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McDonald's / the hygiene and customer service

1 United Kingdom

I sent in a friend to actually get a job behind the scenes and I was [censor] disgusted by what we found. The chip fat just stayed there. Indefinitely. Week on [censor] week. Whoever decided they had 4-5 stars on average in hygiene must have an [censor] for a face and the taste of a preteen girl who still loves 1 Direction. Basically, the food hygiene expert must be remarkably like Simon Cowell. There was also an incident where somebody asked for a burger with no mayo. They complained because they thought they had mayo. But no. It was a spot that had burst on the creature. It literally makes me feel sick that we eat this. You'd think that many issues would be enough. Is it? Is it bollocks. The smug little [censor] hire the sort of guy you'd see in one of those really depressing Scottish police dramas. The miserable gits. I've seen homeless people smile more than the little wankers working in McDonald's. Plus, they always prioritise the drive through. Hello? Mate? I've been waiting here for half a [censor] hour! Do they listen? No. They just get unhappy that you swore at them and toddle off to the drive through. La fin.

Jan 1, 2018

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