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RE : Account No. [protected]

On 11 November 2017 my husband and myself went to Mr Price Sport in Century City. They did not have the size of the tackies that my husband wanted but said they would get it from your Claremont branch. While we were waiting there, a black lady came to correct an item that was also brought for her from another branch.
The sales assistant wrote it up in a book and said she would phone when the apical arrived.
Needless to say, no telephone call was forth coming.

We went into the branch yesterday and spoke to a Denisha who said she knew nothing about it and the top pages had been torn out of the book so there was no tackies for us. Denisha basically told us that it is not her problem as we needed the sales assistants name.

Now we see there was no problem for the black person that had this transaction done, but we as whites were just discarded. Does Mr Price have racist issues? is it be cause we are white that we don't get the service that the blacks do? Never expected this from your store.

I have had an account for many years with you and have never skipped a payment and this is the service I get. I think it is worse than pathetic. To crown it all, we still don't have the tackies.

I would like a prompt response to this.

Sharon Kruger

Nov 27, 2017

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