASF International / asf int is a scam - la boxing is in


These people are crooks in every sense of the word. I have had the misfortune of having them for two different gyms I have been a member of (the gyms don't inform you they use ASF). I canceled the account for the first gym and found out two years later that they were inconspicusously...

ASF International / expired debit card


I am a member of Bodyplex gym and my debit bank card expired. Well I never received a notice from ASF International but I did receive a bill full of BS fee's plus the membership and other misc late charges. A return Item billing fee of $29 A duplicate manual billing fee of $25 for a...

ASF International Billing / invoice for services not rendered


I received an invoice today for a membership to World Gym, with a total balance of $330 of which $60 is past due. My problem with this, is it is for a gym in Glen Burnie. I wouldn't drive THROUGH Glen Burnie, let alone drive TO Glen Burnie to work out. I could explain to the customer...

ASF International / giving false billing information


After many calls and attempts on my part to make the cancellation process as complicit to the unstated and uncontracted "policies" of ASF International, I have received yet more misleading information. I was told in a phone conversation with customer service manager Danielle on Friday...

Asf International Payment / still being charged


I was told that my membership would end as of March 20, 2009 but I still have payments coming out of my account as of April 20, 2009. Please get this taken care of.

ASF International / eft billing after cancellation


I called to cancel my account bc of a move; sent them the email confirmation I recieved from USPS; was told it was not valid proof, and that I had to fax the actual letter. Cancelled EFT and received confirmation emails from them. Faxed original letter the day after I got it (on the 10th...

ASF International / continued to charge after cancelling/wouldn't &let& me cancel despite following protocol


I have spoken with many customer representatives, and none of them have been pleasant--much less helpful. I have attempted to cancel my account, but I continue to be charge--even though I have faxed the documents requested. I was first charged for first & last months dues at a Health Club...

ASF International / billing policies


When we signed on to a year of tae kwon do for 2 people, we chose to be billed month by month. ASF sent us a coupon booklet for payment purposes. However, each month, well before the payment is due, they send us a bill with an extra $5.00 charge on it for their trouble, I suppose. We have...

ASF International / scam


These people are the worth I have ever had the unfortunate displasure to deal with. I spoked with gloria casillas a supervisor, she is just the worse there. I requested a credit since these [censored]es charged me for a year after I canceled and got confirmation from my club that account wa...

ASF International / eft fraud


These guys are using eft as a way to steal your many, never give eft to these guys.. Moreover never signed any contract with any club unless is month to month I spoken with sup over there the biggest jerks ever. There is this # gloria who hung up on me. She is evil watch out for the bill...

ASF International / secret to cancel and get rid of these crooks


In order to cancel you need to forward your mail to a family or friends address located over 25 miles and tell these guys you moved as proof present the postal service confirmation that you forward mail to the new address, then you can change address back also some cases they want two...

ASF International / it is all true.. these guys are crooks


I have information about these guys.. They have deals with gyms to scam people. Locking them in contracts. Not only they draft money randomly also they draft minimun amounts to hope go undetected like 5.00.. These guys also are criminals. Still from old bank accounts that they keep in...

ASF International / fitness


Seen hundreds of complaints on google and this web site.. Bottom line, I gave my gym 30 days notice in August 08 with a copy of my new lease and moving bill. Sept was to be the last withdrawl, In Oct there was a withdrawl in the name of ASF International, not my gyms name. I bank canceled...

ASF International / terrible company


I signed a contract with Knuckle Up Fitness in Douglasville, GA, in May 2007 for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. I was injured in a car accident in Sept. 2007. I did not try to cancel my contract until March 2008 because my doctor told me that I should be able to resume normal activities in...

ASF International / awful experience

I signed a contract to participate in Ju-jitsu with local gym. My knee became tender after exercise and then I suffered a separated shoulder a month later while rolling. The shoulder took 16 weeks to heal. I visited the doctor to find out why the minor separation was slow to heal; I wa...

ASF International / billing continues after cancellaing the membership


Hi, I have a complaint. My account number is 291130 On june 4th or 5th, 2008 I phoned the customer sevice to pay off the total amount due including the cancellation fee. Sum of amount 210.94( this includes everything cancellation fee and amount due). Ireceived a letter that my account i...