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Charged for a payment that was supposed to be frozen- still haven't received refund

Hi, I was charged a personal training payment that was scheduled to be frozen on Feb. 10th, 2020. It over drafted my account and I had to pay a 36.00 fee from my bank. It was agreed a week prior to be frozen and that my next payment wouldn't be until 24th of Feb. I spoke to someone on the 10th when the payment came out, and they said they knew what happened and put in for it to be refunded vi two different methods. It's now 9 days later, and I haven't received anything and when I call the gym, they say it least been received, but not processed. This mistake cost me an overdraft fee and screwed up what I had budgeted for my other bills. I would really like to receive my refund or some explanation of what's happening. My training is now frozen for three months (so I was told) so I can catch up, but I still need my refund as well.

travis, the trainer supervisor

When I signed up for the gym? Travis talked yo me about a trainer. I told him that I was newly retired and...

improper billing

I'm attending EOS for a few months with my family. However, I canceled my wife's registration in person at...

physical training

So I had to cancel my personal training due to school and work my schedule became unpredictable so it was best for me to cancel cause I won't be able to make it just for me to be informed that I have to continue paying until April. So not only will I not be able to make these appointments I have to pay for something that I'm not going to be able to use I don't wanna cancel my gym membership I just couldn't do the physical training portion of it nor was I informed there was a six-month commitment to the physical training. Had I known that I wouldn't of paid for it not only that I was not aware that it was $148 for two 30 minute sessions.

customer service

I'm a member of the gym on centinnial & simmons. The customer service sucks!!! And the facility is a...

the manager nehha

I'm a new starting member of this location, due to work reason had to cancel the membership. Manager on...

neglect, possible wrongful death and theft

My husband was in physical distress. Gym NEVER called me during their attempts to "revive" him or even after...


I was hurt on the job at the time of training with eos fitness.. I went in and spoke with the managers of the...


I need my money back is 148 dollars for nothing plus 34 dollars they charged in my husband account and is not my account for a training that I didn't take it I told Katie dont charge in my husband checking account because is not under my name but they charged...I spoke to the manager I cancel the program and I need my money back...but they dont say anything and they dont call me back. I want to know Who is the general manager?

  • Je
    Jesus Valadez Feb 20, 2020

    I’ve only been going to the gym for a month and I’m paying the $18 membership, and when I looked at my checking account they charged me $71!? I don’t have a personal trainer and I don’t take classes so idk if they cost extra, so what did they charge me for??

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lack of customer service

I've been a member of the EOS gym on Centinnial and Simmons for 3yrs. Now. When Qunn was the manager...

cancellation not completed.

When signing up for a membership, I was told that when I needed to move due to my husband's military orders, that it wouldn't be an issue cancelling my membership. All I would need to provide were his orders and our housing application in order to show that we had moved. We moved in July, however I did not have the paperwork available just yet and so I was ok with paying for one month that I wasn't using. I called and asked where to send the paperwork once I had it at the end of July. I was given an email for their supervisor and was assured it would be all taken care of. I sent the requested documents... twice now. And they are still charging me each month and this supervisor hasn't been responding and no one is helpful when I call. So now, I have called my bank and letting them handle blocking any charges going forward. This is insane to me that they can't get their [censored] together. I'm sorry but when I signed up I made it very clear that I needed to be able to cancel when PCS orders came in. Don't tell me it won't be a problem when it clearly seems to be a problem. I wouldn't have signed up to begin with then.

falsely charged

On aug.29th 2019 my bank chase bank shows a charge in the amount of 35.14 from eos fitness I was falsely charged. I have no membership.havent signed up for anything. Matter of fact I was out of town when this charged occured. I was falsely charged this need to be taken care of immediately.
You can reach me at
Jennifer chambers
My address is
5480 s scott pl
Chandler az 85249

  • Ke
    Kevin Ferguson Sep 09, 2019

    Wouldn't it make more sense to report it to them rather than posting your home address randomly on the internet? Google them and call.

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  • Je
    Jen chambers Sep 09, 2019

    @Kevin Ferguson Yes. You are right. I didnt even think about that. Actually I didnt realize everyone can read it. Can I cancel it so my address and all other info isnt public like that. Thank you.

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water fitness/pool

I have been taking the water fit classes on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday for the last 10 months. Up until...


Good afternoon, I am emailing today to ask for the direct contact information of whoever is best suited to...


Wen't to the gym with questions about my bill and ready to pay for it. Was told to wait for the manager from 5:30pm amd we gave up waiting at 6:20pm. I understand he was held up by another client but we shouldnt of been told to keep waiting and waiting while he never showed up for about an hour. We were also sitting patiently before the lady who was helped even came in, she was just more demanding so he helped her first. Terrible experience

health fitness club

Do not believe the $9.99/month advertise! Lowest price for a couple is more than $22.95, and one would be a gust! Plus, you will be charged a yearly maintenance fee of $40. None of these were informed when you join.

We have to cancel the membership due to health issues, then we were told extra month payment + $15.00 cancellation fee, this is all news to us! We have not be able go to the Gem for months, we called in April 2nd to cancel the membership, but they already charged the $40 maintenance fee on April 1st for 2017, we asked for refund, they refused, and said they will send collect agency if we do not pay the extra month fee! Why should I pay for the service I am not use? Why they did not tell us before we join?
I did not have such experience with 24hrs fitness when we moved and has to cancel the membership!

cancellation policy / renewal fees

EoS gym is great at billing you and not notifying you. I haven't gone to this gym in over 4 months now, and...

the lady said that it was non-refundable deposit, but I heard about it for the first time

I have paid for 3 months training program. The company EoS Fitness informed me that I needed to continue it or to cancel in the end of the third month. I was surprised when they charged me again, but I have informed the rep that I wanted to cancel their subscription. I wanted to return the payment and called to their office. The lady said that it was non-refundable deposit. I heard about this deposit for the first time. Be caution with their subscription.

  • Jo
    jon dix Aug 01, 2019

    had my locker broke & my car stole onJuly 21 sunday morning. no one at the front desk, and the person that stole my car just walk in & walk out of EOS fitness on 8125 w sahara not a safe place? and no managers care the thing care about is them self

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