Pizza Hut / poor service / delivery issue

Wahiawa, HI, United States

We ordered 3 large pizza and 2 bottles of soda on August 26, at 7:04 p.m and spent $72 worth of pizza. Then, they told us that we had to wait for our order but they took long so, we called back and they said we had to wait an hour more and we were getting irritated. We called the management and filed a complaint that there service is taking long. My kids were waiting for two hours and its almost 9:30 and when they came their large pizza looked like a small and if you look at this photo, we ordered all this for $72. The pizza hut is located in Wahiawa, hawaii so if you feel the same way, you should make this message go viral because, everyone needs to read this.

Pizza Hut

Aug 27, 2016

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