Olive Garden / unprofessional workers

Merrillville, IN, United States

My Name is Elizabeth Shoulders, I dined in your location in Merrillville IN on 1/29/2017 at 20:39:17. My finance and myself choose to celebrate our birthdays there. It brings great sadness to my heart we almost choose Coopers Hawk instead during our visit there we encountered unpleasant behavior. While entering the establishment walking to the host stand the host greets us and we are having a conversation a server by the name of Kelly cuts us off and asks the host why she wasn't phased to go home yet. The host replies first in first out and she then got upset throughout the evening walking past our table she complained over 4 times how she wanted to go home already talking to another server telling him that she wasn't suppose to be there either. It just bring concerns and negatative thoughts about the restaurant. We noticed her uniform was unclean and we felt uncomfortable. My finance and I decided we were just going to leave we felt unwelcome as we were getting up from the table our server by the name Taylor was very pleasant we went as far to ask her if she was our server as we were greeted she stated indeed was and we sat back out. Taylor took our order and is a asset to your company however I will NOT be back I spent almost $60 for complete drama. Servers we standing around counting there money for the night to go home right next to our table having full conversation and all. I really gave this company a higher rating then I thought it actually upholds.thank you for taking the time out to listen.We also didn't let a manger know while dining in we were unhappy we didn't want to seem like we were a bother my finance and myself both work in the hospilitatly industry being a server and a kitchen manager. I really hope you take the time out to properly groom your employees.

Jan 29, 2017

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