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On Thursday, Jan 5, 2 friends and I stopped at the Olive Garden in Coralville, IA at around 1:45 for a late lunch. Our waiter was Joe, and he was wonderful. We were not thrilled with the food. I realize we were past lunch and prior to dinner service, however, we were served the dregs of the lunchtime meal. I ordered Fettucine with grilled chicken. I received Angel Hair pasta which was so dry, I had to ask for extra sauce. Normally, m fettucine is draped in a velvety sauce. Not this time. Leftovers. The chicken was crispy to almost burned on one side. The breadsticks would go hard in about 4 minutes - microwaved? My friend ordered Cavatappi with Alfredo sauce and it was dry and her chicken was also crispy to burned. The other friend ordered Cavatappi with meat balls and received meatballs with no sauce on. Naked meatballs.

So disappointing as we only get to Olive Garden once every 2 months or so and we really look forward to our Olive Garden lunches. We live 50 miles away. And, our bill came to $75.00.

Vicki Bennetts
Box 273
Montezuma, IA 50171

Jan 11, 2017

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