Planet Fitness Durbanville / account - they steal money

South Africa
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They insisted I pay my contract ahead of time in fill!!!,. I did this and now for the last 2 months they have been debiting my account. The amounts don't even make sense, they keep on changing the amount as I have had to block them via my bank...

I cant get hold of anyone who can help me with this and refund my money, their contract procedures are a joke... Legally I can literally take them to the cleaners and am strongly considering it.

I wish that we could all stand together and force them to fire the monkey that is obviously in charge of their admin departments.. They * money from you, they refused to amend my contract when I payed up front, and just as I feared they are now able to debit my account whenever the please.

This is scary, I can believe nothing has been done about this yet..

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