Pizza Hutpoor service and wrong order

A Nov 28, 2017

I called in a delivery order to my local Pizza Hut, as I have plenty of times, last night. The gentleman that took my call had me repeat my phone number at least 7 times and proceeded to get ALL of my information as he says I've never ordered there before (probably because he was continuing to put in the wrong phone number even after the 7th time.) I ordered the new large one topping ultimate cheese pizza that was advertised for 12.99-pepperoni and a 2 liter Pepsi. My total came out to almost 25 dollars...?? Even with a delivery charge it still should have only been around $20. I told him I would also like a side of ranch and a side of marinara and would pay the additional charge. But I questioned the price and was repeatedly told that my total was so high because of delivery fees. So I just dropped the fact that they were charging me $17 for a pizza that was on sale and just paid for it anyway. When we got the pizza it looked like there was extra cheese but no pepperoni and to top it off it had garlic Parmesan sauce instead of marinara on the pizza. I could have let this go if I had received the side of marinara with it but I didn't receive that either. The pizza was terrible. 8 don't eat white sauce on pizza and that is not the way it is supposed to be made. Basically we paid $25 for a pizza to go to the dogs because it wasn't what we ordered or wanted. What a shame.

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