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Mcdonalds Restaurant / uncooked food, unclean restaurant

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My family and I went to the McDonalds restaurant located at 10-250 Shawville Blvd. S.E. Calgary to have supper on April 15, 2007 at 6:27 p.m. Customer service was lax and the restaurant did not have one clean table although there was several people on shift "hanging around" in the back doing little or nothing. There floors were littered with garbage. My son, when he had to go to the bathroom, found the facilities disgusting. When we ordered, it came out as we asked. I did not receive my receipt, the only proof that we had ordered is on my bank records. I was halfway through my crunchy chicken club when I bit into the raw center, It was cooked until that point. When I went to complain, I was not given the choice of my money back but given another sandwich. When I got home I went online to complain to the company and was informed I could waste time being on hold through the 1-800 number I was given or go through snail mail. We are a family that go to McDonalds at least once a month and have been quite satisfied with what they offer. This restaurant disappointed us. I was sick to my stomach all night.

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  18th of Sep, 2007
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Sept.18,2007 10:28 a.m. I stopped this morning for breakfast. While waiting my turn is line i notice that some fo the food areas were not clean. I thought to myself i sure won't eat any cookies out of that case it was stored in because of all the finger prints and smears. Than i glancesd over at the Now fridge box that holds salads and fruit boxes the same mess was on the glass.Now its my turn , only to be told that breakfast is not being severd.I told the lady the breakfast menu was still and she said they were cooking lunch. So i leaft.


  1st of Feb, 2008
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I am with you about the complaint options Mcdonald's has to offer, I have been calling the location where I just had my order screwed up @ the drive thru and they won't even pick up the phone. A 1-800 # or snail mail seems to be the only onther option? No e-mail address fro customer service issues, silly, you dropped the ball on this McDonald's, I'm not impressed.

  25th of Feb, 2008
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At least you only go there once a month. Ever notice how many FAT PEOPLE eat at McDonald's?

  29th of Feb, 2008
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i went to mcdonalds a week ago in Val Caron and had a breakfast bureto, and it was cold, everything was cold. I had to go to work and i couldn't turn back, went back 3 days later to indicate my problem and nothing was rectified, i USED to be a fan of the breackfast bureto's buti haven't had one since.

  5th of Mar, 2008
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My Papa went To Mcdonalds Tonight at 6:30 pm and spent £11 On Mcdonalds in Dumbarton And we could not eat any of th chips as they were all hard.

  11th of Apr, 2008
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I ordered a bacon and egg muffin on Tuesday April 8th on route to work. I handed the girl $4.00 and was given 5 cents change. After I had driven through I realized I had been short changed of $1.00 .Whilst this doesn't seem much the fact that I was given the wrong change was annoying. I rang MacDonalds and reported the error. I was promised a refund and a few vouchers as an apology for the mistake. I am still waiting.

  15th of May, 2008
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What ### decided to stop serving breakfast at 10.30 a.m. Who thought that people wanted burgers and fries in the middle of the morning? Who is smoking funny cigs at your Head office?

  22nd of May, 2008
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I go to McDonalds at 901 W. union st. in Morganton, N.C. 28655 At least two times er week. for breakfast.
The food is fine The service is fine the restaurant is clean. I know that they quit serving breakfast at 10:00 am. My complaint is that they set their time clock 7 minutes fast, and I am on a tight schedule so I get to the restaurant at 9:20 their time and they have already stopped their breakfast. And I have been their before and standing in line for 15 or more minutes and when I finally get to be served they have switched to lunch, and I had to go to Hardees for breakfast. (which makes a wonderful gravy biscuit).
They should set their clock according to the public instead of their fast time. I have heard a lot of my friends ( who love to eat at Macs ) complain about the same thing, and they would go somewhere else.

  16th of Aug, 2008
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not happt with the food which i oederd on 15 08 2008.
in store ravenside retail park bexill tn40 2js
had to wait near to 10 mins befor we got food and when the food came it was cold not happy dont think we will b going there againg .

  6th of Oct, 2009
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My son just came back from Red Deer and stopped at the MacDonalds at gasoline alley - He ordered the cheeseburger special with fries. He took two bites of the cheeseburger and it was cold and tasted terrible - he was already back on the highway again so didn't turn around and go back to complain. Hi fries were also cold damp and just awful. He aslo said that the washrooms in this location were absolutley disgusting! Filthy Not a great place to stop and believe me he will never stop there again nor will any people he tells about his experience. Shame on you macDonalds your francisee should know better.

  16th of Oct, 2009
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Coffee SCAM !!! They advertise in a huge sign that says $1.00 forANY SIZE COFFEE. I went 2 days in a row and they only have small cups so I cant get a large coffee for $1.00 what a rip off, If your going to be so cheap then dont advertise a SALE of coffee.

  1st of Jun, 2010
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I just went through the drive through at McDonalds at 4123 Hixson Pike, Chattanooga, Tennessee. I was charged $3.58 for one filet fish sandwich. That is a pretty prime price for a fried piece of Cod (that was so dry you could not eat it) and a Bun. When I received my order I did not get a receipt, so I don't know if a fish sandwich is $3.58 or not. When I asked for a receipt I was told the person in the 1st window was suppose to give me one and if I wanted a receipt I would have to go back around through the drive throug to the first window. They were less than 10 feet from one another but they wanted me to drive around the building. It is not wonder they have a clown for a mascot. Burger King for me from now on.

  14th of Jul, 2010
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I went to McDonalds and they messed up my order I tried to call them and no one answers the phone due to the distance it wouldn't been worth me driving for that specific thing my order was really messed up and I didn't get everything I ordered but paid for it my reciept was ruined it had melted butter all on it this is really messed up

  29th of Jul, 2010
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I prefer not to put my complaint on the web for all to see. I would prefer someone to call me. I have a complaint that could be a law suit, but I do not wish this to happen. I went through the proper channels and my return was rude remarks. Please have someone from McDonald's call me.
If I do not hear from someone soon, I will consult and attorney and advise them of the situation and give them the evidence. And what ever money that may be received, can be given to charity. For this was not about money, it was about getting employees to be more observant. Instead the return letter had no apology or hope your next experiences are much better.




  15th of Nov, 2015
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I bought this McDonald's fried chicken a while ago via drive thru. Later i found out that the fried chicken was cooked a long time ago due to its dryness and hardness.

  14th of Mar, 2016
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Ticket # 75, 3/11/16, server # 13, 11:23 AM. 2 Double Cheeseburgers were terrible. Meat and condiments not centered or even close! The first Cheeseburger was barely warm. The second was a little better. I worked in the quick serve world at Sheetz in Richmond, our food had to be kept at 160 degrees. McDonald's does not have to do that? I have eaten at the restaurant in and using the drive thru since it opened. This was the worst. Thanks., Terry Kluender, 894-320-8406.

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