EOS Fitness Complaints & Reviews

EoS Fitness / cancellation not completed.

Sep 09, 2019

When signing up for a membership, I was told that when I needed to move due to my husband's military orders, that it wouldn't be an issue cancelling my membership. All I would need to provide were his orders and our housing application in order to show that we had moved. We moved in July...

EoS Fitness / falsely charged

Sep 09, 2019

On aug.29th 2019 my bank chase bank shows a charge in the amount of 35.14 from eos fitness I was falsely charged. I have no membership.havent signed up for anything. Matter of fact I was out of town when this charged occured. I was falsely charged this need to be taken care of immediately...

EoS Fitness / water fitness/pool

Aug 10, 2019

I have been taking the water fit classes on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday for the last 10 months. Up until just recently (within the last month), the classes have exploded to over 35 people in each class when the website for enrolling in the class clearly states the max is 25 people. I...

EoS Fitness / harassment

Aug 08, 2019

Good afternoon, I am emailing today to ask for the direct contact information of whoever is best suited to handle a very serious issue that I am experiencing, regarding being harassed by an employee at the EOS gym in Murrieta, CA. It is absolutely ridiculous to me that, as a paying member...

Eos Fitness Las Vegas Aliente/Centennial Pkwy / waiting

Sep 17, 2018

Wen't to the gym with questions about my bill and ready to pay for it. Was told to wait for the manager from 5:30pm amd we gave up waiting at 6:20pm. I understand he was held up by another client but we shouldnt of been told to keep waiting and waiting while he never showed up for about an...

EoS Fitness / Health fitness club

Apr 05, 2017

Do not believe the $9.99/month advertise! Lowest price for a couple is more than $22.95, and one would be a gust! Plus, you will be charged a yearly maintenance fee of $40. None of these were informed when you join. We have to cancel the membership due to health issues, then we were told...

EoS Fitness / Cancellation Policy / Renewal Fees

Jun 03, 2016

EoS gym is great at billing you and not notifying you. I haven't gone to this gym in over 4 months now, and just got charged for an annual fee of $50 without any kind of notification for renewal. Whether or not that is part of the contract, this is an easy way to keep people stuck in a...

EoS Fitness / The lady said that it was non-refundable deposit, but I heard about it for the first time

Jan 10, 2016

I have paid for 3 months training program. The company EoS Fitness informed me that I needed to continue it or to cancel in the end of the third month. I was surprised when they charged me again, but I have informed the rep that I wanted to cancel their subscription. I wanted to return the...