Pep Boys / rudeness of store manager

2941 Texas Street, Bossier City, LA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 318-742-8768

I went to the Pep Boys store on Friday, June 12, 2015 in Bossier City, LA. I went there to exchange a Bosch battery (96 month - 3 year free replacement) because the battery would not hold the charge. The battery was purchased in May of 2014. Pep Boys is the only store that sells this brand of battery. The label on the battery showed it was shipped to Pep Boys in April 2014. The store manager hooked the battery up to the test equipment. I was told that this test would take approximately 30 minutes. While I was waiting on the test to be completed, I priced a new set of tires for my truck. After doing that, I went back to the testing equipment where the tester was emitting a continuous alarm sound. This was about 45 minutes into the test. Finally, found the manager and showed him what the tester was doing and that after 45 minutes of charging, the battery had only charged to 120 amps. The battery is a 700 amp battery. The manager said that he would have to re-run the test which would take an additional 45 minutes. I told him that I did not have that much time wait and he asked for my telephone number and he would call me later that afternoon to tell me the test results. I informed him that I had enough knowledge about batteries to know that if it did not take a charge in 45 minutes, it would not take a charge at all. The manager became rude and told me that I needed to wait for the retesting and he would not honor the warranty without it. I told him no and to give me my battery back and that I would take it to another Pep Boys store. He continued to be rude and did not want to give me back my battery. I then informed him that I would file a complaint with the corporate office. He then very smugly told me "to go ahead, the complaint will come back to me anyway. Then it's your word against mine." That was the last straw for me. I told him that he could keep the battery and that I would go next door and buy a new battery at the Firestone store. I also told the manager that he had lost a tire sale because of this. As I got to the front door, he then tried to apologize when he saw that I was serious. I told him then that it was too late. I'm gone. This episode is why your consumer rating is so low in almost in every store. One star out of a 5 star rating really stinks. By the way, I did buy a new battery and 4 new tires at Firestone on this day. Submitted by Paul New [protected]

Jun 17, 2015

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