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At 5:33 CST today 11-07-2018 I called local Pizza Hut number in Centerville, Ia and after barely a ring it put us into a call center line. I ordered a personal pan pizza, 1 order of cheese sticks and asked for a personal size chicken milano. I was told that is not available is no longer in the menu, so settled for a personal size chicken alfredo, ended up getting to pizza hut and asking when they stopped having chicken Milan on their menu and were told they have it, then we mentioned the prices must have really increased and find out it showed we ordered 2 family orders of cheese sticks, a personal pan and a pan of chicken alfredo with a side order of 5 plain bread sticks no sauce so basically order was ridiculously messed up. If in the future we call and are placed with customer call center where apparently the staff is inept we will no longer eat at pizza hut.

Nov 07, 2018
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  • Er
      Nov 09, 2018

    The service fee that they began charging their customer whether carry out or delivery as I was told by my regular pizza hut place where I live said that its for their new answering system. When you call to order pizza and they are too busy to answer, it will automatically transfer you to a call center overseas and talk with the customer service and order it for you by computer. Still when I called it took them a long time to pick up and spoke with a heavy accent lady and offer a lot of other things for extra fee. I told her I just want to order a large peperoni pizza just like I always do. Then she ask me where do i want to pick it up?

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